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MilitiaMan » September 19th, 2021

Iraq’s position in the Fintech Industry Index FinxAr: LINK

In the wake of three industrial revolutions that the world witnessed, our world today lives in the era of the fourth industrial and technological revolution, which is based on unprecedented developments in the field of communications, information networks, digital technologies, big data, currencies, digital wallets, digitization of accounts, payments, chain of large data, the use of digital identity and electronic signature…etc.

Accordingly, the search for and application of these technologies in the implementation of transactions and how to use them has become not an intellectual luxury as much as it is an inevitable necessity imposed by the developments of the technological revolution.

Modern financial technologies Fintech are products and services that rely on modern technology to improve the quality of traditional financial operations or have an impact on financial institutions, including electronic payment applications, virtual currencies, digital identity, electronic signature and eKYC model. in the lives of societies and individuals.

The annual General Index of Modern Arab Financial Technologies (FinxAr) aims to stand on the efforts of Arab countries in supporting the development of the modern financial technology industry, and to contribute to setting a vision for the modern financial technology industry in Arab countries and how to support the incubating environment for it, and to shed light on the challenges facing the development of the modern financial technology industry. 

The indicator is the first of its kind at the level of dimensions it deals with to measure its efforts to enhance the incubating environment for modern financial technologies.

This axis is represented by legislation, laws, rules, regulations, institutional framework and supervisory bodies responsible for these activities and the extent of their governance, as well as packages of national programs, initiatives and strategies necessary to build an environment that incubates modern technologies.

Increasing access to digital finance and other associated technologies and increasing the use of smart devices as incubators for financial innovations.

Day 1, 22nd September 2021


H.E Professor Ali Allawi, Minister of Finance & Deputy Prime Minister

H.E Mustafa Ghalib, Governor, Central Bank of Iraq

H.E Suha Najjar, Chairwoman, National Investment Commission

H.E Salem Chalabi, President & Chairman, Trade Bank of Iraq


How can the banking sector fast-track FinTech into their business model?

Adopting FinTech platforms as a source of legal and financial compliance.

Where does Iraq stand as a FinTech provider? Key FinTech technologies in Iraq.

Creating a legal ecosystem that enables FinTech’s to thrive and banks to digitize.


How can Iraq accelerate the development of electronic banking & mobile banking? solutions?

Secure Mobile Payments & the role of 5G to accelerate mobile banking practices.

Digital lending and loan platforms for a mobile market.

New innovations and technologies to satisfy the Iraqi market.

Cross border international technology: Innovation for mobile international payments. (See link to last day of Expo 09/23/2021 for additional data).

Adviser to the Prime Minister: The 2022 budget will be distinguished by something important, and we do not rule out surprises

08/29/2021 11:36:08

.” Saleh pointed out, “Circumstances are changing, and there may appear surprises, as it relied on an oil price of 50 dollars per barrel, according to what was announced by the Ministry of Finance.”

And Finance Minister Ali Allawi announced last Thursday (08/26/2021) the completion of the preparation of the draft financial budget law for 2022, and that it will be presented within 3 weeks to the Council of Ministers.  

The budget for the year 2022 will be completed within 3-4 weeks (08/29/2021) and presented to the Council of Ministers, expecting to submit it to the next parliament.

Finance Minister: We have started reform, and we need everyone’s concerted efforts.

We are moving towards offering treasury bonds for trading in the Iraqi Stock Exchange,

He said: {Reform of government performance and the economic system is inevitable, and far from it we cannot create an incubating environment for the economy}, pointing out that we have begun a real reform of government institutions, banks, customs and taxes, in order to manage Economy”. LINK

It is noteworthy that the government specified in this budget In 2021, the price of a barrel of oil is based on $ 42 per barrel and an export rate of 3.25 million barrels per day, but Parliament calculated it at a price of up to $ 45, using the Iraqi currency in evaluating the price of a barrel instead of the dollar, which ended a major political debate about restoring government support to the value of the dinar.  Iraq against the dollar.” LINK

The Federal Court sets the date for the decision to appeal the budget.

The court had set September 19 as the date for hearing the budget appeals. (today)

 channel and followed by “Al-Iqtisad News”, that “the 23rd of this month has been set as the date for the issuance of the decision to challenge the budget. (Thursday)


Al-Amiri promises the “Lord of the Land” a promising plan and pledges to end the “occupation of the dinar”

The Secretary-General of the National Producer Gathering, Jassem Al-Amiri, launched his electoral campaign for the early parliamentary elections scheduled for the tenth of next October, listing his step within the framework of “change” and a promise to reform the agricultural and industrial sectors and end the occupation of the Iraqi dinar.

And he indicated that “the plan includes the development of the industrial and banking sectors, accompanied by the practical sovereignty of the national product,” pledging to “end the external occupation of the Iraqi dinar by certain and specific countries.”

From the amount of convergences we see above they timing is clearly in our favor for an exchange rate change. 

They are openly talking about digitization and with currencies being apart of the future outlook and much more. There are clear time frames being talked about. They are their words and not mine. I suggest one reads the snippets and take in the chronology of events seriously.

They are profound in correlation and timing. The process to digitize is inevitable. It is new and is at incubator status. That means ground floor to investors. Thus, the new economic environment is ripe to grow and big time!

The environment will need the exchange rate to be with out occupation. As, in not at a program rate.

They even tell us so and that specific countries have had a hand in keeping the exchange rate occupied. They had to to get this to where we are now. A place where Iraq goes digital and international. 

They even told us that it is inevitable and that they already have it in the cards to evaluate oil pricing in Dinar.

Digitizing Iraq at a program rate is not in those cards, in fact it won’t work. Digitizing and Block Chain technology, the most advanced systems in the world will require a level playing field. A program rate is not on one.

The 2021 Budget Amendments were said to be slated for the 14th of September, though on the 17th they told us they postponed  that until today.

 Today they told us they heard the appeal and will decide on the 23rd. Well, above we see events on the 22-23rd at the EXPO. Look who is in the line up.. It is the PTB in finance in Iraq.

All of the work in the White Papers PM Kahdimi laid out on 08/22/2021 are about what we are witnessing now.

A digital transformation that will be global is fully underway and cannot stop, imo..

They are going to end the occupation of the DINAR and that means they are to have practical sovereignty over their national product, their currency!!! That is what I see.. I hope you all do as well.

Lets see if we get a surprise and they show just how sovereign they really are prior to the 23rd. ~ MM

Samson » September 19th, 2021

Expert: The next government can achieve an unprecedented economic achievement.. How?

19th September, 2021

The economic expert, Safwan Qusay, expected, on Sunday, that the next government will rely on the available financial liquidity without resorting to internal and external borrowing, indicating that this step is the most important achievement for it

Qusay said, “The current government has raised the price of the dollar significantly, which has increased financial liquidity due to the contraction of salaries and other expenses

He added, “After forming the government and presenting the new budget, the government can play a proactive and reformist step that will be historic by preventing internal and external borrowing in any way

Qusay explained, “This step will be fruitful, especially with the cash flow due to the rise in dollar prices, as well as global oil, which exceeded 70 dollars in most months of this year,” noting that “not borrowing will establish a new economic principle   LINK

MilitiaMan » September 19th, 2021

This is showing us they have a new methodology in play. They apparently have massive liquidity from the devaluation from 12/20/2020 and oil pricing going up from $40s to $70s+.

In fact they are effectively saying that they are going to play a proactive reformist step in reforms, that will be historic in nature.

They will not need to internally borrow nor externally, as they have the liquidity. Add in the money’s clawed back from abroad? A Bonus for their diligence and efforts.

The mini international summit was a success, why? The hundreds or central bankers and alike were informed of the digital transformation that was to arrive and how to comply within the international arena. 

It is go time.

They walked us through the process.. Now it is show us the color or your money. I’ll bet the EXPO before, at or just after see it live.. imo.. ~ JMTC~ MM

Source: Dinar Recaps


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