Dinarland Highlights for September 26, 2021


Dinarland Highlights – 9.26.21

Mountain Goat


Iraq is now all about “international”. Yes, everything these days is reaching out to the international community for trade and business. We can see the reinstatement of the dinar coming clearer and clearer in the picture each day as we progress closer and closer to the end of the year.


Desert Advisor

Iraq has basically kicked out France and their military and our military.  They’ve just not discovered but they’re really seeking investors now for their phosphate which has been going on for years, meeting with multiple countries and different investment companies whether it’s their energy, in different agriculture sectors, phosphate, all kinds of stuff and their economic reform is making way as much as they’re talking with the IMF, the World Bank and everything like that with the new budget.  It’s pretty interesting to see everything going on!  



You see in the Iraq [Central] Bank on their website it tells you how much currency was created – 55 trillion dinar.  But what is not put on there is how much of it was destroyed?  There was a flood and the banks had to destroy that money.  How much of it was taken by ISIS and destroyed?  We don’t know…I did show an article in which it stated that Iraq was taking $1.5 billion of their oil money, buying back the IQD off the open market.  This is great news.  Think supply and demand.  If there truly is that much Iraq dinar out there, there’s no way you could possibly do it at $3.00.  It would bankrupt the country. This is the first time I hear this – 70% of the money supply [removed from market] that makes it way more realistic that a revalue can be done at that rate.

The Central Bank’s aggressive policies spent $1 billion to $1.5 billion every month in oil revenues to buy physical IQD supply on the open market said by Moldov a senior advisor to the bank.”

…you remove 70% of it that brings it way down.  Again, this is only what they bought and destroyed…We also know that there is something like 95% of the supply is out of country 5% of it is in country.  I can tell you this that the big portion of the existing IQD is in the hands of banks…the average speculator has 250,000 IQD.  That’s the average

So if they removed 70% of the money supply, plus all them that have been damaged just through natural wear and tear, ones that were taken by ISIS, ones damaged during the flood that means the actual amount of IQD out there is very low.  Now that makes it very realistic that the IQD can indeed be revalued around $3.00 if not more.  I’m not saying that’s the rate.  I’m saying that is a more realistic rate given the fact that we know for sure now that the amount of existing IQD has been reduced by at least a minimum of 70%…this is great news!


Frank26 (KTFA)

[Possible exchange possibilities/ considerations/strategies]

Remember what we told you.  Look at the exchange rate.  Is it 1 to 1?  [Then ask] CBI how long are you going to coexist the new small category notes with the 3 zeros? How long?  A year?  They’ll co-exist forever?  6 months?  3 months?  I don’t have much time for the International growth do I?  I was going to cash out about 10% in the beginning, I think I’ll cash out 90%…


MilitiaMan (KTFA)

Public Traffic announces tomorrow, Monday, the date for opening all Baghdad streets

They will have 100% access to the streets. I wonder if that means they can access the thousands of new ATMs and be able to use the millions of cards to activate a new Sovereignty? The UN video described Iraq as being safe, stable and sovereign meeting place. Let see what happens by opening up 100% of all streets in Baghdad.



Keeping your taxes as low as possible saves you money.  I’ve been singing this song for how long now?  Taxes is the biggest hole in your financial ship…this is the thing we have to watch for when we do our investing.  Taxes are always going to be the biggest hole in your plans…there are ways to reduce those taxes but it demands/requires you to do something now… 

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