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Can someone please explain why Iraq trading on Forex is such a huge deal to us? (see article below) Aren’t those who have stolen lots of Iraqi money the only ones who can trade now? Can’t they continue to trade without a raise in rates? Just can’t totally see how it helps us but know that it’s progress we are looking for. Thanks!

International trading…their money is now “worth something,” not worthless

basically by the Dinar being traded on Forex the currency is now recognized throughout the world as acceptable and trustworthy to be used for trading, business transactions, etc. In other words it is now “worth” something!

The article does not say Dinar is being traded. It says Iraqis can trade on forex. Big difference.

BJJ…I am of the mind that Forex is all set to go.  And they will add Dinar after the rv. Just me… Who Knows???

My 2 cents on the Forex article is to let people know Iraq is starting full int’l trading & that ALL restrictions have been removed to allow the int’l trading; the chg in rate will show either at the time we start exchanges or when this exchange starts for the general public, perhaps the 1st of Sept.

Thank you kasey for stating the obvious. Everything has/is being set up for the ReIssued dinar. Don’t forget the Article VIII requirement.   The switch is about to be turned on.

We are coming out of more than a ten year fog to the Forex Trading….press those bank clothes and gas up the car…I can see the light… We were told years ago…they wanted RV during confusing times….here we are….

Forex Trading in Iraq:

Forex trading is now possible from Iraq thanks to international brokers accepting Iraqis. While Iraq has been plagued with war and economic problems in recent years, there is also one positive development: Iraq is now a country that is part of the international community and Iraqis have access to international service providers such as forex brokers without restrictions.

Having access to the largest forex brokers brings in many advantages for Iraqi forex traders. Now they can trade using the most advanced forex trading platforms directly from their mobile phones or internet-connected computers.

Such brokers offer high leverage allowing people to trade large sums of money and make larger profits. Another advantage of the advanced trading platforms is the possibility to trade oil or gold on top of forex currencies.

People in Iraq are well aware of the movements in the price of oil and using a foreign forex broker they can now profit when oil goes both up and down.


Relying on the Baghdad summit .. Can Iraq restore its role in the region?

It is scheduled to be held in the Iraqi capital, Baghdad, at the end of this month, the conference of leaders of neighboring countries, which was called by the government of Mustafa Al-Kazemi, in an attempt to restore Iraq’s role in the region.

The recently announced conference, for the government of Mustafa Al-Kazemi, constitutes a great incentive to host opponents at one table and gather the opposing ones, in order to achieve “stability” in the region, whose events Iraq is greatly affected by.

RT sources said, “The Iraqi Prime Minister, Mustafa Al-Kazemi, is seeking with Saudi and Iranian leaders to persuade them to meet and hold talks between the two countries in Baghdad during the conference of leaders of neighboring countries that will be held at the end of this month.”

The same sources indicated that “Baghdad wants to restore its role through this conference, and will work to create a positive atmosphere between conflicting countries, including major differences.”

Political analyst Najm al-Qassab told RT, “This summit is taking place for the first time in Baghdad since 1990 when Saddam Hussein’s regime occupied Kuwait. It is a summit that gives strength and support to the Iraqi government and its people as well.”

He added, “This summit will give a strong impetus to Iraq in the field of combating terrorism, as well as an opportunity to reveal what Iraq will want from them, and what they want from Iraq.”

Al-Kazemi, who will bring together the leaders of a group of countries, hopes that Iraq will turn from an area of conflict and influence for America and Iran, into a meeting point and closeness between them and the other contestants, as he believes that the next stage requires going towards calm and playing a neutral role.

The head of the Academy of Political Development and Good Governance in Iraq, Rahman al-Jubouri, told RT, “This summit will be a draft for a new map and understandings between the countries of the region, related to security and the economy.”

The conference will be attended, according to RT reporter’s information, by the French president, the king of Jordan, and the Egyptian president, and it is also scheduled to obtain the approval of the Emir of Qatar and the Turkish president, and invitations have been sent to the UAE, Kuwait, Saudi Arabia, Iran, and Japan as an “observer”.

These invitations, which reached a number of country leaders, did not reach the Syrian president. According to RT sources, the conference came with an Iraqi-French idea, and it will be attended by French President Emmanuel Macron, who is pushing for the leaders of countries to attend Baghdad.


Iraqi boy buys his cat 1.6m dinar gold necklace

Dubai: An 11-year-old Iraqi boy sparked controversy after buying his cat a gold necklace worth 1.6 million Iraqi dinars (Dh4,000), local media reported.

Photos of the cat smiling and wearing the necklace inside the jewellery store went viral on social media as soon as the shop shared them on its official page.

The boy said he had named the kitten ‘Zozo’, and had decided to take care of it as its mother had left it.


.a cat with class.jpg

Source: Dinar Recaps


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