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“Right Place, Wrong Time”

I been in the right place
But it must have been the wrong time
I’d of said the right thing
But I must have used the wrong line
I been in the right trip
But I must have used the wrong car
My head was in a bad place
And I’m wondering what it’s good for

I been the right place
But it must have been the wrong time
My head was in a bad place
But I’m having such a good time
I been running trying to get hung up in my mind
Got to give myself a little talking to this time

Just need a little brain salad surgery
Got to cure this insecurity

I been in the wrong place
But it must have been the right time
I been in the right place
But it must have been the wrong song
I been in the right vein
But it seems like the wrong arm
I been in the right world
But it seems wrong wrong wrong wrong wrong

Slipping, dodging ,sneaking
Creeping hiding out down the street
See me life shaking with every who I meet
Refried confusion is making itself clear
Wonder which way do I go to get on out of here

I been in the right place
But it must have been the wrong time
I’d have said the right thing
But I must have used the wrong line
I’d a took the right road
But I must have took a wrong turn
Would have made the right move
But I made it at the wrong time
I been on the right road
But I must have used the wrong car
My head was in a good place
And I wonder what it’s bad for


Greetings and Salutations,

We can assure you that the play book is being followed and it will be updated. The powers that be are losing and they know it; they can’t control the populace as they thought and they are losing medical teams and they are losing the right to be the decision makers for the populace.

There is an on going efforts of the many to do the work the authorities is being re considered.

You are right to be concerned and stay the course you are on. There are many aspects to the vaccine that are not worthy of the recipient and it is your best course to update your own immune system with whatever you can and steer clear of the vaccine stuff they are offering.

We are assuring you that many of the predictions that concerned scientists and people who are “in the know” can be trusted. The makers of the vaccines are under the gun to do what they are doing. Do you not know that these people would not poison the populace on their own accord? Think that one through !!!!

There have been attempts to make deliveries but failed because the power was in the wrong hands to make it happen. It has never been in the political interest and advantage for the humanitarian projects to provide the promised redemptions that are expected. It has been continually thwarted by the bankers and their bosses. You all do know who the bosses are; you all have known about those bosses for many years. Just be still and you will regain that input once more.

The strings and the gears invested are not yet loosened enough to give you clear sailing as you want. If it were it wouldn’t make it as far as the next milestone. There are yet those who screw the pipelines down to a trickle and do not let funds through based on they can be terrorists or fraudulent use of funds. They can label them anything and get away with it.

The bankers feel the noose tightening and most do not know what to do to get clear of the scenario that is afoot. You read things that you do not trust; we see those too. We can tell you that some of them are true and some are not. Being alert and aware is all that we can make promises about. Sorry but that is just the way it is right now. The overall picture is not what you even think; that is it is far bigger and the efforts to remove the group in control has been gathering force now for months. Wait and hold on. That is about all we can share of the counter moves being worked through at this time.

The camps won’t be used for you; they will be used for the crooks. Stop worrying about that. Passports will be trifling and not make the grade; vaccines are a hoax and the pharmaceutical companies will end up paying for the misery they have caused. Give it time; just wait it out and watch what happens.

Trump will be coming back….the timing can not and will not be revealed………..

Love and Kisses,



Dear Community,


Asha was getting frustrated and tired of life, so she asked her father what to do. Her father told her to bring an egg, two tea leaves, and a potato. He then brought out three vessels, filled them with water, and placed them on the stove.

Once the water was boiling, he told Asha to place the items into each pot and keep an eye on them. After 10 minutes, he asked Asha to peel the egg, peel the potato, and strain the leaves. Asha was left confused.

Her father explained, “Each item was placed into the same circumstance, boiling water. See how each responded differently?”

He continued, “The egg was soft, but is now hard. The potato was hard, but is now soft. And the tea leaves, they changed the water itself.”

The father then asked, “When adversity calls, we respond in the same manner as they have. Now, are you an egg, a potato, or tea leaves?”

The Moral:

We can choose how to respond in difficult situations.

PP Update: Chaos continues, progress is moving slowly. Hang on tight we’re coming in for a bumpy landing.






In today’s world, no matter which direction you look, the constant bombardment of negativity is relentless. The average person becomes engulfed with it like a flame gone wild. The COVID pandemic, nasty politics, inflation, border disputes, climate change, wars, a crumbling financial system, famine, energy needs, poverty, human trafficking and just about every conceivable and unconceivable horrible thing is all we are fed. One cannot help but be infected by all this mind pollution.

When you are showered with so much negativity your mind begins to function in a different manor. Our capacity to envision a positive outcome to any venture one might partake in, in a given day, appears distorted and suddenly what would normally be an effortless task turns into questions and doubt. What should be effortless becomes a struggle. It’s like looking at beautiful picture with colors like no other and yet we fixate your eyes on the small fly that has landed on it.

We can become a victim of our own circumstances and continue feeling sad, scared and angry; or instead, we could choose to deal with injustice humanely and break the chain of negative thoughts and energies, and not let ourselves sink into it.

Listening to and emerging one’s self into the barrage of negativity is a barricade to living a true like. Without the capacity to feely shape our own lives, much like a sculptor might carve a stone, we inevitably slip into negativity and depression.

There are excellent and poor thinking habits just as there are healthy and unhealthy eating habits. We should try giving up all the thoughts that make us feel bad, or even just some of them, and see how doing that changes your life. You don’t need negative thoughts. All they will ever give you is a false self that suffers. They are all lies.

We should not be so willing to believe in the words of others, (like the media and Intel bloggers). Instead, study the motives behind the words of the person or entity presenting them.

Stop for a second and think of how you would think or behave if you had zero influence from outside sources. All task would be doable.


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