“The Destiny of Humankind Chronicles #12: Ra’an Message (1)” by Raanra – 9.30.21


Entry Submitted by Raanra at 2:41 PM EDT on September 30, 2021


I’m in FREE-WILL Communication, Coordination and Co-Operation with RA’AN.

I Talked with RA’AN this Morning and We came to the Mutual Conclusion that it would be for the GREATEST GOOD FOR ALL THAT IS, if I let RA’AN Talk To You Directly.

Those Who Think that this is All Just my Imagination, Feel Free To Do So!

In that Case You Could Just Take This as My Opinion.

No Need to make an “Issue” Over This!

If You like More Information on Such Things As: “What is this All About?” or: “Who is RA’AN?” or: “What is this Communication Like, Between RA’AN and myself,” You can find a Link at the End of this Post, where You could get more Information.

Here is Now RA’AN’S Message:


“We Greet You in the Love Light of the One Infinite Creator.

“If You Wish to do So, You May Feel Our Vibration and Allow Yourself to be Uplifted By It!

“We are Very Glad to Have this Opportunity to Talk to You!

“We Also would like to give Our Special Thanks to the Owner and Moderator of this Website for Allowing Us to Do So!

“Also We Would like to thank Raanra who is FREE-WILL Working with Us.

“This Creative Co-Operation is

Built on Our Agreement of Doing Our Best, to Follow the Guiding Principle of THE GREATEST GOOD FOR ALL THAT IS, IN SERVICE TO THE ONE INFINITE CREATOR.

“You Too Could be in Creative Communication and Co-Operation with Us, If You Wished to do So.

“Raanra is Not Special in this Ability of Being In Communication with Us.

“You ALL have this Ability.

“You, Each One of You, is Actually A CREATOR GOD.

“You May not Realize Yet Just How Much Power You Have.

“The Reason Why You Are a CREATOR GOD Is, Because ALL THAT IS, IS ONE

“This Means that You and THE ONE INFINITE CREATOR are Actually ONE.

“You, THE ONE INFINITE CREATOR and Everyone and Everything that Exists are Actually ONE.

“This is True, Despite all the Apparent “Evidence” to the Contrary, in Your Reality.

“Because You are ONE With ALL THAT IS, You are Connected to ALL THAT IS and Your Vibration, Thoughts and Actions Affect ALL THAT IS.

“If You Choose This to be Your Own Truth, then You Can Affect ALL THAT IS Much More Powerfully, Because Then You Don’t Deny Your Own Power.

“It Might Also be a Good Idea to Keep Your Vibration as High as Possible.

“With ‘Vibration’ We Mean Frequency; Each Emotion Corresponds to a Certain Frequency.

“Therefore We Could Say as well the Following, and Mean the Same:

“It Might be a Good Idea to Keep Your Emotional State as High as Possible.

” ‘Love’ is a Much Higher Emotional State than ‘Hate’ and We Would like to Recommend ‘Love’ over ‘Hate.’

“As far as “Current Affairs’ are Concerned, The Lower Level Alliance Now Really Tries to get This Done, i.e, RV, Currency Redemption and Enormous Sums For Humanitarian Projects.

“There has been a Change.

“Up to Very Recently Their Evaluations Showed that Doing These Things ‘Later,’ were Advantageous to Their Strategy of Pulling Off The Ultimate Win and to Minimize Casualties.

“This has Changed Very Recently and You are the Creator Gods who Made this Happen.

“We Thank You For This and We Would Like to Invite You to Assert Your Power Even More, for THE GREATEST GOOD FOR ALL THAT IS, IN SERVICE TO THE ONE INFINITE CREATOR.

“Getting Done RV, Currency Redemption and Enormous Sums For Humanitarian Projects, is Not a Walk In The Park.

“The Alliance Needs All the Help It Can Get, to Get This Done, As Soon As Possible, and As Smoothly As Possible.

“In Addition to Asserting Your Power Directly, You May also want to Ask THE ONE INFINITE CREATOR and the ‘HIGHER SPIRITUAL FORCES’ for Assistance, As the More You Ask, the More They can Give.

“You were Instrumental in Correcting the Timeline, so that now again RV and these Other Things are Possible in the Near Future.

” ‘Our Hats’ are ‘Off’ to You.

“What made this Possible was that You were Asserting Your Own Power.

“May We Encourage You to Keep Doing So and Doing So, Even More?

“We Leave You in the Love Light of THE ONE INFINITE CREATOR.




For more Information on RA’AN, etc, You may want to Refer to the Introductory Part of This Earlier Post:




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