Kat: Charlie Ward Presents the Fourth Man of God Document “Success, Prosperity, Health, and NESARA/GESARA”


This Fourth Man of God Document outlines millions of Dreams Come True for all on this path.

Juan O Savin has been waiting for this all his life.

I have been waiting for sixteen years.

Thanks to the wonderful Sheldan Nidle, I first read NESARA / GESARA in 2005. 

It was also from Mr. Nidle I learned about the Revaluation of Currencies and Global Currency Reset.

The moment I read NESARA and the moment I learned about the RV/GCR I KNEW it was God’s Plan for Humanity. This was God’s Word, I had zero doubt.

I excitedly told EVERYONE I knew about this wonderful law that was coming…… wait for it…… soon.

That was early days in this Patriot’s life before the words “soon” and “imminent” took on disheartening meanings.

Nevertheless, I told everyone I knew about NESARA, the RV and GCR, and what a beautiful peaceful, abundant, healthy world God had ALWAYS planed for Earth and Humanity and watched as everyone I knew considered chucking me in a paddy wagon and hauling me away to a looney bin.

I would not be deterred. I Emailed. I Texted. I blogged. I wrote articles. I talked. Eventually I shut up because there were no takers. So I just kept blogging.

It wasn’t until March 2020 and the lockdowns — when Charlie Ward said out loud for the entire planet to hear, that the lockdowns, covid, 5G, riots and possible Alien Invasion were all DISTRACTION for the Global Currency Reset — that I finally had verification from someone other than the few I’d listened to.

Charlie Ward restored my sanity to those who were willing to listen to him because he verified everything I had been saying, including NESARA and GESARA.

Thank you, Charlie. Jesus loves ya and so do I.

Meanwhile, we’ve all had to put up with countless “truthers” naysaying NESARA / GESARA, naysaying the RV, naysaying the GCR, naysaying gold-backed currency, naysaying miraculous tech, naysaying EVERYTHING.

But we would not be deterred.

It isn’t in my nature to say “I told you so” so I’ll just gently confide in you all: I frickin’ told you so!!! [That feels better.]

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