Dinarland Highlights for September 11, 2021


Dinarland Highlights – 9.11.21

RayRen98 (TNT)

[Has there been any update on the status of our banker friends? New memo out? Still expecting this week? Any update?]



Bruce (The Big Call)

[via Wiser Now]

I would say based on the information we have – we should be getting ready to go…I believe – all the new rates are there – on the screens since Monday night and locked and loaded – I believe all set and very attractive rates for us – I think we are good to go…once this thing kicks – get these emails out – numbers out –  BOOM – we’re off to the races it’s going to be great…


Frank26 (KTFA)

Does the paying off the Kuwaiti debt have anything to do with the monetary reform?  All of you who said yes, you’re wrong.  It has nothing to do with it.  Nothing.  Iraq owes them 5 bucks.  So they pay them 5 bucks.  Where’s the small category notes Where’s the new exchange rate?Yeah it helps their credit rating but it has absolutely nothing to do with their monetary reform of the Iraqi dinarbut the fact that they’re making these payment tell you?  Something is going on at the CBI and the exchange rate of the Iraqi dinar…

[Banks] have been training literally since last year in Iraq but banks around the world just recently got these [new note] sheets.  It was about three years ago that they got what they called ‘specimens’.  They were stamped in red that said ‘specimen’ But now these [new ones] say ‘samples’ because it’s an actual sheet.  If you cut this up that’s actual currency…banks know.        


Mountain Goat

I have to clarify…what…is being televised on Iraqi TV. They are simply telling the people they want to go back to the pre-December 2020 devaluation rate for the dinar. Would this be a revaluation? Yes, it would, but obviously it is NOT what we are looking for…For what we want, we need them to conduct the project to delete the zeros and bring the dinar close to $1. Then to reinstate it on FOREX. This is something that is not just going to happen overnight…It is a process and we are going to get plenty of advanced notice when it is time…



Is that right?  Did I hear a rumor they want to reinstate the rate?  That’s what everybody’s talking about… Article:  “Parliamentary movement to change the dollar exchange are in the 2022 budget”  Are we getting the RI here?  Be careful about how you read these articles…  Quote:   “Economy investment committee revealed…the existence of a parliamentary movement aimed at changing the exchange rate of the the dollar against the dinar and the draft budget law for the year 2022…” Parliamentary sure is pushing back hard.  They want that rate change to happen.  We know the new budget is coming out…they’re talking about moving the price down to 1190 dinars for every dollar


Desert Advisor

Is it possible to do an RI/RV overnight or is it going to take the reform and white paper development over the next 5 years?  I don’t know...it’s funny because people are saying, ‘Oh it’s not possible because of ‘this’.  Oh, how can we do this because of ‘this’. It’s never happened because of ‘this’.  I just think it’s hilarious that anybody can have the audacity – because they can’t figure it out – it’s not possible.  That’s a lot of arrogance to me…I think most of us or all of us can agree it’s not “if” but “when” Iraq gets to their rate…



[via PDK]

[Will we know the rates before we go into exchange?]

I am hearing we may be signing some type of electronic NDA on the rate and that we will know before we go in…If there is a NDA on rates…this would make sense…most of my bankers say, on regular currencies there will not be an NDA now. But if there is one it should only be about the rate. 


MilitiaMan (KTFA)

We have the PM Kahdimi on the 22nd of August telling the world he has a 2021 – 2023 plan with 33 pages of information on the White Papers, digital transformation, etc.  Then days later on the 26th of August we see his advisor and  the Finance Minister telling us the 2022 budget will be completed and and presented to the Council of Ministers within 3 weeks and then again suggesting it would be within 3-4 weeks…3 weeks from the 26th of August gets us out to the 16th of September or within that time frame…The citizens all want purchase power and support not only in respect to their finances, but also fair and transparent elections…

Well, it looks like they were told they have de-pegged from the US Petrodollar and are using the Dinar evaluating the price of oil.  It suggests with simple math that 45 Dinar to a barrel of oil is fairly simple to figure out. By doing so one can deduce there is purchase power in what the calculation shows. Thereby, supporting the high level of finance…The electoral process is expensive. The budget has what is needed for all that within it. Thus, the need for a change to precede elections. Therefore, we can deduce, the new exchange rate will need to be sorted if it has not already as of today, as the PM says they fulfilled the requirements. If not in todays meeting, then it would likely be sorted this next Tuesday when the COM normally meets..

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