“Re: Post-RV Life” by Daysailor – 9.13.21


Entry Submitted by Daysailor at 1:11 AM EDT on September 13, 2021

“Post-RV Life” by Kimberley (EU) – 9.11.21

This is written from a US perspective. I note the EU in the subject line.

You talk of organizing to help the world. I have a project that is too big for me to handle. It also addresses the self worth issue and avoids giving money to individuals.


Almost any individual who has hired him or herself out to a daily labor or professional contract labor job shop knows that their time is worth more than they are getting paid. They have a feeling for how much the contract is worth. If they were to get a larger part of the contract price, a lion’s share, they would not consider it to be someone giving them anything.

My plan to start is to find one day labor company and one professional contract labor hall in a medium size town. The owners need to be willing to listen to my proposition. My belief is that once one company signs on, then workers will hear of higher wages and quickly come to the table so long as the wages are higher and similar or better benefits are provided. Once that happens there will be pressure on all other organizations to change.

To be able to offer these benefits, tight contracts need to be written and offered to the owners of the businesses. Estimates made by knowledgeable individuals is that somewhere between 40 and 100 common law lawyers would be needed to evaluate the proposal and to implement it in the beginning. Also there will be individuals who will be needed to handle the obvious political pressure from the competition (possibly from unions if they still exist).

The Contract

The contract requires that all persons involved have a positive experience. The contract provides that workers receive 80% of the contract price in per hour or fixed cost contracts for work performed. The other 20% would be set aside to pay Government and Administrative costs. (Those costs are expected to be lower with governments being held to about 10% of their former size.. Of course both numbers will need to be negotiated to fit reality.) The job shop company, out of sight of the workers and unseen by the company hiring people, will negotiate for payment from a ZIM trust to provide them their operating costs and profit. The buyer sees no increase in cost, the workers get paid more and the job shop still makes a profit. Side benefits that cannot be quantified may be better job performance and possibly that persons having better skill sets will apply for the work, and personnel retention may improve.Trust money would go indirectly to the people doing the work.

Another part of the contract will be benefits. These will provide for the needs of the workers to help them remain healthy and out of debt. Better equipped workers in terms of knowledge and tools will perform better. Seen from the worker’s eyes, they are more valued and have the possibility of improving their lives.

Project size and growth

It should be obvious that this project can experience fast growth. It will quickly get beyond the capabilities of companies to handle. More companies and foundations will be needed to make this work,

An existing foundation with whom I have contact, has had to hire an additional 20 more grant reviewers just to administer $30 million in grants.

Since one of the reasons that small groups and individuals sense their lack of power and importance is the grant process, a group out of State of Washington (US) has proposed other ways for administrating funds distribution. They have proposed expanding limited trials of a more personalized communication grant process, limited levels of paperwork and an inclusive process where by individuals and small groups can be given greater self worth when competing for funding with larger more experienced groups. This type of process can possibly make this project more manageable.


Please limit replies to public comment due to my lack of time to respond. Kim, you are invited to make direct contact for questions.



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