“Exceptionally Quiet” – MarkZ Q&A Intel Stream Highlights 9-1-21



MarkZ Wednesday Update- Some highlights by PDK-Not verbatim

MarkZ Disclaimer: Please consider everything on this call as my opinion. People who take notes do not catch everything and its best to watch the video so that you get everything in context.  Be sure to consult a professional for any financial decisions

Member: Happy Wednesday everyone!

MZ: We have Texas Snake joining us today about the mid way mark

MZ: Very little movement overnight …exceptionally quiet on the RV news front….I have not seen any deliveries from PP’s and CMKX yet which is interesting because I just saw a Holly post saying they will have iron clad NDA’s on that side of it.

MZ: I have heard the exact same thing. I was reminded last night that the CMKX and settlements NDA will be very iron clad.   So we may not hear a whole lot from this side except maybe that its started. It will be difficult to get any information from this side of it.

Member:  hey I heard that the Dinar value has been set by the government but is floating rate and they have not put it out

Member:  Is anyone surprised the can is still being kicked?




Member: I’m amazed people are blind to the fact the RV is underway now!

Member:  It is happening now! Bonds are paying out, have been for two months….

Member:  Always heard a 3 day Weekend!! So this is a 3 day weekend…. So what chances is it this weekend???

Member: this article proves things are happening, this should be making you happy, you do not see the the tree for the forest, Signed as Law: Ohio Takes Step Toward Treating Gold and Silver as Money

Member: MarkZ, doesn’t unemployment end today for 7+million folks?

MZ: This is about to be a huge story as millions of Americans are about to be evicted…..

Member: What is CMKX?




Mod:  go here to start learning about CMKX/CMKM

Texas Snake joins the stream about halfway through today……please listen to the replay for all the details of this “Very Important” information …Be sure to consult professions for any financial decisions.

TS: Thanks for letting me come in today….It’s been awhile since we have talked.

MZ: Have you heard anything positive on timing….

TS: The guy that I am directly in touch with , he has been ready to go for several weeks. There is always one thing or another that keeps popping up …generally it’s something overseas. Recently it was the QFS system being implemented everywhere.

TS: I spoke with an individual yesterday who is a former client of mine (TS used to be in the wealth management field) ….who has really good connections with our Treasury Dept. He says the QFS has been completed and the exchanges could be done any time now. I was told this in the last 12-24 hours that this can go at any moment.

TS: The biggest issue right now is the current political crises in Wash.DC . This is having some impact on when we get released.

MZ: I had heard before that the problem was making the QFS system communicate with the current banking system. That it had been a technological challenge. I was told that for the most part it was worked through and that recently the Afghanistan issues did indeed cause a delay.

MZ: It pulled the afghani out of the basket and adjustments needed to made for the currencies in that region. That’s what 90% of my people have been telling me.

TS: That is correct and it did have an impact on it but, from what I can gather the QFS has finally completed all the contracts on it paid and it’s ready to go.




MZ: Are you hearing anything on the bond side?

TS: Not so much on the bond side, but for CMKX I have 2 former clients that have been visited by a US Marshall and a representative from the US register and transfer agency. They have signed all the documents including a pretty stern NDA. They have been issued debit cards but they are not activated yet.

MZ: I have been hearing from all of my folks that the NDA’s are very strict on CMKX.

TS:I have signed many NDA’s over the years on deals I have put together , and I believe this one is the most secure and complete NDA they have ever looked at.

MZ: I can’t wait until I have to sign one and get to see it first hand.

MZ: What are your thoughts on the “Having a trust” issue?

TS: Yesterday you said about people and trusts that nobody needed to go to your exchange with a trust. I want to say that nobody has to go to an exchange venue with a trust…no trust is required.

TS: But, One of the confusing things is that as a fiduciary…a banker, a registered investment advisor , a broker or broker dealer….they are considered fiduciaries in one regard. If you are bringing in or depositing a amount of a million dollars or more….you have a fiduciary requirement to discuss the security nature or the shield provisions behind a trust.

TS: The most common phrase regarding a trust is “Control everything but own nothing”

TS: That’s the shield against lawsuits when you have control of the trusts and assets in the trust but your name is not on it. Your name does not appear anywhere on that trust.  




TS: When you go into your exchange that banker or exchange agent would not be doing their job without expressing knowledge about the security with this kind of money and how you could become target without using a trust. They will have people that will help you create this . They will have attorneys that could create a skeletal trust that you could exchange into.

TS: They could exchange a small amount into the skeletal trust and keep the rest as a SKR (Safe Keeping Receipt/account) and give you 30-90 days to get your team of professionals put together…your accounts, attorneys trust officers.ect….. whatever you are going to use.  

TS: Then when you set up all your accounts in that trusts name…they will internally transfer all your assets from the SKR into the accounts you have set up. This is how it would normally transpire.

TS if you already have a trust you can go into your exchange with it…as long as you have an EIN for that trust.

TS: The asset protection or shields are primarily done keeping you from having personal liability in owning that much money.

MZ: I am a big believer in them just not the people telling people they cannot exchange unless you have a trust already. There are some people peddling that if you do not have their specific trust you will not be able to exchange. That is what I was upset with.

TS: The type of client I worked with are very high net worth individuals…so I am familiar with how trusts work and their various applications. Primarily the first thing they got was the shield and the asset protection.

TS: If there is such a thing as Nesara/Gesara implemented in this country a trust going to be necessary? When/if that happens I cannot say…..however if the tax laws stay the same from today into the years following….I definitely recommend trusts…..not just one but several different types of trusts not only because of the shield from a personal liability standpoint…but, because of the many different things that can be done with the proper execution of them in your lives.

TS: I dealt primarily with physicians and surgeons….they were dealing with anywhere from $75,000 to $150,000 a year in income tax. The tax rate was 70% back then. Because of the lawyers I dealt with that were board certified on income tax law and my experience with these trusts …most of these guys were incorporated as a professional corporation …We would create individual trusts for both the husband and wife…..and then create various trusts within their practice .

TS: By doing all of that we could reduce their income tax down from $75 to $150,000 a year to $12-15,000 a year and that is the most they would pay from then on because of the structures that we had created. It was a great benefit for them to use , not only the shield for malpractice lawsuits but by using the trusts and structures we created and  we prevented them from having their livelihood threatened over and above what their malpractice insurance protected.




MZ: I am a huge believer in that. Even when they change our banking system, trusts will still be used to protect you from frivolous lawsuits. Everyone needs to do your own research and consult a professional.

TS: I have personal living trusts, equiptment leasing trusts, a ranch trust, I created trusts in my sons names…you can use many applications in different trusts.

Texas Snake lists various types of trusts to look at using annuities and bonds and trusts….please listen to the replay for the details and be sure to consult a professional before you make any financial decisions.

TS: We do not know as of now if this exchange will be taxable or tax free. There are types of trusts your lawyers and wealth managers can structure to legally minimize your tax liabilities…..

MZ: Good question is How do we protect our high dollar accounts if we leave 50% in the bank to earn higher interest rates or how do we protect ourselves from a government bail-in?

TS: Easy answer….banks insure your accounts for only about $150,000 or whatever it is now…the SPIC or Security Protection Investor Corporation is another type of insurance that will insure each account with a broker/dealer for $250,000.

TS: Now say you have all of this money…..lets just use $10 million dollars as an example. Each Mutual funds family like Fidelity …but there are lots of them…..Every one of them have no load money market funds (No load means you can buy or sell them without paying anyone a commission) .You can open a money market account  with no cost to you to open….put however many thousands  in it  …it will then be insured and you spread your risk between many mutual funds. All at no cost to you and they will all be insured. With each account you have money wiring aurthority and with the new QFS system back wires are almost instantaneous. . You can wire funds from your mutual funds accounts to your banks whenever you need to. Use your wealth management team to set these up according to your goals and age and other factors. .

Member:  Please have TX Snake verify 2008AA Zim exchanges

MZ: There has been a lot of rumors about the 2008 zim not being accepted……My bankers totally disagree with this…..what say you?

TS: Everything I have been told …..there is about 6-8 I talk with….and they say most of those will be considered bonds and will be redeemable at your exchange. It is very possible that you will be required to schedule your exchange on a military post if you are a holder of Zim. But that has not been 100% confirmed yet.




MZ: I am hearing that as well…and you need to tell them you have Zim as it will change where you exchange for security reasons. I am also told a lot of exchanges will be done on military bases…but not all of them.

Member: Why a military base for the Zim?

MZ: What we have been told is the DOD have been put in charge of a lot of this so, basic security logistics makes it easier to handle there….If you have Zim you may be talking about humanitarian projects so they need to have the infrastructure and people in place they need to hear about it and approve that funding. It’s simply logistics and makes sense.

Member: I would feel safe-security wise exchanging on a military base for sure.

Member: Thank you Mark and Texas Snake for all your news today!!

TS: Thanks to all of you and all of the moderators of this site and the seeds of wisdom site…..there are many well qualified people there to help you all manage this wealth you are about to receive….thanks to all of you.

Member: Great information. Need to watch replay

Mod:  Texas Snake Community


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MZ: Zim payouts I hear will be traunched…..a structured payout over time…….What is a traunch?

MZ:  JFK Secret Societies Speech in case we forgot

JFK to 911 Everything Is A Rich Man’s Trick

Your straw man (Strawman) is an artificial person

MZ: Video on PP’s and Farm claims:




Mod:  Dr Shabibi answering questions

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