Dinarland Highlights for September 17, 2021


Dinarland Highlights – 9.17.21

Bruce (The Big Call)

So I think everything – don’t want to say everything is ready but “appears” – as one of our bankers said – in his opinion – everything was ready  Is there still clean up Yes – ongoing – quite a bit of it – continues to go – I am excited about where we are – I wish I could tell you the “when” and you know they don’t want me to know that or you or anybody else until it is time to go – Keep your eyes open between tomorrow and the weekend – because things are coming together

 …on Tuesday night…over night…there was 3 major tranches that came in and were distributed – I am thinking they did come in to the Treasury and were distributed the next day to member banks – primarily to tier 1 banks…it was a HUGE HUGE tranche – times 3 – that was there to back up the funds that we needed for…our exchanges…this is sort of the icing on the cake…and then Wednesday they distributed it and spread that money around to the member banks – so they could be ready for us


Petra (KTFA)

Their digital environment is not only ready and tested, it’s sound and based on International standards.  That’s critical.  It’s ready to interact with the world to bring Iraq into the 21 Century.  Banks are ready for the citizens…



All these countries/companies pouring into Iraq know they are Article VIII, they know they have security and stability, they know Kazemi is in charge, they know they want to pour in because Iraq is an investment.  The ROI is insane.  Iraq is worthy.  And Allawi, one of the cabinet members under Kazemi, is telling the citizens of Iraq, ‘Hey, it’s time for a change in our exchange rate.  It’s also time for a change in our currency.  We’re going to become leaders in the Middle East.’ Daaannng!


Mountain Goat

…we are hearing that in Turkey, Jordan and even in the US many people are using debit cards with a rate of $6.00+ on them. Is this all legal?  I will answer this question with one word….  NO! Unless the dinar is reinstated no one in the US can exchange due to OFAC sanctions placed on the Iraqi dinar currency. Banks are not legally allowed to exchange dinar at the future rate projected rate they plan to initially show it at.

As far as other countries outside of the US it is up to the Central Bank of Iraq (CBI) to decide what they can and can not do. So this part may be legal as they can payout to employees of contractors using debit cards whatever rate they negotiate for their work. In practical however, to keep the rate stable you would think the CBI would not do this in the middle east unless the new rate of $6.00+ is very close at hand and close to reinstatement on FOREX too. So this is good news for us.



[via PDK]

On the banking side my redemption center folks still think the 22nd is in the targets…Before then or on then. We are going to watch how this plays out.

[do you know the rates for the dong, dinar…?]

They have not changed in a long time…I am still hearing the low $2 range for dong. I am still hearing $7 or $8 dollars for the dinar…this is what I am hearing. Hopefully this would be accurate.


Walkingstick & Frank26 (KTFA)

We do not believe at all that this is going to go until the end of the year.  It may be settled by introducing the new small category notes and exchange rate at the same time or it may be settled by introducing the notes first followed by the exchange rate very shortly after that…these are the days of the monetary reforms final [musical] notes for the new small category notes.  It will be a beautiful note that last sound…

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