“Leading Lights, Tricksters, and Warriors” by Sariah Oksana – 9.3.21



Entry Submitted by Sariah Oksana at 4:35 AM EDT on September 3, 2021

Hola hOly BEings of HolY Here, and There !

Let`s stART with The Leading LiGhts ! After reading Mr. Fleming`s September 2nd RV/GCR intel report, this : ‘ n.a.t. group confirmed’. Never before has it been confirmed for 3 payment lines…’  some, WOOT ! WOOT ! Congratulations are in order methinks !!!! Sending Quantum Love, and Gratitude 4 one, and All who brought this Truly Epic Event to The Forefront of Our Times. The ones who MAsterminded The Plan. The ones who said, yes, I’ll do this, 4 The Children, which equates to Us all. The ones who have been hanging on for dear, sweet sacred Life, as This pART of Our Story Unfolds, not always in a quickening kind of way. In GeneRAtions to cOme, so many stories will BE Told about the Monumental Efforts of The Alliance who Leveled The Playing Field 4 Huemanity, and All eARThlings. With all that i am, i know Our Creator Is Smiling, heART~Smiiling, seeing Her~His Children Shine !!!! ‘Shine On You Crazy Diamonds’ ~ Pink Floyd and me 2oo.

Hmmmmmm. TrickSters. Some i lOve a lot. Some i keep at bay, lOving from afar. Here in unceded Lk’wungen & WSANEC territories, ( Victoria, BC Canada) since last Tuesday, August 31st, prices for food are jacked, as previously told by ones who tell truth. It’s been hidden though. Goods that, oddly enough, consistently have stayed the same prices for years, (herbal tea, and nuts), have just jumped up, one to two dollars. Yaowwza ! They do this silly thing with price tags, making it look like the old price was more than it was, and then have 2 for one deals, so one thinks they’re saving. Ha ! In one store they actually had those horrid disinfectant, sanitizer (aka skin, etc. removal wipes,) old price, 90 wipes listed as $ 12.99, now you can buy 2 pkgs. of 80 rectangles of poison for the low, low, price of $9.00 ! *eyes crossed. Last week 4 the fam, i bought a sirloin tip roast at a neighbourhood grocery store for $13.00. So, yeah foxy, not so foxerson, i’ll take the food, thanks. And, sincere, Loving~Thanks, for all the dear, **Leading**LiGhts** who’ve been warning us to stock up, as well as giving Us clues, and encouragement to Find Truth 4 Ourselves.

Enter the warriOrs ; from the seemingly tireless, so effervescent, Judy Byington’s, ‘Restored Republic via a GCR,  Extra Special report of September 2nd, 2021, ‘ Green Light.  The Quantum Computer Is Activated. DIGITAL WARRIORS ARE EQUIPPED WITH QUANTUM WEAPONS
. HALLELUJAH !!!! Me 2oo ! My heART. And, HALLELUJAH ~ there’s BILLIONS mOre ! Good Then ! We’re goOd ! Yes, a bumpy road ahead. When the smoke clears though, We’ll have mirrors. And they will Shine, because, Clarity. YES ! Quantum Love, All~ways takes care of Quantum~Love.

* Sitting here, excited as all get out. Soon, The People will have all needed to heal ourselves, help one another, and, for Heaven Sakes, clean up the mess in The Garden We made, while We grow Ourselves Even More Beauti~Full, mOre Glowing in Our Knowing.

My heART hOlds only lOve, sweet lOve, and Gratitude 4 All Present,
Sariah OKsana
( Thanks also 4 having patience with the script in italics, it is not on purpose. On the pc i use, and the high tech nokia 3310, bahahahahahaaa, i get cyberspamattackedalot. whateves.) 🙂


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