Restored Republic via a GCR: Update as of September 9, 2021


Restored Republic via a GCR: Update as of Thurs. 9 Sept. 2021

Compiled Thurs. 9 Sept. 2021 12:01 am EST by Judy Byington, MSW, LCSW, Therapist ret, Journalist, Author, “Twenty Two Faces: inside the extraordinary life of Jenny Hill and her twenty two multiple personalities.”

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Judy Note: “It’s real. It’s on the way. Unless some unaccounted for outside force stops it, it will be huge. Less than 12 hours to go.”… 10:55 pm EST Wed. 8 Sept.

A. From a reliable Intel Source on Wed. evening 8 Sept:

Both Code Monkey Z and The Storm Rider said to rest well tonight because things were happening tomorrow Thurs. 8 Sept.

At 2pm CST Wed. 8 Sept. many, many bond holders received payment.

The Chinese Elders have been funded so they could distribute it for Humanitarian work.

A certain Contact was told they would get spendable money on Thurs. 9 Sept.

Zurich and Australia people were already funded.

Currency exchanges (Judy Note: It was assumed they were referring to the General Public exchanges at banks) may take place Wed. Sept. 15 or Fri. Sept. 17.

A Dong could worth $16 under contract rate (with no limits). The FOREX contract rate at the banks was around $8 per Dong.

The Trustee of the Rodriguez Trust who lives in Florida said the currency exchanges were all tax free, though the interest earned in a wealth management program would be taxable.

B. The following update was sent out by a person in the know with the Chinese Elders:

Judy Note: It was my understanding that we did not need all Bond monies released before Tier 4B (us, the Internet Group) was notified of our exchange/ redemption appointments:

 “Things are heating up, 23 Quadrillions earmarked cleared and set aside to start the release of working capital for yet undecided and cleared pending transactions. The big deal now is not when funds will be released but what to release funds on? I.E. Gold Backed German Bond Boxes or other Gold Backed Bond types of historical assets?

“These high level discussions are taking place tonight and Wednesday. Once they decide and approve the specific file transactions then we will know what to expect in contract issuance and release of funds of the 1% advance and balance of 99% accordingly per the contract !

“I expect from planning with the placement of both Gold Backed Elders asset files to be in a safe position regardless of the outcome we will have results sometime between Thursday and Monday with our first contract and advance 1% for the Elders the following day.”

C. Wed. afternoon 8 Sept. Fleming Report:

Our Military Intel Contact confirmed that the official launch of the RV / GCR occurred early this morning at 3:30 am EST Wed. 8 Sept.

It had to be done THIS WEEK because of the legal framework under which the Military and Trump were operating was expiring this weekend.

On Tues. 7 Sept. Trump was removed for his safety to a very secure location.

Notifications were anticipated to come out by Thurs. 9 Sept, starting with bond holder notifications going out to all remaining bond holders & then working their way to Tier 4B (us, the Internet Group) within 12-24 hours.

There were 26 currencies signed off for the Revaluation.

All rates were solid, locked in and no longer blinking.

The Golden Dinar was now all of the Middle EAST including Iraq, Afghanistan, Iran, Israel, Palestine, Saudi Arabia, Syria and Lebanon, with all countries revaluing their currency (Like the Euro, a Union has been formed.).

All this week we’re seeing F&P payouts.

The World Court has said that everything’s was a go this week. The Watershed Event would occur prior to 9/11. Trump has committed to this week.

Release of funds have taken place in China. Confirmed. The Family has received spendable funds. Now we wait for US.

HSBC, JP MORGAN and CHASE received a letter from the US Treasury, directing the banks to release the funds presently held on account (SKR holders). This was taking place this week.

Several sources have indicated that these next two weeks were crucial.

Source: Operation Disclosure Official


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