“Hopeless Patriots” by Rambo – 8.21.21


Entry Submitted by Rambo at 2:52 PM EDT on August 21, 2021

How many of you have family or friends who are FRP’s, (Fake Right Paradigm)who are so entrenched into the Fox News, OANN, Newsmax phony “right wing” narrative that they’re blind to what’s occurring right under their noses?  And no matter what you do to “show” them that indeed, proof positive, there is a Military Operation going on, and that they’re actually running the country right now, they still don’t believe.  It’s frustrating, isn’t it. 

Here’s the thing with both FRP’s and FLP’s, they can NEVER ADMIT that it’s possible that they’ve been scammed, bamboozled, flimflammed, shanghai’d to the extent that we’re exposing right now!  It’s not possible for them to look into the mirror and self-evaluate, be self-introspective about what it is they actually believe.

Notice also that both sides cannot fully commit until they see it on the propaganda box in the living rooms. “It’s just not possible that the conspiracy can be that big”, they proclaim.  But they’re wrong, it’s actually bigger.Let’s not even get the conversation started when I start speaking about “Q”, oh, that makes them get up and walk away.  “You’ve been saying this stuff for over four years and still we see nothing” is the typical response.  I’ll admit, I thought it would be sooner, I thought a lot of things would be different, but I’m not the one who is doing it, those that are have a good reason for doing the things we see as I’m sure their privy to information that we cannot possibly know or understand looking in from the outside.So, let me take a few more seconds of your time and hopefully this will make sense to you as it does to me.  Let’s start with this Biblical Verse:

Luke 24:48 – “To whom much is given, of him much will be required”.  For me, this is simple, it’s our DUTY to speak this truth to any and everyone, even though nothing we can say anymore is going to change anyone’s minds, it’s never going to happen.  But that wasn’t our job in the first place, it was always to PLANT SEEDS!!  And because we were given the wisdom and understanding from God, it was “REQUIRED” of us to warn others,  but once we do, the onus is now ON THEM!  Our job is over.  Now think about that for a minute, wow.

Here is a quote that I’ve taken on as my credo for the last 20 years plus…


Write it down, tape to your walls in your office, read it everyday before you get started and believe it.  BECAUSE IT’S HAPPENING!!  We’ve never been closer!!

God Bless you all.



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