Dinarland Highlights for September 9, 2021


Dinarland Highlights – 9.9.21


Wednesday RV Report: Our military intel contact is confirming Mr Fleming’s sources reporting…the official launch of the RV / GCR early this morning Wed 8 Sep; it had to be done THIS WEEK…Our guy’s info is that notifications are anticipated to come out by tomorrow Thu 9 Sep…working their way to us in T4B within 12-24 hours—watch and see.

All rates are solid and no longer BLINKING. LOCKED IN.


Bruce (The Big Call)

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This target is still moving… what we do know is…Iraq has an international rate – the currencies were off the screens Sunday and they came back…(Monday) – all the currencies came up that we’re interested in…we understand…the people that have seen them have commented to us that they would be really really good and we would be pleasantly surprised… I think we are very close… I do believe their intention is to let this go…I thought well before the 11th…we are looking good I believe…



I really think we’re in a great position.  Seriously, if we could just be a little bit more patient.  A lot of people have been waiting a long time.  I get it.  Right now we’re seeing a lot of progress with Iraq like never before.  Corruption has been dwindled down.  We have a very transparent government there.  Al-Kazemi seems to be well on his way of putting Iraq out there internationally.  Building relationships with people.  Keeping the country stable…Once they’ve rebuilt their economy and it starts to get stronger the currency will itself become stronger and will increase in value. 

The exchange rate will be fixed in the 2022 budget and there will be no change in it

Did they say what the rate was?  Drum roll please.  I don’t think the rates in here.  It’s doesn’t say what the rate is so there’s going to be a lot of talk and speculation between now and before they reveal it to us I can guarantee that…So they told the news that the increase in the dollar exchange rate is an idea that has been discussed for years.  The previous governments did not dare take the step because of the risk and controversy surrounding it…



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My banking sources believe we will see it between the 10th and the 15th. This is Friday to mid week next week. I have not heard anything negative but I am disappointed that we are not already paid. There is very positive chatter out there…

Things are really heating up…now we have to find out if they did indeed pull the trigger!!!  … we are hearing that Money is positioned and in place… Manage your expectations but hearing this chatter coming out of the banking centers this afternoon as they get notices and told to get a good nights sleep in expectation of “tomorrow”…All my bankers are ramped up with expectations of knowing within the next handful of hours or a day…it sure has been a busy exciting day.  


Frank26 (KTFA)

All the central banks in the world met on the last day of the Baghdad summit when they closed the doors to show this delegation that you are Article VIII and confirmed with the world’s central banks IMO that a new exchange rate and a new currency for Iraq is about to be introduced…

Firefly Boots-on-the-ground TV report:  FIREFLY: Finance Minister is on the news again and he’s saying that the White Papers are here to fundamentally change the Iraqi economy and also said Iraq needs to float the dinar internationally on a global market and gain the true value of the dinar.   He said it’s time for Iraq to be a leader in the region and it has proved to these countries we have stability and the other countries realize this… FRANK:  The fact that they’re telling the citizens of Iraq means it’ll be in print soon…


Desert Advisor

Chase and Wells Fargo do buy the Iraq dinar.  I’ve verified that myself at my local branches.  Apparently we would take our 25000 dinar, we’d go to the bank, the bank would give us, let’s say just for example it’s 1 to 1, they would give us $25,000 United States dollars credits or notes depending which you want.  The Federal Reserve takes that 25,000 note and…they probably would destroy it but get credits with Iraq when it comes to their oil.


Mountain Goat

I am following the implementation of the white paper very closely as I believe this is what is going to get us to the bank.


Texas Snake

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Well, this morning I got a call from my banker…the main one I will be doing my exchange with, and he told me to have my phone charged and keep it close today. He was pretty insistent that sometime today he would be notified as to when he could expect our 800 numbers to be released.

…He was pretty sure that sometime between now and Sunday we would be notified with the 800 numbers or the link to get on the internet.  

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