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Nicks Intel Update

Updates concerning the RV/GCR

09/28/2021 Notes From Call

CONTRACT RATES – we don’t know what those rates are. We don’t even know what FOREX – international rates, will be posted. No one knows what will be available for our exchange – only when we actually are sitting at table will we know: street rate, international rate, and contract rate. Anyone quoting rates is giving numbers without foundation.

NO ONE knows what the rate is on the ZIM. UST listed this at 1:1. There was an agreement with 1:1 under UST. Other countries will have redeemed at 1:1. US is the only nation requiring PROJECT for this (contract) rate. Looking for 3 pages with your details on projects, describing your intentions, your ability and the amounts you will allocate. You can also incorporate their projects – if you want to add. The ZIM is on a sliding scale of from $0 to $1.00. Very few Trillionaires will be created in US over the ZIM. Used to be 80%/20% and this is still part of the deal being discussed, for those bringing projects. We won’t know for certain until the Redemption actually begins. To anyone offering to exchange your ZIM – it’s not a good deal. You’re going to trust someone you never met, to govern your money; it’s just not wise. There are no programs out there, Ron Giles, Charlie Ward; anyone that wants your money – even wealth managers; go see a CPA, an attorney, before you hand money over to anyone that wants full control.

This is a NON-TAXABLE EVENT – you don’t pay taxes on an exchange. You don’t pay taxes under a global treaty. Only the ZIM – which might be “estate tax” or capital gains” – we advise that with the ZIM you set aside an amount to cover possible tax. With currency, it’s not taxable. Never have been. Only if you mention/describe your currency as “an investment” under FINRA rules. Watch what you say. You’re “exchanging your currency.” Taxation requirement has not changed.

FOREX screens have not changed. They still read .00007 US, which is not $4.00 US. The IMF wanted Iraq to put their international rate up Saturday – they needed 4 days to manage this internationally. They were told NO, by CBI. There was nothing in the mosque and nothing in the Gazette – relative to the budget. No announcements anywhere. Now we’re hearing that because the US is not wanting IRAQ to put their international rate out. It had to be out before the first of October. The US wanted to push it into the first of October.

FED CHAIR POWELL and TREASURY SEC YELLEN “testified in front of Congress on CARES Act today, 9/28/21

This 3.5 T “stimulus” is being blocked by the Republicans, while 100% Democrats support it. There are enough Democrats in office to pass this bill but, the Republicans are filibustering – effectively stopping the vote. They’ve only got 1 more day to get this done before FY 22 begins but they will not succeed. October 1 is the US Gov Inc’s start to a New Year. Without this money, Fed Powell has described the result in “worst case terms” as “catastrophic”.

Catastrophic because:

The Fed won’t be able to pay its debt owed on bonds that have already been sold. They won’t be able to raise the tax – and borrow on future tax payments. What is always done is that they hypothecate future scheduled collections of taxes and borrow against future earnings. Then they leverage against that. It’s the Ponzi scheme at play using fractional banking – the fiat go to.

Immediately when the debt ceiling is not raised, the credit rating organizations will put US at risk level rating – setting up an immediate requirement for all notes to be called. This is written in the bond offering. Once the credit rating drops the owner of the note (bond) has the right to call the note immediately. This is the crisis we face today, right now. This is the end of the US Federal Government. This is also the threat we face with banks. The banks that issued these bonds will pay the bonds FIRST, before any depositors can take their money out.

Yellen is stating today that the 3.5 T is “already 100% paid for with money from wealthy individuals, and corporate taxes,” which will rise from 37% to 39.6% for individuals, and for corporations, 21% to 26%. Capital Gains will increase from 20% to 25% This will put many businesses out of business. It will move corporations out of the country. Exactly what DJT tried to stop. It will increase stress exponentially all down the line as the tyranny escalates.

This CARES Act requires all foreign governments doing business with US, to provide reports on US citizens, their companies, their bank accounts; same as is required in US. This will end the ability of US citizens to be in business in other countries. It’s ridiculous overreach.

This money grab includes funding for the US Defense – the Pentagon black hole – 5 days ago, the House on Thursday, easily passed a $768 billion defense policy bill, included in this 3.5 T,

that endorses a major budget boost, along with Draconian overreach for Military, threatening the 2nd Amendment and the first step in seizing everyone’s guns.

The law also included language reinstituting the DRAFT – this time including WOMEN. Now it’s up to the SENATE to stop this from becoming law.

It provides the largest increase in IRS funding in history, allowing 75,000 to 85,000 more IRS agents to be employed, watching US, collecting all that they can.

Call and email your state senators to make sure this never passes into law. Contact your local Reps and Swing State Reps, but most importantly, RINO Reps wavering on the Vote — Get the contact list of wavering RINOs HERE.


We’re in the greatest fight of our lives right now, the fight of Good against Evil. It’s down to the wire.

This is The End of The World as We Know It

Christmas in September would be very nice! We’ve only got two days to start the celebration. White Hats to bring it on. We can only do our best to hold this vision and make sure it manifests. If/when it does, we’re ready, willing and able, to join the fight with two feet in.


Are we waiting for next week?

We’re waiting for NESARA to start.

What happened to the Iraqi Revaluation?

The US told them not to start and so they didn’t. Who/what entity in US has the authority to tell IRAQ, a sovereign nation state – the principal in the new GOLDEN DINAR nation states; not to launch its new currency? Only the UST has that authority. The FED does not, but they do have “mandate” authority. Mandate – as in it is strongly required, and no other leverage. There’s the terrible state of events. Iraq had given their word for a start this week and now it’s not happening. Without an announcement in the mosque, it’s literally too late to start.

Keep your dinars, keep your zims, we will be posting the link on our website. There’s a lot of stuff going on right now that’s preventing this from happening. I hope, right now, with all sincerity, that Iraq goes ahead and releases its international rate. We’re waiting for that. The lower denominations are out. Just not in the ATM machines. Not until the REVALUATION takes place.


We’ll see who was arrested, but not now. No way to know for sure who’s been arrested yet. Plus, ankle bracelets are so small, it’s possible to hide this and no one the wiser.

The “Peg to the USD”, by nation states participating in US guarantee for exchange of their currencies, gives the UST authority. This may be what gave the UST authority over the CBI’s actions.

If we don’t have a project, will we be unable to exchange at all? NO. You can take a “default rate” even if you don’t have projects. No one knows what the “default rate” will be. If you don’t have projects, and you don’t have zim, you can still get contract rates on the currency. The dinar and dong, can be used for project. You don’t have to do them personally. You can support the projects the Exchange/Redemption Team support by putting your funds toward this. You still benefit from this commitment.

IRS – if we didn’t file our taxes, should we do that now? Yes. The IRS is still here. It’s still in business. There’s no benefit to withholding taxes and not filing. The delays in receiving an IRS refund is still happening according to report. Yes, but the IRS is still the law, under this government.

The IRS: The bill that’s being floated is most likely not happening. Adding IRS staff as discussed, is also probably not happening.
On IQD revalue: US is directing IRAQ’s Central Bank for many years. If the Central Bank is told to hold off, they’re going to do it.
Just like with the bonds, the German Bonds, the Yellow Dragon; these payouts have been held back through the UST – claiming “fraud” for whatever nebulous reason. They never have to explain. They have to pass an IRS code to be able to collect banking data, and they will do it. They can do whatever they want, a lot of which are illegal; this is even unconstitutional.


We’ve heard that there will be travel permits given. We just have to wait and see.

The bank fee of $0.25, is supposed to be negotiable. The UST is going to charge a fee – to exchange and to redeem. We don’t know exactly what this will be until we get to the delivery.

There are still planned “leverage programs” up to 50 years, that may be paying as much as 7% to 8% interest/year. Once you have your team together, this team will be managing your project for you, under your direction. If you elect to go with a project that the Redemption/Exchange team will manage, they will take it and run with it. You will be hands off. The difference is how much involvement you want to have – and what projects you support. The TRUST owns the project. The TRUST will manage the project. There may be oversight during the first couple of years, to determine you’re actually delivering on your commitment to infrastructure and philanthropy. The TRUST still owns


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