Nick Fleming: Ready, Willing, and Able 9-17-21


Nicks Intel Update

Updates concerning the RV/GCR

09/17/2021 Ready, Willing and Able

We are RWA – Ready, Willing and Able.

Where is the RV though? Frustration is a constant on the RV front. No one is talking. DoD/Pentagon, is ruled by the CRT-spouting, [redacted] acolytes and they’re leading us to perdition. If we had these RV funds, we could be taking a different role, funding the movement. But, before RV can happen, we have to see USN. We have to see DJT. We have to see the return of Freedom. []

For those who have heard that exchanges are happening now. This is true but it’s also a lie. Foolish – hopeful people have turned their (precious) currency (IQD and ZIM) over to private entities (usually with the principal unnamed). They’ve participated in bank-coordinated private deals. This is not our RV. This is only more “fake-pump” to use a football term. Used to catch corrupt parties. These innocents turned their currency over with the promise of immediate liquidity. They received a slip describing the amount they turned in and then left with an “account on hold” without access to – or spendable (“10,000% promised”?) funds. These are only further (nefarious) entities, with a plan to coordinate side-by-side closings. Paying the selling party with a note, and then walking into another room, collecting another, larger amount from the bank. With no money ever out-of-pocket and zero risk to them, some of these thieves expect to make more than they’re paying the seller. Sounds like a good idea, but it’s not legal, by the way. So, if QFS is real, and NESARA is real, and common law is real; we’ll see all of these exchanges clawed back and everything in the pot with both buyers (and sellers, possibly) lost. If you’re one of those “lucky ones” invited to a private exchange, it’s best not to throw the dice on this one. Because yes, QFS is real. And, yes, these entities will be called to justice for their attempted cheat of innocents. SEC will be gone. Common Law is like the neighborhood pillory. Would you convict someone of attempting to steal billions? Ha! You can count on it.

All Lies will be called to justice. Yes, and RV GCR is real.

We have heard that Iraq has revalued, creating the Golden Dinar bringing peace to the Middle East. IRAQ has their lower denominations in the bank. These lower denoms are NOT in ATM machines, “not until they have REVALUED.” Although the IMF wanted IRAQ to revalue on the 22nd, the Iraq Financial Leadership refused this deadline and told the IMF, “before the end of the month we will revalue.”

Yes, these new Golden Dinar rates are real. but is the US ready to participate? Not while it’s chaos and mayhem in the US. []

God Bless Us All


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