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Entry Submitted by Vee at 6:18 PM EDT on August 24, 2021

“If you know what the trust Name will be you can get an EIN under that name and take it with you so they can set up your account if you know which bank you plan on exchanging with.

“As stated, “if you know which bank you plan on exchanging with.” “

1st how do you know what bank one will exchange @ ..if that bank is or is not a redemption center-bank? Can it do foreign currencies or Zim redemption? 

I’m sure most of you don’t know this..there are commercial banks..and National banks. Yes that’s right. A national bank has to say “National” in some form.. I’m in a fairly large city, there are NO national banks here..yet in small outskirt villages..there are a few. So..what if one wishes to redeem at one of those..can they ? Most likely not. A national bank can and as all do conduct commercial banking being registered with the Federal Reserve System of banking . And here is where the Government had opened the door to allow the Federal Reserve system to it it’s foot in.. it was planned way in advance. The Revised Statutesof 1874 was an official codification of the statutes it included. Section 5596 of the Revised Statutes repealed all prior federal statutes passed before December 1, 1873 that were covered by the revision. Additionally, the act of Congress authorizing the publication of the Revised Statutesof 1874 provided that when enacted, the Revised Statutes of 1874 would constitute “legal evidence of the laws and treaties therein contained.” (ch. 333, 18 Stat. 113)This is Title 62 of the Revised Statutes sec 5157. 

“To carry on the business of banking UNDER ANY ACT OF CONGRESS (present future tense) (Hey is Ron Giles or any other wanttobee’s showing you any of this.. anything I’ve been for months?)

That is where the crux of the Federal Reserve System came to be… 

I have a plan and know how to start a bank that could vary well be a bank of all banks.. We the Peoples First National Bank and Trust. What if we used one bank to do the rv- exchange and redemption..what if we deposited all of the exchange – redemption into one bank..our bank…the peoples bank ? just thinking.. What if this thing drags on for who knows how much longer ?? What if we could start a bank.. and do SKR’s on the assets we have, and get a percent of it ? I won’t lay it out here because of to many wantotbee gurus that don’t know anything about this, but would like to ride on my knowledge.. if they did know, they would had been posting it as I had been (just search it). This is possible..but may be to late now..and I can’t do it alone. Why have we got to rely on what is there now..all of those banks-bankers that used and abused ? Yes many of these-those banking institutions had been started before the FRS..via that of FDR bringing all of the Governors to the WH.. and inducing them to go with the program. of the New Deal of slavery.(I’ve got the info on that) Why aren’t we taking this RV- redemption matter into our own hands instead of waiting for some thing -other thing to be implemented ? Anyways

And 2nd. And most important. A religious or ecclesiastical Trust would not have to have a EIN…only if it is a 501c3. And persuant to the IRS..A UBT. Unincorporated Business Trust…does not have to -need-get a EIN..(because it does not fall under statute’s private contractual)  So if I was all of should google search for a UBT..write it out in full text..and even add “pdf” with the search…to see how to create one. For single people this may be hard to do (like me)…unless you make it a ecclesiastical and the grantor-creator- settler is-was God the Father (various names-titles) as your estate trust. 2 Peter 1:3 “His divine power hath given unto us all things that pertain unto life and godliness, through the knowledge of Him that hath called us to glory and virtue.”

If the RV..happens before you can create one..just tell them your creating a UBT..and to place your redemption-exchange in a skeleton fiduciary account untill you got it done.  

You also should have clean hands in this matter of a UBT..In this I should not use any state made ID.. That is a 14th amendment state created juristic person.. I created my own common law ID.. you can google this also. Getting out of the matrix is a job…that we been ensnared into and it’s our own due diligence to get out of it. I used the brith certificate from the hospital with my foot prints on says “and Identification” on mine. If you don’t have that then use 2 or 3 sign as witness that they know you to be whom you say you are. That’s a common law notary. You can even take them into a notary to testify of your identity. 

And one more thing…with a Trust..and you as the do not have to give a SSN..and I would go so far to say even a ID to show the bank. Banks at this time want “state issued ID’s” these are all tied to the SSN juristic person. If your going into a bank to start-open a account..with Trust documents and your name is on it as Trustee and it’s been notarized..then that should be all it needs.



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