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09/04/2021 A White Paper


Citibank was once the largest US Bank. They have Citibanks all across Europe.

Bank of America is the only other US Bank that has banks in Europe. But only in London.

Wells Fargo is strictly a US Bank with ZERO banks in Europe.

Chase Bank has ZERO banks in Europe.

HOWEVER, Chase is owned by JP Morgan.

JP Morgan in the US is an INVESTMENT BANK.

JP Morgan is BOTH a bank & investment bank in Europe.

SO, whoever told you that someone said IQD was confirmed on the “CHASE FOREX DESK in EUROPE” was FULL OF SH*T and was a LIE. A LIE from some amateur person who is CLUELESS and spreading a BOLD FACED RUMOR.

Banks have their own currency exchange screens with their own currency exchange rates with the Central Banks.

For your own information, The first currency exchange started 2500 years ago when the Egyptian and Greeks traded goods and currencies and exchanged for silver and gold coins.

The foreign currency exchange system was established in 1875 among the countries that were using silver and gold as a Method of international payments. However, global supply and demand became affected on the international payment platforms because these metal’s value was not stable. After all, it kept on fluctuating. This happened when an amount would be converted to the corresponding amount of gold or silver as a payment & settlement system.

Up until then, BANKS were utilized as the exchange platforms for all the different global currencies.

The modern FOREX Market was not established to exchange currencies until December 1971 when the Smithsonian Agreement was announced. In December 1971, a new Dollar standard was created whereby several industrialized Country’s Currency was pegged to the US dollar. (This included the US and Saudi Arabia after the King took over & nationalized the American Oil Companies and their Refineries in Saudi Arabia.)

NOTE: Prior to this event, the US Dollar had been taken off the “gold exchange” standard and became a Fiat currency.

As such, FOREX Currency Exchanges became a NEW means of currency exchanges secondary to the already established currency exchange business at banks.

Therefore, once again, when some amateur idiot stated the IQD had been on the “CHASE FOREX DESK in Europe”, they were obviously speaking NONSENSE; because there are no Chase banks in Europe and banks possess their own currency exchange rate agreements with the Central Banks. 

Whereas, FOREX is a PUBLICLY traded currency exchange service; similar to the stock exchanges and the commodities exchanges.
Banks utilize BOTH their own currency exchange platforms and compare them to their competitor, the FOREX Currency Exchange; to gain the best buy-sell profit margins for their respective bank in their currency exchange services.


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