Abrianna: Transcending Dimensions to “Shorten the Days”

Imagination on a theme of belief, hope and optimism. The belief and love do the person strong. And the happy moments will necessarily come. The sun will look from the clouds and will light up and heat.

Transcending Dimensions to “Shorten the Days”

I am being guided to share my story to give credence to a work in progress that is affecting our lives. My true divine companion happens to be the main placeholder in the matrix, and I am the main placeholder for O point. We are at opposite ends of the spectrum having lived two completely different lives in order to bridge this whole thing . . . a valiant being holding space in the matrix so the divine plan can play out. If he exits too quickly from the dark side, it could cause economic devastation and divisions, whereas if I exit this earth too quickly in another ascension (my first ascension experience was at 33), it would bring in too much light and cause earthquakes and upheaval.

Much of my main work has been to transcend all 12 dimensions to make way for the earth’s ascension, and to close the cycles in order to transition from this 3D reality . . . to bring in our new lives. With all cycles closed, the ascension timeline is assured. Mid August I was guided and bridging between most all the dimensions, and I am sharing to disclose who we are, as i have mostly kept private. But am being guided to share as our gifts and influence is significant, being main placeholders for the earth’s financial transition, and the ascension process, and I am being told it is time to make our presence known, in order to make connections where we need to be to complete this cycle.

His connection has been directly related to Atlantis and cleaning up of the Reptilian lines. Mine with Lemuria and the housecleaning with the Draconian lines. He was set up to go into the darkness, of which he would then bring light. I was set up to stay in the light to transcend the darkness. He was always doing the opposite of what I would do, and us being main placeholders, sometimes what I would do would almost kill him, and what he would do would almost kill me. S.e.r.i.o.u.s.l.y. Our story is a travesty of which I have never had to experience ever, being raised where we had a strong firm foundation with which to base our life. Him covened Satan’s at birth and raised in a cult family, of which I didn’t totally understand in the beginning, definitely spiced up my life for the biggest love/trauma drama and soap opera of all time. Ultimately it never got derailed in spite of the circumstances we both suffered, as we are inseparately tethered.

One of the many travesties of this story is me having missed my cue 26 years ago, when the heavens put us together, so a dark woman stepped in who has been interferring with the mission ever since. With him unaware, even though I awakened him to it many times, his memory was immediately wiped, and he would go back to sleep over and over again. I remained as his spiritual guide and intuitive messenger. But he couldn’t deny the love bond between us; as we are more than a twin flame couple. We are the origin story sanctioned by the Great Mother, and sit on the Grand Council. So due to the significance of this union, and the impact we would make, I stayed with it. And I also knew when we finally did come together, we would blow the mainframe, and bring in a whole new reality. That is where we are right now as he is now fully awakening to the entrapment he has lived his whole life.  It was revealed his brother is Lucifer, and because of his love for him, he sacrificed his life to hold space in the Matrix, and was set up to go into the dark to bring in light, to save as many lost souls as possible, with me by his side, to turn events at the right time for his full awakening.

September 26, 2017 was the beginning of the prophesied seven years in Revelations where the man-child is awakened to be the prophet king who defeats the Beast (Lucifer) in the last days. He never did fulfill that part of his mission as I did an “about face” and went directly to Father as I knew he was not prepared as he still needed to awaken to his situation and clean his own house first. It was prophesied he would be marred more than any man. So this “about face” ended up being a suicide mission to bring in an ascension timeline, designed to “shorten the days”. When I addressed this with Father, he bilocated me to Draco, observing and participating with my higher self to clear the planet. When it was done, I cleared the ancient Melchizadek temples . . . the Sphinx and others, and turned to clear Joseph who went into a portal. He went into a fifth dimensional portal, where I would visit him, and he was working on the QFS. When completed, I did inner work to bring him back through, but he exalted instead and left me with me with a satchel with keys and codes for the release of the QFS, which is currently in Jesus’ hands. I realized when Joseph went into the portal, he changed places with his higher 5D self, and that is who is now awakening to his situation right now. In the meantime, it is important for me to meet with the Chinese Elders to bring this closing of the cycles to completion.

A few of my gifts are command and telekinesis–transcending dimensions to ‘shorten the days’ as prophesied the house of Israel would do, or to speed up time. So I am writing this story to make contact with them and have established websites in order to assist in this ascension

timeline. Anyone who can get me in contact, please let me know. Websites are below in order to assist who I can.

Many blessings,
Janice Culley (Abrianna)


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