“Part 13: Exchanges and NESARA” by Danlboon – 9.21.21


Entry Submitted by Danlboon at 7:36 AM EDT on September 21, 2021

NESARA – Information Guide

This is where questions can be put out as the rest of us are still waiting on how all this ‘Bearer Bond’/Birth Certificate Treasury Direct Account funds will be processed and handled for everyone that is alive, and then those that have passed on in normal conditions or by harmful conditions by the bad guys in their demise to take complete control. Many of us will go thru the process of receiving our monthly amounts without really thinking of what we all are to receive, but it is that those White Hats need to know as to what happened to those that have passed on, yet the more revelations need to be investigated as to where those funds went from those that just happened to disappear thru war time events or evil deeds, and their ‘Bearer Bonds’/TDAs kept being traded as chattel when they may have passed on decades ago.

Here I am speaking up for which there truly needs to be an investigative team to verify everyone in the USA, as people in general want this info as well; as to when and where they were born, who their parents were, who their grandparents were, who their children are, who they and their children were adopted by if that happened, which states they lived in, if they are still alive, when and where they may have passed away if that happened and not just by false info, if their ‘Bearer Bond’/BC has continued to be traded when there was full knowledge of them being passed on and much more, like with many that were in tragedies like with 9/11.

Do you want it to have your complete privacy to which there is only a small piece of info to show that you are a living being and therefore you can your receive ‘Bearer Bond’/TDA funds when someone else can also claim those same funds, but there is plenty of money out there so why bother? Why should I be denied my NESARA ‘Bearer Bond’/TDA funds just because someone else claimed them first? How can you prosecute someone properly if you do not know if they committed a crime for which they stole some funds from someone, the TDA funds?

Maybe with all this investigation, by We The People, we can open the doors as to where these missing people are and not just let it go by the wayside and keep wondering where they all went? Maybe with these John Durham indictments people’s names will come out in the open and the ‘Bearer Bonds’/Birth Certificates TDA funds will be closed/halted.

There will be some that won’t want this done as they are involved in criminal activity and then be arrested, but if they deserve those funds they they are obligated to receive them in one way or another, but if they are in hiatus then We The People should know as well.

Those that have come across the border legally or illegally then they need to be tracked down as they are not to be provided with any of these ‘Bearer Bond’/TDA funds as they do not have a USA Birth Certificate.

And Freewill provided me to post these documents on a sub-page so NESARA is not hearsay:

Nesaranews Constitution And Founding Documents



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