Dinarland Highlights for September 27, 2021


Dinarland Highlights – 9.27.21

Bruce (The Big Call)

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it’s hard to imagine in a way that this is about over – but I believe with the intel that I have …I believe this should do it…we have people in Iraq that we talk to…and this blew my mind…to find this out…that Iraq had finally been released from the sanctions that the Central Bank of Iraq was under…they were still under sanctions as a result were not allowed to trade their currency openly UNTIL [last week]



No matter what is said and done, this RV is a done deal.  It has happened and it shall be distributed.  You will receive your 800 # and you will exchange your currencies to the highest rates  PERIOD…



One of two things.  Iraq is going to add value to the currency or if things go sideways and Iran influence Iraq’s markets where they start going negative, we’re [The U.S.] going to de- dollarize Iraq – they’re going to add value their currency and you better exchange as quickly as possible…the water’s still muddy right now…you have 2 options and they’re going to add value to the currency.  One, you probably get to stay in a little longer.  The other one you need to get out as quick as possible when they start adding value to it



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over the weekend Iraq announced they are selling government bondsWhy is this important?…Why does this matter?Well, ..this is what also happened in Kuwait right before the new rates released…literally the week before they announced their RV they announced they were going to start selling bonds to repair their infrastructure and all of those things…and then BAM…we got a reset there on their currency…this is why that is important…there is great expectation in Iraq right now because of this. They are hoping to see the new rate midweek this week.  

I am still hearing fantastic things from my Iraqi sources…they are in a mad push to get the rv done before the end of the month. This is just 3 days away. There are great expectations for Wednesday...Contacts in Iraq think the new rate is coming out on Wednesday. So I am still getting fantastic news from Iraq…I hope this is it…



RVAlready (TNT)

[Read an article that the Iraqis will start to sell government bonds with 6%-7% rates for two years. Now tell me, would they sell bonds at a program rate for such a long period of 2 years?]

…the construction bonds in Iraq are great news!!! RV next, I hope!!!



Gifting assignment [estate planning] – You can use them for the IQD, you can use them for crypto.  They need to be done before the RV.

When is that coming?  …Friday at 3 o’clock?

I don’t know when it’s going to happen but I tell you this much it’s getting closer instead of further away.  You got to get them done before then. You can use the same documents for IQD or cryptos.  Get those things done…They’re unlimited.  You can make a gazillion of these things.  I tell people you can do it in the middle of the night in your underwear.  It doesn’t make any difference.  You can make all those that you want…



Let’s listen to the man himself, Dr. Shabibi.  Listen to what Dr. Shabibi says about the exchange rate. Conference Question a few years back:  “…How far do you believe that we are from a potential revaluation?”  SHABIBI:  “Well even if I know the answer I cannot tell you.”  When people say, ‘Well my inside person told me.’  No they didn’t.  This is Dr. Shabibi…I told you to understand in some countries leaking this kind of information is the death penalty.  No person in the right mind is going to tell you the date or the rate.  It’s against the law.  That’s like having insider trader information…he’s very careful with his wording…he can’t let anybody at all know one way or another anything about a date or rate.


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