Dinarland Highlights for August 25, 2021


Dinarland Highlights – 8.25.21


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…a cool banking story…So this person called a JP Morgan office in Florida to specifically ask about the currencies. They took a message and then called him back…Long story short…They asked how much he had and told him he will be very pleased and to expect a call back from them early next week or late this week. I have had a number of those bank stories lately…A number of these calls happened the end of last week and beginning of this week and we are only at Tuesday now…I firmly believe in my heart of hearts we will get our reset soon…


Frank26 (KTFA)

The ATM machines, the old ones, they’re online.  The new ones, they’re not online yet.  The old ATM machines, they actually have the software of the new small category notes and they have the software of the 3 zero notes.  The new ATM machines…thousands and thousands of them, they have the software for the new small category notes but they don’t have it for the 3 zero notes.  Iraqi citizens you’re running out of time.  The new ATM machines will be loaded with the new small category notes…they will eventually be online with the new exchange rate, with the new small category notes and the timing of the ATM machines and these [new note] “specimens” IMO is being coordinated

Two years ago International banks got [new dinar note] ‘specimens’.  Yes.  Now all the banks in Iraq are getting the ‘specimens’ to display for the citizens…



There’s no redemption centers.  There’s no 800 numbers.  There’s no military intel.  The military don’t got crap to do with it…there’s no Tier one, tier two.  There’s no ‘back screens’.  Nobody has changed the rate…we talk about the different things that affect currencies and that’s all currencies not just the dinar.  We know what affect it and we pay attention to it to see if Iraq is on track.  And they are.



Wednesday Rv News: The news is very positive we will see this blessing this week or by the end of this month, which is Tuesday.


Walkingstick & Frank26 (KTFA)

The ATM machines and these [new denomination] notes…that are going to be arriving at banks very soon, it’s all being coordinated.  They’re pushing the citizens to get into the banks to open up accounts...the [new note] ‘specimens’ are not for the ATM machines.  That’s why they’re not in there.  They’re not legal tender



What are the changes of what occurred in Afghanistan can/will happen in Iraq?  WTO or IMF froze all of Afghanistan’s government access to their funds.

If Iraq goes the way of Afghanistan the IMF and the WTO freezes Iraq’s assets Iraq is going to have to revalue their currency. And you need to get out as quickly as possible if they do that, whatever the rate get out because it’s going to go to nothing.You want an example?  Venezuela. 


Desert Advisor

This [Iraqi dinar revaluation] wouldn’t be so crazy, well it kind of would be crazy if this didn’t happen this year – Gamestop was up a thousand percent return this year.  A thousand percent for Gamestop?  People don’t even go buy video games no more.  You just download it straight to your computer/game console...Dogecoin…4,821 percent return.  Seeing stocks go up, crypto currencies go up, I wouldn’t not be in the least surprised to see currencies go up… Iraq looks very strong.  Very very strong. 


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...it has been relatively quiet out there and for a reason – in fact – it’s so quiet that I have been asked to lay low so to speak – when it comes to talking about currency / exchanges / rates / a lot of these things are triggering algorithms with key words and so on –  and they’re listening – monitoring and so I don’t want to get in trouble so I am going to be careful about what I choose for words...we are getting down to the wire I believe…we believe the process is moved along far enough to where we could be looking at notifications…  

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