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08/31/2021 Just a Note

HONESTY CARRIES THE DAY – A Return to and an Expectation of Polite Civility

This world has forgotten the meaning of “gentility”. The art of speaking gently, kindly, politely; has been totally forgotten by most. Both online and in person, people are freely rude, without repercussion. The Platonic virtues have been completely set aside in defense of our “Freedom of Speech.” No one is “free” to be rude. Depending on where you stand, rude comments just might get you a slap upside the head and deservedly so.

Those of us in RV GCR land carry a double whammy, in this world today. Anyone that’s caught in the disappointingly bizarre world we share, with Great Expectations of wealth and influence, is stuck in a very rough place. Promises are made over and over and over and over. Never kept, not once. No one in authority seems to care that promises are never kept. “Pump-fake” (football humor), is an excuse that’s frequently used. By the way, to all using this excuse, it’s not a mea culpa. It’s engendering further systemic weakness and passing the buck. Passing the buck is another skillset that too many in authority have raised to a fine art.

Chronic expectation of failure leads to disrespect of authority. Disrespect leads to rude behavior. No other outcome is possible among the oft-harmed, much stressed, young people we know and love. It’s self-protection and necessary for some small peace of mind. It’s, “I’m protecting myself, because you’re not protecting me.” People make decisions based on what they see, hear, feel. Nothing more. Currency/bond holders rally in hearts and minds and put faith in the spoken/written word. Are we living in a Fantasy Land? No, we’re living in the End Times. It’s the end of a civilization. It’s the end of the System of Corruption.

What we hear – “money is moving.” What we see – “money of account” is obvious (for some) and verified by bankers. What we feel – all is done, and Tier 4 is next. When though? No one is saying anything definite because no one wants to be caught wrong again. (Likely, they are trying not to attract the rude behavior.) This is where we live today, awaiting the Awakening, the Prophecy, the Event, the Importance of Why You are Here.

We heard that Yellow Dragon bonds, German bonds, the principal bonds that are validated, approved and in line for funding, are closing now. These “table-top-meetings,” happening yesterday and today, are the Official Start. This is the drop of the white flag that starts the Watershed Event. It’s okay to rally in expectation over this, because it’s the Legacy we share with our Family and Friends, as we write the Myth of The RV GCR. We will know when liquid, spendable funds are achieved because it accompanies notifications. Maybe tomorrow? Notifications, “spendable, liquidity” are all benchmarks that accompany the release of gold-backed USD. The Gold-backed international treaty (adjudicated by the World Court), dictates that all payouts must be in gold-backed USD. Which is the final event we will see, know, feel. The US (fiat) Dollar must convert TO GOLD BACK.

This will be the cue to start the EBS and educate the World, on the reasons for the Systemic Shifts being brought about. With this Honesty and Integrity and Respect for others, will be restored.

It takes all of us, all that heard and believed in the Word shared, believing it was possible for little, simple people to change the future of this planet for generations to come. That believed that Iraq would revalue, that Vietnam would be made whole. That Sovereign Nations would be restored to health and prosperity. That we here, in US, and all other People around the world, would be set free from the captive slave-state we were born into. Best of all, everyone everywhere will see Redemption and Restoration. That it was all of us that made this Shift to Grace happen. This Shift to Grace and to Kindness is set to occur and will occur. Count on it. Everything changes once we are looking in the rearview mirror.

08/31/2021 Podcast Just a Note



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