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Integrity shows the amount of money recovered from abroad

The Federal Integrity Commission revealed, on Saturday, the amount of money that Iraq recovered during the last period from several countries, including a neighboring country.

The Director General of the Recovery Department and Vice President of the “Iraq Funds Recovery Fund” at the Integrity Commission, Moataz Faisal Al-Abbasi, said that “the fund faced many challenges, including the lack of a budget until mid-2021, and during the period of its establishment, it was able to recover from Jordan 65,000 dollars in cooperation with the competent authorities.” In addition to recovering nearly 12 million euros from Spain, in cooperation with the competent legal authorities .

Al-Abbasi pointed out that “the fund was able, with another effort, to recover nearly $26 million from Germany in cooperation with the competent authorities .”

He explained, “There is a United Nations convention against corruption at the international level and the Arab Convention against Corruption, and their mechanisms stipulate how to recover and obtain money


7 Billion weighted tons and 2 billion confirmed… Phosphate rocks in western Iraq…

The General Company for Phosphate in Anbar revealed, on Saturday, the availability of huge and confirmed reserves of untapped phosphate rocks amounting to 2 billion tons, with unconfirmed quantities exceeding 7 billion tons.

The deputy director of the company, Ihsan Ali Saleh, said, “The process of investing this wealth is in the hands of the government, which is the decision-maker, and we have not been informed of anything in this regard,” noting that “the size of the phosphate wealth in the Al-Qaim area is enormous, for phosphate rocks are concentrated in Akashat phosphate deposits, and there are five quarries or Quarries, and the confirmed reserve amounts to 700 million tons, according to technical reports, topographic maps and geological sections prepared by the National Minerals Company previously NIMCO and confirmed by the Belgian union Meniere, including Quarry No. (5) located near the temporary residential camp for the mine and extending a few kilometers to the west and containing (88 million tons). ) according to the topographic maps and geological sections made by the General Company for Geological Survey and Mining in 1989.

He added that “there are deposits of Wadi Al-Hari, which are located 15-20 km from Akashat, and include a quarry extending over an area of 40 square kilometers and containing an estimated reserve of 195 million tons of high-quality phosphate ore that can be concentrated by simple physical methods,” noting that “Al-Anbar contains On the Sawab deposits, which are 20-30 km away from the Akashat mine, and contain a very large reserve of ores amounting to more than 800 million tons covered with a thick layer of rocks that reaches more than 20 meters, and its exploitation at the present time is very expensive due to the thickness of the rock cover and its ruggedness Region”.

He continued, “The wealth also includes the Al-Ga’ara deposits, which are located 50 km southwest of Akashat, and we do not have any information about the reserve and its priorities available with the General Company for Geological Survey,” noting that “the investigations carried out by the General Company for Geological Survey in 1987-1988 proved This reserve is proven on maps and geological sections.   link

The International Monetary Fund expects the debt ratio in Iraq to drop to 70%

The International Monetary Fund expected, on Saturday, that the ratio of Iraq’s public debt to GDP will reach 70% during 2021.

The fund said in its schedule, seen by Shafak News Agency, that “the ratio of the public debt to the gross domestic product of Iraq amounted to 81.2% during the year 2020”, expecting “it will decrease for the current year 2021 to 69.7%.”

He added that “the decline in debt in Iraq comes after the rise in global oil prices after their decline during the past two years, which enabled Iraq to pay part of its public debts.”

The Fund pointed out that “Sudan ranked first in the Arab world in the highest debt ratio compared to its GDP, with 262.5% in 2020, followed by Lebanon second with 154.4%, and then Bahrain third with 132.9%.”

He added, “Egypt came fourth with a debt rate of 90.2% compared to its GDP, Jordan came fifth with 88.5%, then Tunisia came sixth with 87.6%, then Yemen with 83.2 and Iraq   link

Be the change  

by Elmer

*All questions will eventually be answered

*Chop your own wood, it will warm you twice!

*Most things in life are taken for granted 

* Be a solution in life

*Put your mind in gear before you put your tongue in action

*The important thing is not the triumphs in life, it’s the  lessons learned through the struggle

*Visualize better days ahead

*Don’t take out your frustrations out on the people you love the most

*Life changes come to  us in unpredictable ways

*When “if” and “when” are planted, “nothing” grows

*Forget what you know in order to learn new things

*You must bring the artist into the world yourself so be the brush

*Great minds discuss ideas, average minds discuss events, small minds discuss people

*Implement your ideas, do not hoard them

*Life divides people into two categories: those waiting for something to happen and those making something happen. 

Our task and mission is to change the world positively great or small in scope. Please don’t just pocket your blessing, put them to work and step up to the front of the line. Do  whatever you can to pay it forward no matter how large or small you may think it is. Greatness is not always determined by size, but by the action that was first taken!

Be the change for you, your family, friends and the world!

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