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Entry Submitted by Kimberley (EU) at 10:07 AM EDT on September 11, 2021


In the recent days I have come to the point where I have seen, researched, and experienced enough of the old system, its oppression, and its failures, that I have decided to reduce this down and deal with the post-RV period, for the most part now.

Yes, I know that now comes the hard part, that there will be a near death experience (for the sleepers), but I for my part am 100% sure that everything will run smoothly, and I just have to wait for the turnaround.

Besides, creating the future is much more fun, and a much more divine quality!

Why? Because The Creator also created and creates.

And because we are children of The Creator, we are descended from him, and we have his quality in us, and I thought that if I create my future, the future of humanity, I will use my divine abilities and I will be closer to The Creator.

Here we are nearing the turnabout from the obsolete old system to a new life and a lot of us waiting for the RV to happen.




I don’t know about anyone else, but I sometimes feel the very heavy burden of the responsibility for humanity and the humanitarian projects.

A lot of money amplifies the intention. Our intention. This is obviously good, but we can and probably will make mistakes through ignorance or inattention.

How can these mistakes be minimized?

How can I use all that money for the benefit of humanity in a way that does really good?

While I can see that all patriots – apart from the trolls and shills, who are not patriots anyway – have good intentions, I felt the need to share a few thoughts to see if I could help the Future Builders, the Children of the Light.

My aim in writing this article is to raise awareness of some issues that I think are very important and to provoke further thoughts in readers. Of course, you don’t need to accept it, this is only my truth, yours can be different, so no need to argue.

From my job (consultant for Small & Medium size Enterprises) I have been working with a lot of people at different social, financial and awareness levels for about 30 years.




During this time, I have developed some solid observations about people that apply to all situations thus can be useful also in humanitarian projects.

I would like to share these with you so that I can contribute to your post-RV functioning.

So, here we go…

The Creator and my relation: The Creator is good and 100% in cause. That’s what he gave us, that is what we inherited from him. When we say that Creator lives in us, this is what we mean. We (spiritual beings) are also 100% in cause.

Everything that happens to us, we are responsible for it, i.e., we somehow caused it to happen to us. The good and the bad. We were the ones who decided and did something, or didn’t do something, and the consequence of those decisions is that our lives took a turn for the better or for the worse.

When we validate this being cause, we move upwards towards Creator and to total freedom.

Unfortunately, under a lot of oppression (false data, fear), many have become dehumanized and have forgotten that they are the cause. For example, a mother starving with her child in Africa or Asia is unlikely to feel that she is the cause of her own life.

It has been proven so many times for her that what she thinks or what she wants is not possible so that after a while she has lost faith in herself and given up on being the cause of things. She is not a sovereign being anymore.

It’s a very difficult condition, and if I just give her regular donations, I will reinforce to her that she can’t cause anything, she is dependent on others. This way I would push her down even deeper.

Therefore, what is needed here is a solution that not only addresses her present (financial) problem but also helps her to rise.




Then, when she is stabilized, I can ask her for help, say to help me fetch/carry some things, or help me sweep etc. And it’s not because of me, but because of her.

The point is that she should contribute to things, my things. Make her feel that she is important, that she is counted on, that what she does is valuable.

It is important not to give her too big a task, so as not to discourage her. Instead, keep the task simple, small and give her a sense of achievement or success.

Another example: when I go into the town and park my car, a beggar (maybe I’m a beggar magnet 😊) often comes up to me ask me to give him money (different locations and beggars).

Let’s say he asks for 50 cents. I tell him I’ll give him $1 or $2, much more than he asked for, but I also ask him to take care of my car while I’m gone.

Is it a big deal? For me certainly not! But for him yes!

Why? Because he earns that money, not only get the money! He gives something valuable in exchange to me!

The result? When I come back to my car, he is usually still there and from far distance shouting that he took good care of my car, and all is fine.

Then I thank him with full attention and respect, acknowledge him for the good job he did, note that he is a good man and sometimes I just give more pocket money as a kind of a bonus.

And he gains more money and the feeling that he did something valuable. He got respect. Someone considers him a good man. Uplifting, huh?




Who knows maybe at one point in his life this incident will make a difference in a good way?

Or another example: if a person works a job and gets paid $1000 a month while the job is worth $5000, that’s highway robbery, the usual modus operandi in the old system.

Now post-RV in the new system if I employ him, he will get the $5000 (no one will work for those who rob them anymore post-RV), but it is very important that he breaks the old paradigm (=it’s okay to being robbed) and understands why his work is worth $5000.

Only this way he will only feel in balance with me and will be proud of himself.

If I just simply raised his salary and he didn’t understand why, he would feel that he was getting more than he was giving and therefore no longer useful to the company and would leave.

When we do humanitarian work, we will encounter many different situations.

Compliance with the above is one kind of situation, but what about those who have already done a lot but have not received much in return because of the bad old system.

Such are our parents. Our grandparents. They have lived through many wars, built, and rebuilt countries, provided us with food and a better life, a warm home, and now in return the country (cabal) has let them down, and is even destroying them en masse with vaccines. Not fair!

Or so are veterans and their families. Often, they have given their lives or been seriously injured and in return let down by their country (cabal).

Or the selfless humanitarian who sacrifices to help those in need and can barely support himself.




Examples of this kind point out that some people have given a lot but have not received much or enough. The balance is tipped the other way round for him too.

In such a situation, if I contribute to his life with means, a stable income, etc., I am only compensating him for the work he has done for which he has received nothing.

Is it good for him and uplifting for him to have someone who recognizes his work and even supports him?

Am I doing humanity a favor by empowering a woman who is healing the wounds of humanity?

Am I doing good to the elderly by supporting them and thanking them that somehow they managed to keep things together and gave us opportunity to grow up?

And as I have already written: the important thing is how he experiences this support, not how we experience it!

He has to think that the exchange is OK, that he deserves it because he did something useful and that is why he deserves the support now.

Sadly, many times such people are not aware of how much they have done in their lives that has been of value to us or to others.

So, to balance things out for him, we may need to show him his usefulness, his values, so that he can accept support from us with a calm heart.

When I support someone, I take these into account, and I feel successful if the person I support is:




  • improving because they have learned something,
  • so they can produce value on their own,
  • so they can be useful to others,
  • so that they can regain their self-esteem,
  • so that he can get things go right,
  • so he will do the right thing,
  • so that he recovers his divine self,
  • and so he will be closer to The Creator

When he is useful and successful, he opens up and starts to take responsibility, to make things go right, to do good for others.

There has been so much oppression on the planet for so long that many people have been convinced that they are not valuable, not a useful member of society, not needed, not responsible for others, etc.

This is a very big burden for humanity, and I believe that if we can heal only this one factor, everything else will fall into place!

Therefore, one by one, people need to be made aware of how valuable they really are and that they can contribute something useful to their environment and, through it, to humanity.

Communities of people supporting each other are the building blocks of Humanity 2.0!

So, because my mission is to make people better and more causative, I have to make sure that he can produce value, because only then will he feel useful and successful.

To do this, I believe the following main steps need to be taken:

  • getting to know his environment and his needs in it
  • to examine what he lacks (knowledge, tools, etc.) to meet his needs and manage his immediate environment
  • agree with him (need his agreement & commitment) on cooperation, which is about him wanting to manage his situation and us contributing to this… but he has to lead the way
  • and then set that cooperation in motion
  • and as he develops, it is possible to take this cooperation to further levels, raising him with it
  • and then at the appropriate point, when he feels so inclined, support him to help others in his environment

Now considering there are almost 8 billion people on Earth, I think we need an army of good people to be able to reach out to millions and billions, handle them one by one with care and respect and raise them.

And by this order of magnitude, I entered the territory of organizing. I think I need to get people involved so we can handle this tremendous number of tasks.

But this can be the subject of another article.




Love & Light!


Kimberley (EU)


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