The Big Call w/ Bruce Intel Notes by WiserNow 9-14-21


Bruce’s Big Call Intel Tuesday 9-14-21

Call Transcribed by WiserNow

Welcome everybody to the Big Call tonight – it is Tuesday September 14th and you’re listening to the Big Call – Thanks for tuning in everybody once again – we’re glad to have you here again – hoping we pulling enough information for everyone to be satisfied one way or another – we have a nice piece of information to bring to you tonight in the intel segment – we’re excited and looking forward to tonight

Alright everybody let’s talk about where we are and where we’re going – cool thing about this is that even though we have not yet received our notifications we know that there are some very positive things going on sort of behind the scenes – we know for example that even though redemption centers staff has been either sent home or told not to come in yesterday and today – it’s a different status and different story for tomorrow –

Tomorrow (Wed) a full day full staffing – starting 9 AM – going all evening – available – that is what is scheduled – doesn’t mean that schedule couldn’t change – sometimes they do – but I believe that for the first time in a few days anyway – that is a positive sign –

We are getting some limited information from a few bankers – most of which is pointing towards notifications tomorrow (Wed) and the possibility of going Wed or Thurs – for appointments –

You know – when we get the notification – emails and toll free numbers we will be setting appointments and then following up with those appointments either the same day or the next day –

We have heard some people believe that we will be going between tomorrow and Saturday –  there’s a 4 day span that may end up happening – you know you’re not going to get absolute confirmation from anybody – they don’t want us to know that – and so we don’t know that – we speculate a little bit based on the intel that we do get –  and I think we’re going to be – tomorrow is supposed to be a BIG DAY – for the RV –

Now – what could happen – What may happen for us? Yes we could get notified – Yes we could get started – we do believe tomorrow is the 15th of the month – that we will get the start of what we expected to be a part of the NESARA and GESARA – 

By that I mean the gold backed – in our place – probably partially gold backed – certainly asset backed currency – which we are calling the USN “N” is for new – a new US dollar – the USN is supposed to be “live” and useable and on the bank screens

We’ve had it on the bank screens already – and it has been there for at least a week but somehow it may go into a more prominent position as our new dollar

Now – we really don’t know exactly when it’s going to be announced – when are the new USTN currency – the 100’s 50’s and 20’s that are at the banks and redemption centers now – when will they be put out – I think when we can say when we go in for our exchanges and zim redemption the new USTN currency – our new dollar – will be available for us to pick up that along with our new debit cards and so on – so that’s going to be something that we should have –

but what about just anybody that goes into the banks – that’s where in my opinion the new currency has to at some point be announced – it may not have to be a big thing but you would think we would get an announcement about the asset backed currency –

We are in a sense going not necessarily going to the gold standard but we are going back to a currency that is backed at least partially by gold and so that’s  not true only for us but every other currency in the world – all of the other currencies assets of one type or another whether precious metals – jewels under ground – in ground – property and other assets – could be oil – natural gas – whatever the country has to back their currency is what would be giving their currency true value and we’re looking forward to that happening and not just having fiat dollars printed out of thin air with only the full faith and credit of the US government backing them – that is what is going to change –

What else could happen on the 15th ? We believe we could get something regarding NESARA  / GESARA  announced – it’s not definite yet – but every time – and you know this – every time we hear there’s going to be an announcement it’s something that’s announced behind the scenes – not something announced openly –and brought out on any main stream media – all of us know the main stream media has been neglect in putting out true information for years and years now – so we’re not sure exactly what is going to happen with that –

So where we are is – we do believe things are happening this week for us – I don’t know if it’s going to be tomorrow / Thurs / Fri / maybe even Sat – BUT – we do believe we’re hearing that everything is ready – everything is set up – we don’t know what the rates are but we know the currencies all 27 – are on the bank screens and actively loaded – locked in – as of yesterday – morning –

So I think everything – don’t want to say everything is ready but “appears” – as one of our bankers said – in his opinion – everything was ready –

Is there still clean up?  Yes – ongoing – quite a bit of it – continues to go –

I wanted to tell you one little thing that I learned today – I think is going to be really interesting – There’s a word – happens to be a German word – it’s called Zelle??  Means cell (?? not sure exactly could not understand pronunciation clearly)  in English and reminds me of  ______  _______ which some of you remember was a wine that had a black cap (cat? Hat?) on the label and it means Cellar Black Hat ?? I thought that was interesting –(Cat??)  (not sure of wording) (could not understand pronunciation clearly) (Listen to call for your own clarification)

“Zelle” is a new way that at least Wells Fargo is going to use to send funds to friends and family etc – starting I understand October 1st – for example if you wanted to send $50,000 to a family member you could do that – if the bank had the listing of who you were planning to send money to they’re sort of pre qualified and the transaction could go through in 30 seconds

I am not sure of all the particulars about it – but for a German speaker Zelle is kinda cool and it might be a way  and I am only assuming what happens when you do that – but I am assuming that this is a bank account to a bank account transaction – it may not be your account to Pay Pal – I don’t know that – just don’t know – BUT

This is kind of a cool thing I think that those of us that will be redeeming our zim through Wells Fargo so that’s just a nice little piece that’s starting on the first of October –

Now I don’t know when we are going to be brought up to speed on everything in NESARA – but as I have said before – it includes a reparation of funds from taxes we’ve paid – interest we’ve paid in on debts / loans / credit cards / etc and we have not only coming to us – between now and the end of September – Birth Certificate money that was traded as a bond –since  you were born – and also for anyone married – marriage certificate treated as a bond –  ha ha ha ha – again I don’t have the specifics on it but it will be something that will be paid out to you at some point – I don’t know when –

There are at least 3 pots of gold there that we’re looking at in addition to our exchanges of course and some of it is not going to be too meaningful to us – but if we’re zim holders we will be off and running to the races – looking forward to everything

I am excited about where we are – I wish I could tell you the “when” and you know they don’t want me to know that or  you or anybody else until it is time to go –

Keep your eyes open between tomorrow and the weekend – because things are coming together – tomorrow is supposed to be a BIG DAY – bond holders – bond sellers you are looking at receiving your 1 or 1.2 – 1.5 % by Thursday morning – at least that is what we’re hearing  in the case of some people –

We should be in good shape for that – I wonder if that is running parallel like I though with us in terms of our exchanges – so I think that is what I wanted to bring tonight –

Bruce’s Big Call Replay LINK Intel Begins: 1:08:50

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