“Part 4: Exchanges and NESARA” by Danlboon – 9.3.21


Entry Submitted by Danlboon at 8:34 AM EDT on September 3, 2021

NESARA – Information Guide

It may be the better way to describe the info I am giving you in all my posts, as some on the call posts keep bringing up stating the same info as to when things are to come, as I have been bringing your human life details of what you will have to deal with once NESARA is implemented as many will be asking then and getting no answers. For the first verified confirmation that the IRS, SSA and the FED are no more is that employers will be given notice that the last day of their last full pay period in September, the last month of the Quarter to pay any taxes, and most likely Sunday 9/26/21 will be the last work day for then the checks that have NO Withholdings, 100% of the wages is yours, except for any union dues, and NO TAX Levies nor garnishments, and the employees will know when they receive their checks, but maybe the employers can start as early after September 1st to blend in sooner. Since there will be NO agency to pay the taxes to, or they will be required for NO Withholdings, then the employer MUST ‘refund’ the wages back to the employee for the whole month if not the whole quarter for which the employer still has on hand, ‘nice bonus,’ as the employers keep the funds in their books till after that month/quarter to then pay them out to the government agencies and banks.

By the way, I will be labeling my posts with numbers for you to keep track of what chapter of the book my comments were made in as I think it could go on for quite a while till everyone sees what is going on. And use your own common sense as to what is happening in your own life as what may happen and you make the proper choices so someone does not rip you off or want to be friends now once they know you have the funds. And do not just go out and buy a Porsche especially in a poverty stricken neighborhood.

Maybe I have been put here to be a side track for the goings on to distract the deep state and you from the pandemic garbage and other items and they have to keep a watch on me as to what I am saying, so I cannot reveal too much either as my first posts’ items did change, but those that are doing the bad deeds may be dealt with in a certain way when they try to collect their ‘Bearer Bonds’ which I cannot mention on that at this time, but it will be a reason for why they may be arrested.

Now that we have a THREE DAY weekend upon us Saturday – Monday, Sept. 4 – 6 then there will be 4 days of things being tidied up on including beginning of 9/11/2001 Military Tribunals before the big cabang on Saturday Sept. 11, 20 year anniversary, so the EBS will hopefully be this coming week and no more delays, with then the NESARA actions can be put out in the open, and August 25th was the World Court deadline for all the arrests, and now more are still being made.

Once this NESARA announcement is made ALL National Emergencies WILL BE CANCELLED, including the Pandemic, thus upon that notice the CDC and FDA will be under Martial Law Control!!!

Some may think this is way off base as I am not part of the higher ups that know things, and yeah that is true in some part of the Q, but how close can I get in finding out the mystery that you never thought of and it is good reading while we wait?  A second option came to me that really can fit into the norm for the receiving of your ‘Bearer Bond’ to open your TDA as to when the “GO” is given and we get to the T5 level instead of everyone going to the post office right away based on the Military notices ‘theory’ being handed. This is once the “GO” is given then a Stimulus Check of 1% Exchange of $100,000 or $1,000 is sent into your bank account and ‘put on hold’ and then you go into your bank asking about it to receive a code number, which is attached to that Stimulus Check and not visible by you online, to then go to your post office, the Notary Public and Postmaster General, to collect your ‘Bearer Bond’ to get your info and that official copy or just some pertinent info on that ‘Bearer Bond’ and for the post office to get your thumbprint on file then and there, to then go back to your bank and present the proof for which that is part two of your Exchange, and if it all comes out good then that 1% is liquid, and the process goes thru with your TDA to be opened separately, so then you work from there. Yet if you have a combined account then those same funds go in by only your name so you work it for each name on that account, for 3 people that is $3,000 ‘on hold.’ Let’s see if that is the story as it is less hassle than with all those Military notices being mailed out and lost and it may be more secure, as for what I bring up is maybe a quadruple check on your ID to verify you are the correct one, or I beat them to their agenda and they were waiting for me.

Maybe the slip-up for B is someone on our side said for him to push for a Stimulus Check so the talk is going around there is too much chaos that that is the only way to get the people on his side to give them some more money, but in fact it would not have to go thru Congress as it would be talk of the town from the word “GO” and thus people would be looking at their bank accounts and a general announcement for NESARA would be the actual ‘QUE’ that things are working.

There are so many items that I could bring out with the NESARA long list of changes to be made, but I will focus on your daily needs of what you will have to deal with. A primary one is when you see there is a 14% sales tax on your non-food items and no sales tax on those food or medical items then we are there. And just a reminder it was the Department of Transportation that was in control of selling the Birth Certificate Records as Chattel Property Bonds, thus the DMV has your personal ID Records and not some fake foreigner’s claiming to be yours.

The increased benefits to senior citizens to possibly $2,500 is just a tidbit, but it won’t be like some I have heard that are only receiving $400 per month, and this also includes the disabled as SSI and SSDI are both from the SSA which will no longer exist, yet this will be coming directly from the UST. But access to their TDA by a family member who is reliable and competent there should be special criteria for which it is not all stolen for those bad family members, yet it will only be used for their care of housing, transportation and of course their medical needs besides daily needs and not massive withdrawals. Since some of those that are disabled are under the age of 21 then special accommodations will be met for them to have access and not just have them live off of someone else as that may be your own child is one of those then that will be resolved.

By the way, the police ‘Qualified Immunity’ will be out the door as we will be under Common Law and not that still hanging on our head by US Supreme Court Law of over 50 years ago, so those cops that committed crimes for which the cities and communities had to pay out, and others will now have to pay back those governments what they personally got away with without paying a penny, so they may be scraping the barrel from here on. For instance: three cops, a Sergent, a Captain, a Police Chief, 5 Police Administrators, 7 City Council Members, the Mayor, the police union board and prosecutors are all involved which cost the city $25,000,000 because of their socialism hierarchy now must have personal payouts of over $900,000 each, and that is on just one event, and this gets paid back to the tax payers, yet this will have to be resolved on a case by case basis per the new De Jure Grand Jury. And when this comes about there might be holds on all those ‘Bearer Bonds’ of those involved so they don’t squander off with massive amounts of their funds, or if they did already then they will surely be going to prison and lose every penny, and then it might be collected from their partner or family as they received benefits for them all using ‘Qualified Immunity’ in the first place.

And Freewill provided me to post these documents on a sub-page so NESARA is not hearsay:
Nesaranews Constitution And Founding Documents



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