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Updates concerning the RV/GCR

09/11/2021 The End Times

We are at the End Times. The [redacted] has made their move and now it’s pedal to the floor. It’s going to be a “ [redacted] Economy” and the [redacted] is marching across the globe. We’re the outliers, targeted for extinction. We know it. We’ve been told every which way that 666 is rolling out. If you’re wondering how this could happen, look at every missed opportunity, every window come and gone.

It’s finally here, the End of the Ride.

D1 and D2 are liquid. Asia is liquid. Congratulations to the Chinese, to the 27 principle families, the same small group of people that own the major banks around the world. Together with the elite in government and 3 letter agencies, they have exchanged. They can’t help anyone else because they’re restricted, by [redacted] administration. They’re prohibiting all of N. America from participating.

German bonds are paid out, 1 to 2%. Maybe the World Bank will support the buy/sell of Yellow Dragon Bonds. It’s uncertain how much more will be allowed and/or managed after this weekend has passed.

Where is the Middle East GCR? The Golden Dinar is real and viable in North Africa. US is being withheld from participating.




Europe is participating and has been exchanging nationals for quite a while.

We heard that rates locked in two days ago, on Thursday, after flashing for several days in notification. 26 currencies were locked in at a new rate. Monday will we see a new live rate on Forex? It’s highly doubtful.

The Chinese have settled the Agreement with the World Court. They have completed everything needed, apparently, without Tier 4. What about SKR holders. Adm Bob and his downline of tens of thousands of hopeful innocents? We can’t know except that some quiet private exchanges are being managed at a steep discount…

[redacted] has not stepped down. Fraud in the 2020 election has not been proven. We’re blocked every single way.

Although USN has been delivered as verified by many, it may be sent back and never used.

If Monday comes without a notice for Tier 4, the DoD, the White Hats, the Military that have worked for years on this Grand Event, are ending this NESARA exercise. Only another failed effort. All the boasts about “it’s DONE” evaporating like hot air.

The bad guys won. Now it’s going to get very bad. The War is coming to US. The military will shortly be coming for our guns as required under the Paris Accords. Supply of food and so forth will be cut off. This will be so much more difficult if EMF is used, leaving no way to communicate. The US has no source for transformers, leaving us dead in the water. It will be a New World, for sure.




We can only ask God to Bless “This World” and send a Savior now. One more window is closing fast.

09/11/2021 Explanation

What was posted is the state that we are in at the moment. [redacted] was suppose to step down and has not there were a lot of things that were to happen today and they did not take place it does not meant that things will not change. That Elders have stated that unless [redacted] is out of office it is not going to happen but they change their mind about every two or three days.. This is a moving target and sometimes the messages that we post are not for you but the people behind the scenes. Every leader of the Worlds Nations all read what is posted here and then they take action. Just relax and see if they release the funds on Monday as promised.


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