“Dear ZIM Holder” by RGVK – 9.6.21


Entry Submitted by RGVK at 6:06 AM EDT on September 6, 2021

Dear Zim holder,

I was wondering to what extent your plan reaches out to implement humanitarian projects. Why do you come here every day, and what do you choose to do? Do you like to let your positive energy run into the ground every time, or are you after a few million or the hope of exchanging 1:1? I only come here sporadically to read a few sentences at the bottom without having to open a full page. Why do I do it that way? Because it has become more than clear to me in the past, that a lot of wrong information is given. Deliberately, the people who inform you say, because this way they can intercept the bad people who belong to banks, according to their explanation. This often causes delays, or something went wrong with the payment system etc….

In this spiritual war it is of great importance that your frequencies are high, that you drop things, that you let go of things, that you consider yourself happy in the daily experience of being here on earth. You do not need to have great things to put yourself in a good mood in this time of war. And the best thing is that we can work on the future plans to bring humanitarian projects to a good end, which can bring much more joy and satisfaction than just thinking that money makes you so happy, although that is partly part of it.

If you are a true humanitarian, then what are you doing here every day to let yourself be abused like an idiot by people who eat away at your positive frequencies every day, whisper new hopes to you, and then the next day reverse everything or add new delays. Are you mature people who want to go to 5D, or are you still happy 3D slaves every day who let themselves be fed by persons who hardly give you anything. Of course, if you are of the opinion that you only see the money for yourself, then you should stay here with your leaders who tell you how much you are worth in their eyes. If you go for higher values, then they will entrust you to the big boys as wealth managers who will get your money, so that you no longer have to worry about what you once exchanged under their vision to exchange Zim.

Dear brother and sister, why do you linger here? Don’t you want this better world yourselves to help change things for the better for everyone? There are other possibilities that do have good intentions to give humanity what it deserves. You just have to be willing to see it and go for it. Personally, I have already spent hundreds of hours planning for the future. I work on it every day, I think about it a lot and I adapt it to what I think is the best solution, and if we can do things together, I am sure our brothers and sisters will come up with even better ideas, because together we are stronger and more powerful to bring things to a good end.

Life doesn’t have to be so complicated like many people here do when they talk about the Zim state of affairs. Remember, it is your money, you do with it what you want, not someone from a bank, not a wealth manager, nobody! Only you bear the responsibility for the money from your heart with a good conscience. If you are selfish and it is only about you or your family, you will not get it, no matter how hard you try. This is only a possibility if your heart resonates with your fellow human being and helps them to enjoy the beautiful things in life.

You can make a choice today to let go of these lies and energy guzzlers, stand within yourself, and sense what is right and wrong in this confusing time. Haven’t we been through enough in the past, as the mainstream media has lied to us, our education, thousands of rules in our daily lives, slavish hierarchy, slavish banking system. Do you still think we have anything to do with banks after what they have done to us for decades?

My flat was sold publicly by the bank for €30,000 after we had sold it for €150,000 a month earlier. A corrupt mayor revoked the sale because of something missing in the deed of sale that we executed through a notary. So you see how our corrupt governments keep screwing us and the banks. And here too, you are constantly being screwed by the know-it-alls when it comes to the Zim information they spread. You swallow it like mush, without thinking for yourselves.

In love and light I share this message, do something with it!



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