Dinarland Highlights for September 24, 2021


Dinarland Highlights – 9.24.21


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[Is there a time limit to exchange…. Should we hold off exchanging it all at once?]

I think that is a bad idea. But you guys have to handle it how you think it’s right for you.

It’s my understanding from almost all of my banking contacts that this exchange is covered via a treaty and the amounts/rates are covered via a treaty. They are not going to fluctuate or change. So for me, I plan on exchanging it all and getting done…my concern is what if they shut it down after  20 or 30 days or so….I want to be done. 

On the RV front…Very little has changed since last night. At this point nothing more that rumors… They did not start processing in Zurich or Asia yet…The chatter on the banking side and the group leaders has been good  …there is still great static about this evening and tomorrow and about how this is our weekend. I hope this is accurate …

I am getting rumors from some redemption center sources that they are tentatively hopeful we will see 800 numbers on Monday based on the progress being made...There really has been good chatter and good news throughout the afternoon…I am taking this as solid news.



This is my opinion, my opinion only as they continue to rebuild they’re going to need a much stronger currency but right now I think what they’re trying to do is figure out how to just manage the budget, which they’re doing, implement the white paper reforms, all the things that need to be done for them to get on solid ground, which they will, but once that starts to happen and it looks like they’re definitely heading in the right direction, they’re going to have to change the value of their currency.  It has to start increasing in value… I think it’s going to go up in increments…quickly over time…


Desert Advisor

10% of the world’s phosphate in Iraq.  Huge amounts of it.  But it just came out a few days ago Article:  “7 billion weighted tons and 2 billion confirmed…Phosphate rocks in Western Iraq are waiting investment”  Quote:  “The total resources of the Iraqi deposits are estimated at 9.5 billion metric tons.”  How much is 1 metric ton worth “$245 to $388 for a metric ton. Let’s do some math, if it’s around $300 for a metric ton an Iraq has 9 billion of them…you’re telling me Iraq has 2 quadrillion dollars worth of phosphate in the ground?  That’s pretty cool…it’s now being attracted for investors.  Come mine it.  Come get it out of the ground y’all!



Estate [taxes] right now it’s wonderful.  If they leave the stepped up basis alone which it seems to be hinting that they are going to leave it alone then if you’re holding IQD in your estate and you pass on and your kids pick up that IQD they can exchange it tax free. However, we don’t know for sure that’s what’s going to happen because this is still in the throes of the government


Frank26 (KTFA)

What if they show you the new ‘samples’ [of the new small category  notes]? …you will be inches away from what you want.

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