Nick Fleming: Standard for Freedom 9-13-21


Nicks Intel Update

Updates concerning the RV/GCR

09/13/2021 Standard for Freedom


What’s the delay?

The maneuvers are all scripted by Artificial Intelligence, recognizing all of the key players and their roles, considering their histories and predictable outcome. The statement has been made that, ““AI” has control of this and there is no backwall.” Meaning, no one can stop what is coming. No one can stop the evolution of Humanity from slavery to Free, Joyful, Healthy, Sovereign Human Beings. This is happening right now. Exchanges, bond transactions, invitations, continue, and so do arrests. The nefarious will be captured. Those attempting to steal from these transactions, will be captured and it will not be nice. There is no one anywhere getting away with anything. Ultimately, all that have committed crimes, will pay.

This is rolling our way right now. The push is on for Tier 4 which must receive notifications before any SKRs, or any of the thousands of bank-managed, “accounts on hold” can be spendable. Value day is every single day that this RV is attempted, and as although the RV has not begun the rates remain locked in. Just as Tier 4 are locked in. Rates for the currencies we’re expecting, are locked in now. Last week, Iraqi Key Card holders for instance, received a letter and a new Debit card that can be used at any ATM machine, explaining to them about the Golden Dinar, and that it would be paying out no less than $3.90 and as high as $4.05 USD. This was a drop from 19.80 USD/$1 IQD on the Iraqi Nationals Key Card. This is also a fixed (program) rate, because the rate presently showing on US front bank screen/Forex, is still $0.0007 (the present program rate).

The currencies will flip to their Golden state. Currencies will flip all over the world, possibly while we’re sleeping. Expect this every minute, every day. This is our Legacy to our children. It’s wise to hold this as Fact and not dwell on the bad news, which is sadly being thrown about. Neither DoD, nor Tier 1 or 2 banks, are sharing details these days other than what they want shared. And it’s not always to our liking. Whatever is stated remain positive in your resolve and remember, we are Spiritual Beings living a Human Existence and thoughts AND words carry weight. Our collective commitment to outcome is the most valuable thing we can contribute right now.

This US will not be locked down. Not now. Not ever. We are Free today and will be Free All-ways and always. This is an Agreed upon statement of fact, acted on during the Convention of States, held in Abilene, Texas, this past August 2021, when the vote was taken and unanimously agreed upon, to Stand Against Tyranny with everything we’ve got.

Thank you for standing with US, One and All.


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