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Entry Submitted by Danlboon at 7:45 AM EDT on September 13, 2021

NESARA – Information Guide

Another weekend goes by without any ‘Bearer Bond’ Treasury Direct Account funds moving to We The People and some deadlines have already been passed. So far on myself I have not heard from the IRS on any amounts I owe so maybe they were just shoved into the US Treasury and we will receive a notice of ALL DEBTS FORGIVEN at a later time. Yet we are more than two weeks away where We The People should be getting some answers as it is the end of the financial quarter. Maybe I just threw the bad guys off track as they may have tried to stop my agenda on the ‘Bearer Bonds’/TDAs, thus the delays, and it will move to something else as the Military may have liked what I put out to make things confusing for them, or did the Military actually get me involved as a spy to get you all involved to wake you up and ask questions.

NESARA has been just some story going on in the background with GAG orders left, right and sideways for something that does not exist? And now there is a major court case going on for which information is kept quiet to remove We The People’s 2nd Amendment Rights as the real evidence there has been Hush Hush at every level? And why is it being done this year when NESARA is to be released along with the 2020 election results, all at the same time? I think when the river meets the road and NESARA is public with Common Law in effect then those that are in government and their cronies who were involved in those cover-up DoJ crimes will end up in prison or even sent down to GITMO if it was that serious.

Some may still be asking where is all this money coming from for the now 200,000,000 adults, just in the USA, with $1,000,000 in their TDA and $100,000 per month for 11 years going to them, and that keeps adding up as time goes by with more and more people being thrown into the pot when they reach the age of 21 years, yet at the same time there are some people passing away where their funds may just stop. This is where the Rothschilds, big bankers and the deep state have squandered off with all our funds to keep it for themselves and did some major money laundering to make worthless paper into real assets for which they should have never owned. For straight numbers that is $200 Trillion to start plus $2.64 Quadrillion in 11 years just for these adults, yet there is reported as $32 Quintillion in funds and assets collected from the elite. Does that $20 FRN you spend just disappear when you purchase something? For those disposable things like food, water, gasoline and utilities it may appear to be that way, yet some of those funds are moved elsewhere as to the companies where you purchased them, as all these $2.84 Quadrillion will be circulated around and around where there will always be funds/assets there for everyone to use. These TDA funds are like a salary for a job in which you will never leave that job. Here are the numbers; thousand, million, billion, trillion, quadrillion, quintillion and sextillion as we won’t need to go above that.

Are you going to be spending $13,200,000 in your life when you presently may only spend $1,250,000 in 50 years as the first 15 was basically given to you by your parents? A present 100% increase comes to $2.5 million and you have over $10.7 million left over in just 11 years? Do some of you have family collector items still in your possession that cost only a couple of dollars back then? I have some going back over 100 years. They are not like your computer being replaced every few years and possibly thrown in the trash. For that $4.49 per gallon posted for the regular unleaded gasoline I have seen here in California is that once we get NESARA implemented then it should be down to $0.44 per gallon and that already includes the 14% Sales Tax, so for a 20 gallon fill-up then it is only only $8.80. If the cost of living will be dropping to the 1950’s level then you could live 500 years on only $1,250,000. That 14% Sales Tax will actually look like 1.4% for today’s rates. Will that 14% Sales Tax stay in the state for which the purchase was made where you are, or will it go to the mail order companies where they or their sub-contractors are at which may be confusing? It may be where the actual people make the purchase, where you are located. Will that 1950’s drop also include the monthly TDA payments? NO! As there is plenty of gold, precious metals and assets collected and more to be mined from the ground that everyone will not have to worry.

It may be time for you to do your research on what you can do with those extra funds and build your community as not everyone will want to sit back and make everyone else to be their slaves as food will not grow in the city streets. And speaking of the city, what will be happening to access the ‘Bearer Bonds’/TDAs like in NYC as they have a different way of life to make their transition to NESARA, as the way I mentioned from bank to USPS to bank may be more of a hassle as the city is laid out differently, and the use of transportation may be more difficult with security being at more of a risk. In the normal city life you have homes with front lawns and maybe a pool in the back, and garage parking with plenty of room for storage, yet in the big cities like NYC it is maybe a 800 sqr ft condo for a family of 4, so it is time to move out of the big city. Now that you have funds available and don’t have to worry about your next paycheck then go out and splurge to get some nice clothing and not the same old stuff you have had for a several years. Maybe you need a new job, so you move out of state and live where you want to live and then look for a job there.

For those that want building safety in their cities, primarily for homes and commercial buildings, then you will still need a government agency that complies with your own rules and regulations to make sure they are on previous approved building standards as well as for property rights, but none of this having permits and inspections for the proper wood, metal or bricks for your fencing or requiring to have building permits for children to build a tree house that the parents deem is safe. If a neighbor disapproves of something on your home or land then there needs to be meetings to be made with the nearby people to bring up those items as if it is acceptable for the neighborhood.




If you presently have a school board that you do not agree with then you get your parents and good supporting adults to have them removed and have your new board put in following with basic home schooling agenda as you won’t need school teachers that go along with the old school board, and the state should not get involved except to present some proper materials that should be accepted state wide and not oppose any of the people’s rights. You have the funds now to purchase your school and make your own requirements. You can also hire your own security or put yourselves in those positions if you meet those qualifications, thus for all these you can hire yourselves for those jobs. How convenient is that?

For the medical facilities, then those that went along with the Pandemic orders they then can be removed and you mandate this is your city and We The People make the decisions, so with the new technologies that are coming about then things will be a lot better, but if you want it truly under the People’s control then you could just make a mandate for the population to purchase that facility with the TDA funds that will be coming to you all for/as the Proper Health Insurance and they cannot DENY that, or else they are willing to commit harm to you People, and that is a crime, and no outside company should be in control of your local medical facilities.

Maybe there needs to be some people to do some recycling from those old auto salvage yards as I have seen some vehicles from the 1950’s that are just collecting dust yet they could be used in some way going thru a smelting plant rather than trying to dig up some brand new metals. How would it be for those teenagers that want to work on vehicles that are taught to tear these old ones apart, sorting the metals apart, proper tech schooling, and not just have those crushed? And I did replace a cylinder head on a PU years ago with just using common sense and no training.

Now those on SSI, SSDI and other forms of assistance that receive monthly direct deposits then they should be on the early list to receive their increased monthly funds to maybe $2,500 per month yet also be verified for their ‘Bearer Bond’/TDA funds. Now those that are in convalescent homes or do not have any direct family or friends to look over them then they will have special accommodations to go thru this process to make sure those funds are not squandered off. With those that have passed on and have no partner then the family should reap the benefits if they wish and distributed properly to just the next generation or just have the TDA closed as you should have enough for yourselves with your own. Thus, Death Certificates can also be criteria for what TDA funds go where.

For those that are incarcerated for which there was NO harm done to anyone, but it was just based on law enforcement or others’ accusations, then they will be released on probation and/or with pending litigation to clear their name. This process will be gone through the whole system starting with those presently incarcerated to then those that have been released on a case by case basis with the De Jure Grand Juries which are set up by the Sovereign We The People.

This is where there needs to be a campaign where those that are in the bad neighborhoods or just those that like to commit crimes that if those criminals were to pay reparations to those that were the victims then they would have their sentences drastically reduced or just eliminated, unless they were violent crimes where drastic harm was done. We need to change society, and what do I know about that? Is I am a former correctional officer in which I was dealing with the inmates personally daily, as well as once I ended up filing a union grievance on the business manager for his fraud on the payroll salaries of the officers, which really the warden should have had criminal charges filed on him, and then I got involved with the union to then personally modify the union contract for them when that time came about, and then our team dealt with even the corporate officials in the meetings. So I may have had numerous jobs over the years, but I picked up things where I could possibly answer everyone’s questions here or just bring some up which you did not think about.

These are some early steps to change over to NESARA as there is a long way to go for those that cannot handle this major transition.




And Freewill provided me to post these documents on a sub-page so NESARA is not hearsay:
Nesaranews Constitution And Founding Documents



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