“Grooming has Taken Place” by Ron Giles – 9.24.21


Entry Submitted by Ron Giles at 3:33 AM EDT on September 24, 2021

In making this grooming statement concerning the Man of God documents, I have an understanding of what the psychological term “Grooming,” means. It is normally associated with grooming children for [redacted]. It’s a process of making the child feel comfortable in one’s presence so that further activity will not be turned down.

Another similar term is “ingratiating” which means one does things so that another will find favor in the advances made towards them and let down their guard.

I submit to each one of us for consideration that we have been groomed, so that the real intent of these documents can be hidden from the initial view.

Let’s take a look.

In doing so, I want to let it be known that I am not accusing Dr. Ward of using grooming tactics for any nefarious purposes. (Please take a look at that sentence and ascertain from your point of view if I am indeed Grooming you so that you will not think I am attacking Dr. Ward when perhaps I am. Things can be very subtle, that’s what makes it effective.)

Man of God; document 1

“The first document is, IMO, the best because it uses the Declaration of Independence as the paradigm and that document was written by a genius: Thomas Jefferson.”  {Kat on IDC}

Man of God document two, three, and four.

“When I first read the second, third, and fourth Man of God document my very first thought was, “This isn’t the world I want.” {Kat on IDC}

There is major evidence of Grooming going on here. The first document was designed to lower our guard by presenting something familiar. Can you feel the attempt at ingratiating? Had the document been well written it might have had a different feel, but it left me as well as our precious Kat, wondering what this is all about.

Question: Was the first document written trying to ingratiate us into harmonizing with the document by Quoting the Declaration of Independence that many of us hold sacred and dear? My thoughts were, it’s a great document but why is this particular Man of God quoting the Declaration of Independence? And why is he declaring himself a Man of God without telling us who he is? What is the purpose? So, I read on.

I wondered if this was legitimate, why is it written so poorly. It does not meet standards that I recognize from an intelligent person, but rather a person with an agenda that will be revealed later in his documentation. I kept wondering why this was written in the first place. Was this self-proclaimed Man of God trying to write a new Declaration of Independence because the old one didn’t work? I thought this is really bizarre. That thought never did go away and when the end came, I still did not know what the intent was. I also wondered why this Man of God thought it OK to declare things for We the People when it seemed he was speaking for the whole world with assumed authority. But he was never given authority from “We the People” in the US to make such a statement. He is obviously not a politician or his name would be written all over the Document. So, he was not an authorized elected official who has been given authority to speak for us. Were we being introduced to a new agenda? My mind sent a red flag up my flagpole.

The phrase, Man of God, is usually mentioned as an accolade as in complimenting a worthy person for their Godly works. It is not usually taken by a person for self-aggrandizement because that is too presumptuous, too arrogant of a statement. But…I read on.

I came to the opinion that this was an attempt at grooming others for his own purpose. Little did I know that it was not only presumptuous, but he was introducing himself and his group as the heads of the Quantum Financial System. So it’s gone from a 5D creation to an earthbound 3D creation by a group of scientists with a declared Chief Scientist – no name. All this time I had received that QFS was a 5D creation. What a letdown from Divine Creation to the arm of flesh creation that was a continuation of the Central Banking System with some lipstick to disguise it.

It started with the Declaration of Independence and went downhill from there to reveal the agenda. Shall we continue?

Documents two, three, and four continued the bizarre behavior with how bills are made in Congress and a poorly constructed rendition of the QFS with all kinds of stuff that has been proven false and misleading and not part of the 5D Quantum Financial System that has been designed by the Alliance and still resides in the Quantum Consciousness.

This 3D earthly rendition of the QFS is bank-based and uses old banking computer stuff that is ancient and so out of date that even the average hacker can hack into it. It is hard to see their need for the CIPS as a third-party transfer system for people. It’s as outdated as the SWIFT transfer system that offers no useful purpose because the 5D QFS uses an Account-to-Account transfer process that is initiated by the ones doing the transfer. Does it seem this Man of God is introducing an inferior financial system using terms and ideas from the 5th Dimension QFS but including earth-based 3D stuff that will never compete with the higher dimensional aspects that are associated with the Quantum Consciousness?

Another major problem with this 3D QFS they are creating is that it uses Assets to back currencies rather than just gold. This is taking us back to the gold standard of the 1970s. Can you imagine them backing worldwide currencies by assets that can be sold by the next regime in power? Did I say an international currency? Isn’t that what the deep state operatives were talking about, a one worldwide currency reset? Damn, they should have used black lipstick on that pig instead of pink! This is the old New World Oder pig we are trying to get rid of.

So, one security guard says to the other, let’s just take one diamond because no one will know just one is missing. We could do it over and over and no one will notice even if we take hundreds out of their tons of diamonds. So, this “Gold Standard” way of securing currencies is the best this 3D QFS wannabes can do? They cannot specifically identify anything that is used to back a specific piece of currency when it is just sitting in a vault without being able to identify it as backing a currency; is this the secure way to back a currency?

Shall we ask Nixon which one he prefers; the one that he used to take us off the Gold Standard or the one that cannot be compromised? If we went back in time, would he be able to compromise our new financial system with a whisk of his stupid pen? That was fifty years ago – what does it take to disqualify a failed gold standard system from even being considered?

The 5D QFS uses digital gold certificates that transfer a block of datapoints that identifies the Kilo of Gold that is used to back that increment of currency. The certificate refers back to the specific kilo of gold bullion by its serial number. Once the certificate is married to that kilo of gold it is permanent. The serial number on the gold bricks are stored in ascending serial numbers like a library system so that a single digital gold certificate can be traced back to the Kilo that is backing that increment of currency. That is secure gold-backing. Why doesn’t’ the 3D QFS use the latest technology to be sure that the Gold Certificates can be used to identify the Kilo of Gold that backs the currency? The simple answer…their computers do not have the capacity to handle the volume of data needed to run a worldwide financial system. That’s why the Alliance created a brand new system to completely replace the old debt slavery sytem. Regardless of the outlandish claims, this Man of God makes, only the Quantum Consciousness has the capacity to handle the volume of data needed to support the new 5D QFS. That is why the 3D QFS diatribe will not work. There is only one Quantum Consciousness and that is running the 5D QFS and not the 3D. You can steal the name, QFS for your 3D QFS, but you can’t steal what it can do. You cannot duplicate it-not even close.

When a person is trying to set up the QFS and doesn’t know what it is all about and doesn’t know the Alliance and the Quantum Consciousness, then they come up with sub-standard levels of security and methods of processing data that will fail the system over time.

Oh, and By-The-Way, why would you ever use artificial intelligence as your operating system when you have access to real live Intelligence called the Quantum Consciousness. It’s hard to comprehend Quantum Consciousness when all you know is Satan Consciousness and its artificial intelligence. Quantum Consciousness would fry any 3D computer system were it not for the fact that its power is stepped down through powerful stepdown transformers like the Sun before interfacing with the 3D computer system.

This post is long enough for now. In my next few posts, I would like to ask some rhetorical questions of the authors of this Man of God series so we can better appraise the direction and intent of their communications. I would really like to peek behind the curtain and see who’s there and see the control panel he operates from. Where is Toto when you need him to pull the curtain back?

It might be that this is all a military deception and we are really coming from different directions while working for the same goal. That would be nice.

Love and Light to all

Ron Giles


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