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Entry Submitted by Danlboon at 4:27 PM EDT on August 28, 2021

From Nick Fleming 8-27-21; “The upper layers of payouts into T1-2 Govt and military and humanitarian organization accounts are done already”

There what I see is they already knew who had these currencies and took those 80% for themselves to hand it out to their better cause ‘humanitarian organization accounts’ so for which if you only purchased $1,000 worth in return then you would receive $10 liquid when you exchange and $190 90 days later per the NDA to ‘keep your mouth shut’ then you were screwed, and maybe you then had a loss, too bad for you, but the government knows how to handle your money better than you, and even then you better look at the NDA as you may not file a lawsuit on this exchange if you do not agree. But I guess you have your Treasury Direct Account to keep you going as your exchange was actually worthless paper since 1933. And an email I just received, originally sent from Anna von Reitz, had from the next person the comment “The so called Civil War was finally ended on august 1st 2021. The military took the gold and WE THE PEOPLE took the Bearer Bonds known as Birth Certificates which will be settled correctly.” so maybe that is the ‘humanitarian organization accounts’ that was kept hush hush so far as not to let every one know was was going on. So maybe it is good for all of us to wait and see as there are are 7.2 billion people to deal with, so if want a job then there should be some government jobs available for which you will be volunteering due to your TDA funds, and why ask for another $50,000 a year when you are getting twice that per month.

From Restored Republic August 28, 2021;

“Bank ATMs were being prepared to carry the USN / USTN currency notes that tentatively would be released by mid-Sept when the Tier 5 public started exchanges.”

So We The People, and only those that have exchanged currencies, T5 and up, have the availability to use the ATMs maybe by Sept 15 and then all other ATM cards will be invalid??? What about those that use only corporate accounts, are they going to be shut out as they are not involved in the Birth Certificate or TDA? And I mentioned to my bank clerk back in March that the USN should be coming in April, but 5 months later it might arrive? Your accounts have then been closed, or are We The People now going on the new system to access our Treasury Direct Accounts, which of course there needs to be valid proof you have been a US citizen and not a illegal immigrant, which then the foreigners would then leave the country as they have no access to currency or accounts. And someone in a video mentioned that the manager of your Treasury Direct Account, most likely you or a family member, would be the only one that has access of the funds available, but if you went to purchase something they would only know there are funds available, most likely over $1,000,000 as that is what your Birth Certificate is worth, yet I have a Certificate of Live Birth so I hope I have the same availability, yet for NESARA $100,000 added in that account every month is not bad, who earns $1,200,000 per year tax free now? There has to be a faster way than to have 5,000 people waiting in line at the County Records Dept. for which there are over 10 million in Los Angeles County and you only have 30 days to get your Birth Certificate, that is over 333,000 per day in LA County, and no one has stated that is needed for the exchanges, but luckily have I my proof of Birth which I got over 40 years ago for a certain job, and no one can deny that for the purple stamp on it. Oh, do you need digital proof of me getting my foot stamped at birth, sorry that wasn’t around in those days just as computers were not around then, not in the public?

It came to me after I sent this email that the US Military had much info on us that they could have been working the past several months to collect the Birth Certificates and Certificate of Live Births, as they are Lawful Bonds, from each and every County Records Depts., if not the past few years, with the election fraud status and they were forced under Military Rule to hand them over for an unknown reason or imprisoned for talking, therefore the fake employees of the County Records Depts. could not destroy them like the ballots, then they will be sent to the proper location to the USPS or a nearby warehouse by Sept. 1 per the Postmaster General to disperse them to that particular post office where a notice will be mailed to each and every owner of the BC and CLB to come to the post office for Lawful verification for collection of them as the USPS is a Notary Public, which I think the US Military wrote the notices up, thus you need to provide proof of ID just as for you exchanges, and really a fingerprint is a Lawful way to verify someone, and the manager of a convalescent home cannot be the acceptant for these, so I hope I am not revealing too much too soon as it is on an assumption, and that is not against the law.

As reporting on an email 3 months ago; “On Friday May 7 in Ridgecrest I saw 6 Military helicopters, most likely Sea-Kings, flying NE to NAWS China Lake from maybe Bakersfield, but Marine One is a Sea-King which the President flies in to get to the airport, but these were more of a dark grey color and not the greenish of Marine One, so it was possibly some Military flying into NAWS China Lake which the Commander-in-Chief was already there or some major Military actions of high ranking brass to join together on the West Coast for what is to happen this week.” And for something in public view to then report on it is NOT a crime, and sometime this year a C-17 flew about 500 feet above my house on the East Side of that base and in June there were 3 of them close by to each other at about 4,000 feet up, but this past week the A-16s, A-18s and C-17s haven’t really been around, and now you know what info I have been sending out to my people.



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