“Next” by Stefan – 9.17.21


Entry Submitted by Stefan at 2:10 AM EDT on September 17, 2021

Dear Dinarland community, dear patriots, nice that you have time for me again!

We’re all interested, aren’t we? What will happen next? That’s why we spend our more or less scarce free time rummaging through blogs, websites and channels on social or alternative platforms. Currently in the focus of truth seekers, but also the other side: Telegram. Meanwhile, many celebrities are also cavorting here, I wrote about it in the last article. And of course also many fakes, many gatekeepers, many systemics, many trappers. This is the price patriots have to pay if they want to communicate with each other undisturbed and uncensored. I can live with that, very well in fact. But for that, a new transformation had to take place in me, a transformation to tolerance and comprehension.

Tolerance with regard to the fact that every channel or page operator has the right to his opinion, his attitude, his actions and his actions. Likewise, everyone who comments (if possible) also has the right to have their opinion. It does not matter what level of knowledge he or she has. Whether he is just starting out or, like many of us, in the middle of the awakening process. It also doesn’t matter what channel operators or subscribers think of each other, when push comes to shove, one kicks out or turns off the comment function, the other just leaves the channel. I’m watching this right now too, more by coincidence, because I don’t care about the number of subscribers. We also don’t have to care if alleged heart people, light workers or patriots pigeonhole us, divide over us or with us. I can’t change someone else’s mind and I don’t want to. I can only keep trying to do what I seem to be here to do. So much for tolerance.

Comprehension is the more difficult part. Because, let’s face it, the comprehension of us patriots is coming under more and more strain. Particularly in the outside world, we just don’t understand some things anymore when it comes to pandemic, when it comes to forecasts, when it comes to dates where something great is going to happen.

Ron Giles once wrote something that is a good example of comprehension. Another motorist overtakes me, cutting me off as he swerves. I have to slow down slightly and honk my horn. And of course I get angry. The other one didn’t even notice. Maybe the car is new and he doesn’t know the dimensions yet. Or he was thinking about who or whatever. In any case, he wonders why I honked. And I get angry! Completely in vain, because I lack understanding for the other in this situation. And as long as no bad accident has happened, I can’t really care, can I?

It is especially bad in Germany. Looking back and with today’s knowledge, the insistence on MY RIGHT is extremely high here. Only because of that this state simulation could also become so enormous. Because everybody went to court against everybody and wanted HIS RIGHT. Always only among themselves, never against the state simulation. So I was also once, and was always disappointed, if I got no right, it was also still so obvious. I always got only one judgment. A judgment from a company. And this will to be right runs through all the channels, pages and blogs. In the past, when we had different opinions, we got along again afterwards or looked for other topics, but today we split up rigorously. And then we put each other down. So many of us have lost our comprehension of others. I had to learn that too, it was not easy. And of course I still have an opinion about other channels, but do I have to carry it outside? Everyone should be able to see everything as he wants to see it. Evidence, no matter how clear, is of no use at all. We see this every day in our environment.

This insight does not come for nothing, we all make more or less, sooner or later transformations. Especially those who start their awakening process. And they have enough to process with that alone. Now, at some point, they come to enlightenment channels and try to expand their knowledge. It’s immensely difficult to do that next to a job, it’s easier when you’re on vacation, retired or unemployed. Hopefully they end up in a channel that doesn’t pick on others, they do exist. Because it’s completely the wrong way to get upset or complain about other enlightened people. I’ve done that too, even in my channel or even in posts, and I apologize to everyone for that.

Everyone, but really everyone has the right to make known his point of view, his opinion, “his” truth. That’s why Telegram is so important, because there is no censorship from BigTech or “states” here. And anyone who makes people wake up, think, doubt, has fulfilled an important task, no matter with what and no matter how. Even those who demand money for their truth about a subscription or one-time, can not be condemned. They just catch those who can afford it or those who think what costs nothing is nothing. Ever thought about it? It’s not the decision of the other channels, it’s the decision of the readers, subscribers and users.

So the most important next thing that should happen is that we should be more tolerant and more understanding of each other. This is something that everyone can learn and put into practice. Comprehension, or misunderstanding, always goes hand in hand with agitation. It is the same with tolerance or intolerance. I get upset, the other person doesn’t notice anything. If he gets it nevertheless, e.g. in a chat, it gives quarrel or noise. And again division!

We really can’t care what happens next in the plan, can we? Shouldn’t we use this time of uncertainty, of waiting, for working on our level of understanding, our level of tolerance? In the case of the above example, surely we can smile when we are cut. Perhaps it is a youth, hit by Armor’s arrow, on his way to his beloved. Or it’s a ZIM holder on his way to exchange appointments (sorry!). Or an expectant father with his wife on the way to the maternity ward. Tolerance because we can’t know what happened and understanding because we can then find positive reasons for the behavior.

“To be able to love a butterfly,we must also like some caterpillars!”
Antoine de Saint-Exupéry

“In the name of tolerance, we should … claim the right,not to tolerate intolerance.”
Karl Raimund Popper

“Tolerance is good, but not toward the intolerant.”
Wilhelm Busch

WWG1WGA! Mani wastete yo!

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