“Financial Resets are Coming” by Ron Giles – 9.22.21


Entry Submitted by Ron Giles at 2:32 AM EDT on September 22, 2021

Can anyone tell us normies, why we need a new Financial System? Which one of the guru crew of the gNN (guru News Network) can explain in detail why the present Central Bank Banking System is such a bad thing that we need to replace it?

Could it be that Our God doesn’t like that we debt slaves have to work two or three jobs to make ends meet? Dads or moms used to go to work while the other one stays home and takes care of the kids. What caused that to change? Was it a financial system that caused the inflation to get out of hand to where the money we did earn did not cover the cost of things we needed to have a life? 

Was it the fact that thirteen rich families took over the banking system of the country and began to issue the famous Federal Reserve Note? (Creature from Jekyll Island?) A note is considered an instrument of debt. Why do they call our money a NOTE? Who do we owe the debt to? Do we have a national debt because our government borrowed money from the Federal Reserve because of overspending? Who owns the Federal Reserve and is it really Federal, as in our Federal Government?

Let’s go back to our all-knowing gNN intel crew and ask them those questions. They know everything (if you don’t believe me, just ask them) so they should know the answer to those questions in addition to the next date for the RV and the rates the Alliance is going to give us for the Redemption of our Zim Bonds. Is there anything we don’t get to know while we wait?

Could it be that when the US or any other nation needs money, they call the World Bank, and the Fed just prints up some more money and loans it to them and puts it on our tab, and then charges us interest on the loan and we get to call it the national debt? What a deal they made with our Congress’s approval. And then to ensure that the interest gets paid, the Fed with the help of Our Congress, set up their own collection agency called the Internal Revenue Service. And in addition, between Congress and the Fed, they created the income tax so that the Fed (the 13 Families) gets paid their interest payment which comes from the Income Tax. Reagan formed the Grace commission who concluded that not one nickel of income tax goes to the Government to pay government expenses. So, lacking an average 30% of our gross national income, we have to borrow what we need from the Federal Reserve and we get to pay interest on that payment. Oh, the web of deceit these people have woven. Why don’t we just nationalize the debt and stop this bleeding from our economy? But we would have to do that with a Congress that is left over from and carrying on with the old career poly-tic-ions way of governing. Now they get a free pass from the jab.

So, pray-tell, why do we need a new financial system? And, pray-tell, why do we need a new Gesara compliant government? Turn your flashlight on bright and read the writing on the wall. For those who wear a mask while hiking in the mountains or deserts and believe in that kind of Science, it might not be abundantly clear to you that we need a new Financial System, a new Government, and a new economic system based on service to the whole of humanity instead of the upper 1%. Even the banker bots, you know, the ones that don’t have a heart, think the world needs a new Global Financial Reset. What do you say, Man of God, are you all for a total new reset from the debacle the bad guys has given us while we let them go stupid on us? It seems so at this juncture.

So, it is generally accepted that we need new GESARA compliant governments in each nation, a new world financial system that will support a new Economic System based on service to one another.

The next question for the next post is this; how much of the old system do we want to include in the new world we are creating?

There are two brand new Resets being offered, one newer than the 5D one we have been preparing for. Which one will we choose? Has the MAN of GOD chosen and is he now grooming us to choose the one he chose, yea even forcing it upon us? We’ll see. Raise your hand if you are following his brand of declaring a new 3D republic. My Excalibur pen is rattling in its sheath. Settle down boy, it’s not time yet.

Blessings to All, and to All, be a blessing

Ron Giles


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