“About the ‘Blessings’ from 8D” by Sunflower – 9.12.21


Entry Submitted by Sunflower at 6:54 AM EDT on September 12, 2021

I have received a message from “upstairs”.

In short, they are concerned that there are already signs that new technologies and the sudden wealth will be misused, even abused by some.

They remind us that “anti-aging” for the sakes of vanity is not the purpose of the new medical technologies, healing is the purpose. Should any of their technologies be abused or exploited this will regress humanity’s evolution. This is not the desire.

There are already signs amongst the anticipators of being the future wealthy that vanity and ego are arising, with the potential negative consequence of holding back progression, and reducing the overall frequency of humanity. This is not in alignment with evolution.

Many of the “Lightworker” and “Humanitarians” are showing signs of being attracted to this humanitarian path as a way to fulfil ego or exploit the blessings. Should this continue to develop as we draw nearer to receiving these blessings, it will be necessary for those blessings to be delayed in order to ensure that humanity’s evolution is not regressed.

Humanity’s evolution IS the priority over and above new technologies or great wealth. Is humanity ready to manage these blessings in a responsible and equitable way is a question “upstairs” must review constantly. Only when they are sure that these blessings will not be misused will agreement be given to release, whereupon continual personal oversight will occur.

You may feel this is an overreach, however it has already been observed that anti-ageing treatment which is sought for vanity is addictive in humans and creates behaviours of entitlement and abuse, as you are already aware. Whereas anti-ageing that occurs as a by-product of essential healing is an appropriate use of the technologies.

People expecting sudden wealth for humanitarian projects who are not truly committed to the humanitarian relief but are truthfully subliminally attracted to the prestige of wealth, power and materialism will greatly disadvantage humanity’s evolution. Repeating the old patterns and behaviours of greed, power and ego will undo much of the progress done and slow down the advancement into the great new world, the golden age of Love, Compassion, Temperance, Grace and Abundance.

I was given an image, it was like within these “Lightworker/Humanitarian” communities some are walking on Earth with their heads and hearts and bodies in 5th density (some are 6th & 7th) with their feet in 3rd density, whilst others are still fully anchored in 3rd density only reaching up into 4th density momentarily.

They ask us all to go within, recognise our lower energies, our stuck traumas and especially the old repeating patterns and societal conditioning to realise and release them, let go of those energies and patterns that are holding you back, you don’t need them anymore, they hinder you. Let go.

Be worthy of the role and responsibility these blessings bring.

We in the Lightworker/Humanitarian community need to shift wholeheartedly and solidly into 5th density in order to BE Humanitarians, and we need to stay there. These blessings are to help us to help those others who are still “sleeping” to move into that 5th density, not to create inequality.

Humanity does not need any more of fake “philanthropists” like Gates, Clintons, Soros, Bezos, Branson and many more who pretend to be humanitarian, but truthfully are addicted to power and ego.

This is not a word for word Channelling, but my interpretation of the packets of energy I received from a loving Being of the 8th density who is one of a group overseeing the ascension within this solar system.



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