“Part 3: Exchanges and NESARA” by Danlboon – 9.1.21


Entry Submitted by Danlboon at 12:27 PM EDT on September 1, 2021

Revealing tidbits at a time for which may not be absolutely accurate, but it is something in the narrative of the road we are going on as this path has changed numerous times. If you think what I am saying is just malarkey maybe you haven’t seen all the details I present that are actual FACT as I have done my research for you. I know the details of what you are waiting for for the “GO” as I did it on a daily basis as a Commercial Truck Driver with my daily Vehicle Inspection with about 100 points to check off before I could give myself the “GO” to move for the day. Yes, I am one of those freaks that tried not paying the income tax for over 20 years and they still kept after me, and the proof I will get from the IRS is annually in September which last year was Sept. 7, 2020, and I received them 2 days early, so in a week I should get a notice as to whether my DEBT has been FORGIVEN, or did it get lost in the mail. You might get something from the IRS from your 1099 Report for all previous years so that is easily visible and it may inform you it will all be returned, or if you received a Stimulus Check it should be a Direct Deposit as that is from the UST, and that may have been a reason to track you down is by the Check.

For those that are wondering about you being involved in any exchanges is that is YES. Have you seen your new ATMs going in with the new computer format and the new cash and check receiving slot? That is to handle the new USN/USTN so we are in the presence of the RV, NESARA, QFS which hopefully with the Sept. 11 announcement of NESARA the ATMs will have the USN/USTN in those ATMs by Monday Sept. 13 and there will just be talk about them till the 15th when you should be receiving your BC/CLB notices to pick up at the post office. Is this the Public T5 Exchanges for the USN/USTN? The ATMs now allow you to withdraw in 50’s and 100’s and not all in 20’s. You should have received new credit or debit cards for this use that can easily access your TDA at any time if that is the plan. If there was no announcement of the USN then stores would not know nor the banks, as the banks absolutely should know as they are the ones handing it out and exchanging with your FRN. By the way, the ATM keeps the currency received and does not hand it out to others, the ATM where the fella ahead of me wanted a cash withdrawal and it wouldn’t work for him, but I was able to make my cash deposit, then my friend tried to make a cash withdrawal and it wouldn’t work for him either, so the banks must account for any fraudulent currency that may have slipped thru, and the UST keeps accounting of the serial number on each note as well.

For good verification of your thumbprint that it is you is that the DMV should be taking your thumbprint along with taking your photo at the same time so they are the ones the Military is leaning on for your ID as they have been doing this for over 10 years and it becomes federal access for driving between the states, and I can verify for that that mine have the black strip and the bar code on the back going back 10 years so it has been around.

And to confirm it again no one but you will be able to access your TDA, so it is best to not even have your partner have access as they have their own TDA, and no bank or government agency can seize it unless it is placed on lock if you have committed a crime, and it cannot be put on lock if you refuse to take the JAB, and for child support a judge cannot order for the man to pay up for anything any more, now 60% or $720,000 annually, when the woman has more than that to herself, so those DEBTS are FORGIVEN.

For what I am assuming for the Military notices sent to you or someone that stole your ID or have your SSN, then not only you/them must have that notice when you/them go to the post office but the postal clerk needs to ask certain questions from your BC/CLB that they have on the screen to verify who you/they are, and most likely the imposter will not know where you were born or what your parent’s names are and they cannot come up with what Hillary has said; “I don’t Recall,” so security is high on this handing out of the ‘Bearer Bonds.’ If the imposter’s driver’s license or fake ID does not match up with yours then the alarms go off and they are arrested. And if you have heard about but have not gotten yours then there should be a form to fill out to get you in the system to get the proper Military notice sent to you. Let’s see how good my predictions can be.

If this is true on the Military notices then it will NOT be sent by email nor phone call as those are SCAMS!

The Sovereign People may have already removed themselves from their US citizenship and want nothing to do with wages or currency, some only go by ‘barter on labor’ which is you exchange your labor then and there for what you want to purchase may have difficult matters to deal within our world as they shunned the SSN already.

With those under the age of 21 you will not be receiving your ‘Bearer Bond’ to open your TDA, but your SSN will be available to use at a bank to get a loan, without interest, and not based on a credit score for college or decent transportation to get there as the TDA is there, so for normal expenses you will have to get a job or have nice family to help you out.

What about the con artists that are willing to now charge you $50,000 a month for rent when you have been paying only $2,000 so far as they know you can now pay for it? Well, the economy will be going back to the 1950’s level and if anyone wants to do this then they will lose free access to their TDA and go to prison. Anybody want to try and keep track on those numbers going to prison?

Some are wondering about those criminals out there, and there are many of them that will not have direct access to their ‘Bearer Bonds,’ yet those that have a criminal record their TDAs will be set up once they come into custody so they can finance their own legal bills, penalty bonds and any medical bills and just those, so their family will not have to pay out, or will everything of theirs be seized and We The People will have to pay their bills? That is TAXES!

What about those that need medical care and cannot get insurance, well that will no longer happen as the insurance industry will no longer be around or they will be the third party talking between parties as your TDA should have enough to cover things and hospitals cannot refuse you medical care for not having the proper insurance.

Are you going to receive documents that all your DEBTS have been FORGIVEN, and will you receive the actual payments back from purchases, along with interest, taxes and penalties? I have heard that that is too much to handle for over 200,000,000 people to all come down in just about a month, but for us middle and lower class why bother knowing when you will be receiving $1,000,000 to start off with, and $100,000 per month for 11 years which is $13,200,000 for your life, so don’t worry. And you have been living a good life style on only $50.000 a year?



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