Dinarland Highlights for September 3, 2021


Dinarland Highlights – 9.3.21


The taxes coming from Biden is a massive threat.  It is a massive threat.  You need to get your stuff in order…timing…Let’s say if Iraq does…get influence from Iran and then they revalue.   Then what is our strategy?  Get out as quick as possible because the value is going to go down.  You have to be in your tax strategy already.  You can’t wait.  You can’t say when all this happens I’ll do it.  It takes time to set this stuff up...


Frank26 (KTFA)

[Boots-on-ground Firefly TV report]

FIREFLY:  Kazemi is on the news talking again…this guy is excited.  He’s on fire and now he’s telling us that there are some new laws that are about to be passed by the government that will have a boom on our private sector.  He’s talking about the economic reform and those laws are the ones that are allowing the Article VIII to go into effect.  At least that’s what we think.

FRANK:  I honestly don’t know the answer to that question but logic says that yeah.  And look at his excitement.  This man is bursting at the seams to try to talk to you guys…

It is possible when they float their currency. They may only give you a few months, 6 month, a year to exchange the 3 zero notes until they’re null and void.  Let’s pretend they give you 3 months.  Then that means you will not be able to take part in the rate when it grows internationally because it’s going to take time for the rate to grow…if they give you a specific amount of time to cash in your 3 zero notes you’re not going to have enough time for the Iraqi dinar to go up in value


Desert Advisor

They changed the exchange rate but they haven’t said what it is.  A lot of speculation was, ‘Okay, they’re gonna share it during the conference.’ You had 9 different countries there – Kuwait, Jordan, UAE, Saudi Arabia, Turkey, Lebanon, Iran, France, Yemen.  They didn’t publicly announce what happened however Kazemi posted on twitter “We succeeded in holding the Baghdad Conference for Cooperation and Partnership, and its repercussions were great locally, regionally and globally.”So that meeting was great for them on a global level…



If Kuwait dollar is the most valuable currency and you see how much more stronger Iraq is what in God’s green earth makes you think that Iraq has not potential to not only catch but pass up Kuwait.  We know they [Iraq] have all kinds of problems with the government and corruption.  We get that.  But here’s what those naysayers say, unstable government/corrupt government but what they never tell you is ‘what if’.  What if the government is fine.  We know Al-Kazemi is kicking but right now.  The corruption is down.  What if the government becomes stable.  They don’t tell you about that ‘what if’ scenario.  So I’m telling you what if…it is clear Iraq is a much more productive country...I do believe without a doubt that Iraq’s currency will be and should be a lot more valuable than the Kuwait [dinar]...


Bruce (The Big Call)

We’re coming down to the wire and I really believe that’s true…It would seem odd to me if we did get notified tomorrow that we would not start by Saturday –I mean – the idea of being notified is… – when we get those emails – or get the toll free numbers and we set our appointments – We Are Golden – in like flint – and we’re ready to roll…let’s say we get that on a Friday…if we started Saturday – the redemption centers can be open any day…we don’t have to go to tier 1 banks – necessarily – because redemption centers are set up to work Saturdays – Sundays – Mondays – even on holidays  – they could – they may choose not to –  they may choose to not be upon until Monday or Tuesday of next week…we’ll just have to wait and see how quickly they do come…



There’s no such thing as any payment tiers…



…out of the redemption side….they are being told they are not working this coming weekend but, were told to expect working a very long week next week. Could they be doing this to throw us off?…..absolutely….could it be imminent? It certainly could be…  

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