“Part 10: Exchanges and NESARA” by Danlboon – 9.15.21


Entry Submitted by Danlboon at 8:12 AM EDT on September 15, 2021

NESARA – Information Guide

MADE IN AMERICA should be our goal and standard. Will it be that anyone that wears blue jeans, a white top and has red hair is considered a racist for what comments are coming out for those colors? Did Gov Newsom abort being Recalled Tuesday with a mysterious land slide vote in his favor when more than 70% still voted for another candidate? When is my grandma going to send me my birthday money/check as it is already a day late? Am I going to exchange her with love the next time I see her, or for her I will be giving her a nice $50 FRN for her memories with Grant as the last Republic President on it, which now with the short delay it will be worth $487 as in 1955? Once NESARA is implemented do not go into the bank and demand that Exchange rate of what I just mentioned as it will only be a 1:1 rate with the USN/USTN, but it is the purchase prices will drop to the 1950’s level as the inflation since then will be reversed. How many times does someone have to explain it to you?

Have you seen those videos where people were being issued orders by the police for; “If you come back to this Public building you will be Arrested for Trespassing.” for which you are requesting Public Information that they are required to have on hand yet they refuse to hand it to you, and that stretches when you go to other Public buildings via then the orders of the Police Chief, the Sheriff and the Judge, for ANY Public building, therefore you cannot be arrested and be hauled off to jail, then be brought before the Judge in the Courtroom as they make you violate their own orders as every Public building you are officially sent to they just increased the charges against you as there are no private buildings that they do business in. How idiotic is that? What is this world coming to? Could this be another way for Mandated Lockdowns for any reason? Maybe we can resolve this real soon when the Republic is in place, as really any orders made under Maritime Law will NO longer have jurisdiction under Common Law. However, there will be some of those same laws in place for security or technical issues and not just keeping the public from what they are allowed to know.

Isn’t that $100,000 per month placed into your bank account just a little extreme where most people don’t know where it is coming from? Like I said before, there has to be more Security on who gets it, yet the stepping stones in the past were possibly the previous Stimulus Checks for those that earned less than $75,000 per year, and those were by checking people out as to who was to get them. Since many people have jobs then that is where the release of major funds will be coming in and people will be asking why there are NO Withholding Taxes. So there needs to be an announcement of some kind soon and the EBS messages that should be coming out may be including these ‘Bearer Bond’ Treasury Direct Account funds to be handed out. For those that are earning just about $20,000 per year at minimum wage to get about five times that in one month they may just quit their job ASAP as they may have some conditions they do not approve of with that employer or co-workers.

From: Restored Republic via a GCR: Special Report as of September 14, 2021 it states; “There should be no more poverty after GESARA starts. Everyone would get a “regional UBI” (Universal Basic Income). From inside sources, UBI for the US would be $7000/month/person that would not be taxed.” This is the 7% interest/year that EddyRaye brought up earlier as that is $7,000 per month. Yet I have seen this UBI before yet it is not replacing the $100,000 per month from the ‘Bearer Bond’/TDA as I think the UBI is going to everyone except for those government criminals.

I don’t think that there will be any city/community/housing authority that would mandate the people to upgrade their housing to Beverly Hills style housing just because it has been made public that the ‘Bearer Bond’/TDA funds are now available which the people then can afford it.

Maybe what I previously mentioned about the Stimulus Check, ‘Bearer Bond’ and TDA in that order may be incorrect as a Public Notice may be sent out for you then to receive confirmation at the USPS first in your own time to then have your ID verified connecting you to the ‘Bearer Bond’/Birth Certificate and then that is sent through to the Military/US Treasury to your bank where a Stimulus Check is waiting ‘on hold’ with the 1% liquidity once you show them the USPS verification, and then the TDA can be opened. So there can be numerous ways this can be done, yet we are still waiting. Or a Top Security website could be in waiting to handle many of us that deal with our bank accounts online and that could be a PDF form to take to the USPS to begin the verification. Maybe I have my exchange table in Las Vegas and you can bet which way each of my answers goes on how you are to receive your TDA, and the winner gets theirs first. And what I said about the currency exchangers to be those that would be checking out the TDA hand outs is really the paymasters.

What about the politicians and government employees that really shouldn’t receive these TDA funds, as this would be controlled by the Military as to if those employees have already been or soon get arrested, so this is fully under control for the funds not to get into the wrong hands.

Maybe I have not emphasized it to you is that once the Republic is established that all the inmates will NOT be released because they were sentenced under Maritime Law as we are going under Common Law, but it will be looked at thoroughly once the attorneys, lawyers or judges are then retrained into Constitutional Law, thus there needs to be time for this adjustment and NOT just release all the known hard core criminals. So don’t worry about that, except that there will be plenty of jobs available in those positions to clean house.

For the Department of Motor Vehicles a.k.a. Department of Transportation will still be required yet their rules and regulations may surely be downsized. There still will be identification of some sort to know if you exist and you have the skills to operate a transportation device, driver training, as well as I believe the use of commercial motor vehicles will not change much as for the public transportation vehicles and truckers, as the driver’s medical inspection needs to be checked out every two years, if not sooner, for them to operate those vehicles safely on the roads. What about registering the NEW vehicles and the 14% Sales Tax on them, yet many of them will be sold at a dealership, but there will be some that are purchased directly from the manufacturer, so the Sales Tax needs to be included there. There needs to be some type of registration as to who owns the transportation device and them not just be handed from one people to another which could look like theft if some just want it back after you paid for it, but what good is a hand written receipt that does not go to the DMV/DoT once it is sold, and what about any insurance to be verified?

What I mentioned in ‘Post 9’ about “those teenagers that want to work on vehicles” and “proper tech schooling” is maybe I didn’t bring it up properly, as not only in jr. high and high school but in college for those types of classes of auto shop, machine shop, drafting and/or engineering with the actual parts in front of them to even modify them and not just start from scratch, as those junk parts can be used over and over again in one way or another is one way to reduce trash rubble and move to a green society.

What about people I have not brought up about? OK, women at home doing their household duties, watching the TV, working on puzzles, doing their sewing and knitting, cooking for the family and to keep up with their health even though the present food is not the best, is I know about all that as I was in that generation in which my mother was a homemaker and babysitter and I learned much of that stuff as well, and now we can get back to that where only one family member needs to work if that at all. And you think I am only good in some things, but I learned enough skills from my mother and doing it on my own as about 35 years ago I entered a ‘chili cook-off’ in a singles group where there were about 12 participants and I beat them all and came in first place. So there is always more to learn if you just look for it.

With the fast food joints for the last 40 years getting into the processed foods for the cheaper prices then maybe they will go by the wayside as We The People will be mandating that agriculture and farming be changed to the better to where there will be more organic and not food that will last a year on the shelf.

Maybe a major thing that people will be looking at is why should people be paying so much money to watch the pro athletes to earn millions in their life when we can earn almost that much just sitting at home doing nothing, thus I think their contracts need to change for the better or they just DO NOT receive their TDA funds as those can be going as donations to the cities they are domiciled in. $200 million for a 15 year career and that is not enough for them? Yeah, I spent some money years ago to go and see some sporting events, where it was OK, but at times I got the opportunity to experience something that many could not do, in 1984 I went to a wrestling event where near the end when the battle royal was going on I just happened to be in the isle seat where ‘Mr. T’ and his security walked by, as they left early, and I was close enough to reach out and laid my hand on his gold necklaces, and they didn’t mind, so I got my hands on some good gold without being arrested.

Is my information not good enough or not absolutely correct? Have I made a few errors on my punctuation or wording? Maybe you can do much better, then go ahead and provide much more than I have done, yet I’m getting it out. Then maybe there needs to be a website introduced for what I have brought up already and coordinate it with all those that have the correct info and where to collect all of this info. Maybe it has to be the Military to inform me to then inform you as to what is coming and I will confirm it to you that it is correct and not just my intuition. By the way, on that union contract I was modifying for the officers is I first included the removal of the Income Taxes, yet the district union rep. refused to allow it to be included and therefore I had to go back to the basics of our contract as it wasn’t time for this so-called conspiracy theory, but I made the effort. Am I being too open-minded here, or do you catch my drift?

And Freewill provided me to post these documents on a sub-page so NESARA is not hearsay:

Nesaranews Constitution And Founding Documents



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