The Big Call w/ Bruce Intel Notes by WiserNow 8-24-21


Bruce’s Big Call Intel Tuesday 8-24-21

Call Transcribed by WiserNow

Welcome everybody to the Big Call tonight – it is Tuesday August 24th and you’re listening to the Big Call – thanks for tuning in everybody – good to have you here tonight – We look forward to having a good call tonight so thanks for listening wherever you are –

Let’s talk about the intel – what we have learned and what we haven’t learned – I will say this – it has been relatively quiet out there and for a reason – in fact – it’s so quiet that I have been asked to lay low so to speak – when it comes to talking about currency / exchanges / rates / a lot of these things are triggering algorithms with key words and so on –  and they’re listening – monitoring and so I don’t want to get in trouble so I am going to be careful about what I choose for words tonight –

This is something we are getting down to the wire I believe – this is wild when you hear a few things here and there and you have a few random pieces that seem ancillary – (?)  they may be outliers (?) in one way or another  – and you try to bring it in – reel it in –

(What does ancillary system mean?  Ancillary system. A system in which payments or securities are exchanged and/or cleared. Meanwhile, the ensuing monetary obligations are settled in another system, typically an RTGS system. See also real-time gross settlement (RTGS) system (European Central Bank))

(What makes something an outlier?  An outlier is a value in a data set that is far from the other values. Outliers can be caused by experimental or measurement errors, or by a long-tailed population.)

We for example have heard where some accounts will be transferred from USD to USN accounts – were expecting that to happen tomorrow morning (Wed) – Well that tells me ok perhaps our USN – our new gold backed currency is about ready to transition with the banks and is something we have been looking forward to –


We’ve been told that the USN is on the screen – on Forex – we’ve been told a lot of things but realistically – if the banks transitioned over from the old fiat currency and US dollars – I know this is digital – I am still talking digitally on the screens – balances and so on – but when they transition over to a USN designation that’s telling us that those accounts are now gold backed – as part of the QFS and that’s what we’re wanting to see –

Does that mean that tomorrow (Wednesday) is a significant day for us if and when that occurs?  I think it could be – I think it could very well be – when I heard about that I though aww ha – Wednesday is a very good sign if that were to happen tomorrow (Wed) morning –

Now – beyond that we know that certain things have been occurring behind the scenes – we know that certain perimeters have been met – certain quotas may have been met – and now we believe the process is moved along far enough to where we could be looking at notifications –

We had thought last week that this would be an excellent time – Monday and even into Tuesday – yesterday – to be notified – we have not yet been notified but we know based on the activity that is occurring that we are very close – and perhaps tomorrow Wednesday – is the day that we get notified and start

Now – they really don’t want us to know when this is going and that’s why a lot of the time we get hints or a suggestion or some piece of puzzle that we try to make fit – but sometimes it’s like putting that one piece in and it is not the right piece – and you’re pushing on it anyway – trying to make it fit – well that has been the case in the past – we have all been trying to make this puzzle come together to a picture we can really appreciate

We are not quite there – BUT – I believe – and you know the number one banned phrase from the Big Call – “This is our week” – because we have heard that – several times – I’ve said it – come close to saying it – at least twice – on the call and I roll my eyes when I hear “this is the week” – or they think this is the week – or it looks like this is the week –

Same difference – you know —– one of these times they are going to be right – and that is kind of how we have to look at that phrase – that is why it is a banned phrase – ha ha


I want everybody to realize that we are getting very much down to the wire – we are very close – I believe we’re in this final stretch and we’re running feverishly toward the finish line –

I really really feel like everything – alright let’s go back —– We had heard that GESARA the global NESARA – is to have started either today or tomorrow –  I’ve heard from one source it was to start today – and I heard from another source it could start tomorrow –

We know that when that occurs our own NESARA – National Economic SARA will accelerate – will increase in speed  – right now for  us – NESARA has rolled out relatively slow  – with some people having received debt reimbursement – some people have received mortgages forgiven – all of this has happened going back even a few months –

But to get the official start which we believe was in August 1st maybe – to catch up and to power this through you have heard that we have money available to us for debt relief – funding of taxes paid – income taxes from the past – a lot of different aspects to NESARA –

One aspect is we should be receiving our so called birth certificate money – ok because our BC’s were traded on the bond market like bonds ever since we were born – and there is a value that has been placed on those BC’s bonds – ok – it is a substantial piece of change –

So I am of the understanding that we should receive those funds for those who are eligible to receive those – by or before October 1st which is just a little over a month away – so that could very well be happening for us in the month of September – that’s nice – and I think what that’s going to do also is give people liquidity who have no part and know nothing about the revaluation – of these currencies – and so on – they are not a part of it – never heard of it – or if they have they did not become involved  like we have – so that is interesting –

I think we are in for quite a bit of change occurring from this week on that we can pretty much look forward to – I would say obviously some of it could be a cover for the exchanges to take place – I am hoping that is what it is and I would think that we should be getting notified – possibly tomorrow  – and setting our appointments and I don’t know for sure if when we get notified if we would start tomorrow or Thursday – it’s very possible they would take the day to get appointments set and the next day to start the exchanges – That has been a pattern that we thought would occur with this but we don’t know yet –

We hope this is not a false alarm and everything is rolling like we think – I’ve been told that some things could be rolling out overnight and it makes tomorrow look very good for us –

Bruce’s Big Call Replay LINK Intel Begins: 1:01:15


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