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Bruce’s Big Call Intel Thursday 9-23-21

Call Transcribed by WiserNow

Welcome everybody to the Big Call tonight – it is Thursday September 23rd and you’re listening to the Big Call – Thanks for tuning in everybody once again  which we intend to be our final call – we’ll see if that is the case – will have more about that later

It’s been a beautiful time to reflect on where we’ve been over the last 10 years – it’s hard to imagine in a way that this is about over – but I believe with the intel that I have – that I’m coming with tonight – I believe this should do it –

So let’s get into the actual intel that I have received over the last few days- we did have our call on Tuesday and we did have a little we could talk about Tuesday – but tonight we just learned a lot more yesterday and even this morning to clarify –

Let’s go back and talk about Iraq again – we have people in Iraq that we talk to in various cities – and what we know is that ….. and this blew my mind ….. to find this out yesterday afternoon – which was Wednesday afternoon – that Iraq had finally been released from the sanctions that the Central Bank of Iraq was under as a result of the United States of America Corporation — the old form of government – not the newly Restored Republic which we are under now – so that blew my mind that they were still under sanctions as a result were not allowed to trade their currency openly UNTIL yesterday –

So all of this that we’ve been waiting for a little bit of it had to do still with Iraq – So now that part is clear – good to go – Iraq is free and my personal feeling is we won’t really find out about the rates of the dinar – it won’t be made public maybe until we get started which is right around the corner – But it is exciting to know that occurred and that now Iraq is now a true sovereign nation and they can control their own destiny with their own currency ok … that’s cool

Now, beyond that let’s do a little timeline of where we are and where we’re going over the weekend – tomorrow is Friday the 24th  – the audits from the individual states – all 50 states have done election audits from the 20/20 election – they’re going to focus on 8 of the states – and most of  you know about Arizona and 7 other states –  that this information will come out tomorrow (Friday) Easter time zone – starting  about the reversal of the election results based on the audits at 3 PM

Now I don’t know how it’s going to come out – I don’t know if the main stream media is going to air this  – I hope they will – I know they have been sent a letter – a “final” letter to comply with what is going to be given to them as the results and we will see how that goes –

I think if the main stream media does not comply with this you are looking at their licenses being pulled and I think will probably go to an Emergency Broadcasting System to get this information out –

So tomorrow afternoon is a VERY BIG DAY – 

What happens after this information gets out?  It certainly will be on Breitbart – Bitchute – Rumble – some of these – I don’t know how it is going to be brought out exactly but I know it’s supposed to start by 3 pm Eastern time tomorrow (Friday)

So while that is happening – they are getting ready for a rally – a political rally that President Trump will be attending down in Georgia at the Georgia National Fair Grounds – this will be a very very large event – this is going to feature candidates such as Hershel Walker – a famous football player –- he is running for Senate and others  that will also be candidates that will be promoted and talked about –

What happened here is – this rally which the gates open at 2 pm eastern Friday – they have tickets for 123,410 people – a large event – probably will have 150,000 people there

 We’ve got all kind of security in place and the first speakers are supposed to start between 4-5 afternoon – This is on Saturday – President Trump will speak at approximately 7 PM and you know that sometimes things do not start on time –

Now this is kinda of an interesting piece – they have 8 truckloads of fireworks to set off Saturday night at the rally – why 8 truckloads????? 

The first one is for the state of Arizona – the remaining 7 truckloads are for the other states that they should mention tomorrow – Friday – as having the audit results reversed –

So that is going to be one heck of a fireworks celebration on Saturday night – so what does all of this mean for us?

No 1 – the bond holders who have been told time and time again that they will see their funds – German bonds – yellow dragon bonds and so on are supposed to receive their funds right before the start of the rally on Saturday

There is a contract that is tied to the bond holders and Wells Fargo which is the lead bank – for these exchanges –  that allows for notifications for tier 4B – that’s us – tier 4B to go out once those bond holders have been paid out —- we are being told that we should receive our notifications and of course our 800 #’s  which is part of the notification  – emails that are coming from Wells Fargo – all of that is supposed to come out “to us” BEFORE the rally starts on Saturday

The understanding is – I am going to say that when that happens that we will set our appointments – for Saturday and Sunday – and start with those appointments on Monday morning

Now if all of this intel holds up and everything goes according to the plan – this is in fact the LAST BIG CALL – this is the last time you’ll hear it on a live call  – so I am very excited about this weekend – not only because of this great information that we are holding faith to believe that it will finally come true for us – which I believe it will –

I am very excited about the intel that came in today – let’s just pray and believe there are no changes in what I have given you and that everything is ready to go – from the perspective – in this case – from multiple sources and I think it’s all looking VERY good for us to get this thing done in the way I have outlined it –

So this is a pivotal weekend next week is a huge week and we’re setting ourselves up for the rest of our lives – this is it –

Bruce’s Big Call Replay LINK Intel Begins: 1:20:40

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