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Positive international echoes towards the Baghdad Conference for Cooperation and Partnership

Positive echoes left by the Baghdad Conference for Cooperation and Partnership, can be employed to serve the national economy and move it to a new, more developed stage commensurate with Iraq’s capabilities. renewable. 

The international interest that the Baghdad conference received stemmed from the most important economies of the world, and this is evidence that the next stage was not the same as the previous one. Rather, there will be a movement, coinciding with the desire to reform the country’s economic reality, and move the joints of work in cooperation with the competent international effort.

improve the performance

The economic affairs specialist Haider Kazem Al-Baghdadi said: “The positive echoes of the Baghdad conference can be described as important, as we find world leaders and specialized organizations expressed relief and congratulated the success of the conference. and capital. 

He pointed out that {the Baghdad conference brought something new that serves the national economy, and all the participating countries that supported the organization of this summit have a real desire to consolidate their relations with Iraq, a country that is described within economic circles as “economically virgin”, due to the presence of many ingredients that can employ and serve all parties. the job}.

The economic activity

He pointed out that {most countries of the world realize that reviving economic activity in Iraq achieves three benefits at the same time, as it brings benefit to those who work and invest in the country and Iraq, as well as a benefit that is achieved for the global economy, due to Iraq’s geographical location and the possibility of linking between different countries of the world and ease of communication. and shortening the time and effort between East and West}.

reform movement

A member of the Baghdad Economic Forum, Jassim Al-Aradi, stated that {the Baghdad conference reflected the extent of international interest in the Iraqi workspace, and coincided with an actual reform movement of what was stated in the white paper that included a real reform program}, pointing out that {Iraq is facing the challenge of proving existence for an important stage in its life. Here, all efforts must be combined to restore economic life to its correct tracks, in a manner that serves the country and achieves the welfare of the people and future generations.” 

Development consultant Amer Al-Jawahiri said: {We call for countries with developed economies to adopt and initiate their previous and new pledges to invest and move to start implementing projects bearing their name in Iraq, which attracted this aspiration. Then the generations will talk about the Saudi, Emirati, French and other projects.  

“Economic cooperation and agreements to implement major projects and inter-investments constitute the solid basis for achieving peace, respect for the territorial integrity of each country, and prosperity in the region,” he said.

productive investment

As for the researcher in economic affairs, Aqil Al-Muhammadawi, he stressed that {the Baghdad conference is a historic opportunity to advance the reality of productive investment in cooperation with neighboring countries and friendly countries that own important technologies in this important economic junction, especially since the internationally mobile investment market has become more complex and competitive, as the demand is still Investing is as strong as ever, supply is shrinking and market conditions are much tighter than before.”

And he explained {the importance of benefiting from the experiences of countries that have special economic portfolios or large development programs for special economic zones, and that policy makers and practitioners, especially in ministries of industry, trade and investment, in the structures responsible for special economic zones, and the authorities for encouraging exports and investment, to change the situation. in low performance areas. And making sure that new areas meet expectations}.   link

Saleh: There is no stability in the region without a stable Iraq

The President of the Republic, Barham Salih, stressed today, Monday, that there is no stability in the region without a stable Iraq, while stating that the October .elections should be a real starting point towards reform

Saleh said in a speech during the Al-Rafidain Forum in Baghdad, transmitted by his media office and followed by (Baghdad Today), that “the situation in the region is sensitive and articulate, not without huge challenges, pointing out that the Baghdad Conference for Dialogue and Partnership carried an eloquent message, which is that Iraq, which was a title for conflict and rivalry, has become A point of convergence of the interests of the peoples and countries of the region, praising the efforts of Prime .Minister Mustafa Al-Kazemi in organizing the conference

He added, “The conference is responding to major regional and international changes, after the conflicts and tensions in the region have led to one reality, everyone is harmed and there is no winner, as a result of the collapse of its system, at least nearly forty years ago, from the Iraq-Iran war, where the region has been run since then.” Through polarization and divisions that did not ultimately bring the desired peace,” he stressed that “the region is in dire need of a new system, based on the many values and commonalities shared by the countries of the region, achieving common interests, and making us ready to face the challenges of the times, terrorism and extremism, and the fluctuations of economic conditions and the crisis.” The most severe threat that threatens our future, represented by the inability of our economies to provide real job opportunities for the growing numbers of our population and our youth, as well as the dangerous repercussions of climate .changes, especially on Iraq and our neighboring countries

Saleh stressed that “this system and ensuring its success will not take place without Iraq, a secure and stable Iraq with full sovereignty, and its return to its pivotal role in the region, and this calls for regional and international support and an end to the rivalries and conflicts of others on the country’s land, as it calls from everyone, politicians, elites and social actors Starting towards a new dialogue that examines the causes of the internal crisis and, accordingly, solutions are developed objectively,” noting that “the rampant corruption, mismanagement, poor services, and the people’s questioning of the regime’s legitimacy are crises that cannot be tolerated ”.and bet on the patience of our citizens

He said that “the upcoming elections, scheduled for October 10, should be a starting point towards real solutions to the current situations,” noting that “the elections in the end are not a goal to achieve, but rather a means towards reform and change “.and addressing the accumulated crises in the country

And he stressed that “guaranteeing the free will of the Iraqis to elect their representatives away from pressures, evaluation and manipulation, addressing the flaws in the electoral process, dealing seriously with the concerns around it, and ensuring broad popular participation in it, today represents an uncompromising entitlement, if we want to get the country out of its current conditions.” And a “.starting point to restore the people’s confidence in the political system   ink

A candidate for Al-Fateh calls for the return of the dollar price and the recruitment of manpower

Madiha Al-Maksusi, a candidate for the Al-Fateh Alliance, called today, Monday, to return the price of the dollar to its normal position, open factories and attract manpower.

Al-Maksousi said in “Hassad Al-Ayam” that “in order to strengthen the economy, industry must be activated and the national product and agriculture encouraged,” noting that “the national economy was not given the opportunity to file a file and the participation of governments.”

She added, “The routine delayed work a lot because of the occupation, and the government and parliament did not succeed in imposing a law in order to work,” noting that “taxes must be imposed on foreign products and encourage local products, and this is what is happening all over the world.”

Al-Maksusi added that “there are many resources that Iraq can rely on as an economic auxiliary to oil,” noting that “Iraqi crops are not exploited because of the opening of the borders to the importer.”

She explained that “due to the large number of wheat cultivation, the government was unable a while ago to fulfill the farmers’ rights,” noting that “the dollar price must be returned to its normal position, the opening of factories and the recruitment of manpower.”

Al-Maksousi continued, “Iraq needs investment, and there are many provinces in which there is a safe environment to protect the investor.”   link

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