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Bruce’s Big Call Intel Thursday 9-30-21

Call Transcribed by WiserNow

Welcome everybody to the Big Call tonight – it is Thursday September 30th and you’re listening to the Big Call – Thanks for tuning in everybody all over the globe – we welcome everybody where ever you are and we’re excited to bring you the latest information that we have 

Alright let’s get into some intel – now we have had some information come in the last couple of days – even this afternoon – that sort of changes the picture a little bit for us – we have the belief that we were set to go – I’m going to say – yesterday or today – today being the last day of the month – we thought we would have been notified today possibly and then tomorrow as October 1st we thought ……. Well …… we’ll probably make the transition to the NEW 4th quarter of the year and also as a result of the change over from the USA Corporation which has been defunked for a while now – it still continues to operate but not for much longer and we would transition to the Restored Republic Constitutional form of government – the Constitutional Republic –

That transition should be occurring after midnight tonight – I was told by one source that after midnight tonight that was a good opportunity for that Eric Clapton song – After Midnight – but after midnight tonight everything that we know or we thought we knew changes –

That’s one of those statements that you go “Whoa” – OK – what are you saying? What is going to change? I think we are looking at changes in our government – I think we’re looking at changes in the financial system – obviously through the QFS – but there are other things that are going to be coming in – and here’s one of them –

This is part of the situation that we are aware of now – some of you might have known that we have a special space program – not exactly how it’s known – but a special space program under the Air Force – and one under the US Navy – ok –

Now those programs have been rolled into the Space Force Program – remember when President Trump announced the United States Space Force – this new program of rolling in the Air Force – the Navy and really the other three branches of armed service – Army / Marines and the Coast Guard – are all being brought up into and under the authority of the Space Force Program  – that includes the banks – the QFS – the StarLink Satellite System – everything quantum – with the computer – the financial system – all of those changes are taking place and are now under the Space Force Program




Now – what’s cool about that is – the Navy and  Air Force yesterday at 3:17 in the afternoon – were able to connect to this Space Force Program in 5 ½ hours – and be complete  – we still didn’t have the US Army – or Marine Corps or Coast Guard connected –

However we expect that to take place and be complete – completely connected and complete by Saturday afternoon – ok – do we have to wait on that? Yes my understanding is that we did – that needed to happen –

Now that is going to be a real benefit for us – because there will be surveillance – tracking of financial transactions that we do – which would be monitored by the QFS but under the auspice of – if you will – of the Space Force Program – There will be some other benefits I am sure – as long as we are doing what we’re supposed to be do – everything is cool –

Now – lets go beyond that – that takes us to Saturday – there’s good information – really good from Iraq – Iraq will be – that they are a sovereign Nation now – they got that back now – they will be creating a holiday – sort of like an Independence Day – so let’s call it an Independence Day of Sovereignty for Iraq – celebrated this Sunday

They expect to have their new international Dinar rate out on Saturday afternoon/ evening their time – ok – that’s new – that’s good – and that’s something again that needed to happen – so we’re looking Sunday for Iraq to celebrate that and as such it is considered a holiday – remember in Iraq – Sunday is the first business day of the week – we have ours that starts Monday – theirs is Sunday –

A lot of the Middle East starts their business on Sunday so we are seeing that and we should finally be able to see what the international rate is for the Iraqi Dinar – when they bring that out –

Now – it doesn’t mean necessarily what we’re going to see when we go in to the redemption centers – I think I’ve told that to you and made very clear where I believe we think that will put us – ok – we will see when we get into the redemption centers – or the tier 1 banks




If you are not a zim holder you probably won’t go to the redemption center – but a tier 1 bank – which is cool – either way works – and you are still using the toll free number to set that appointment up – btw –

Alright – let’s keep going – so we’ve got Iraq handled – we have the Special Space Force Program – over everything – WHAT ELSE IS THERE ????

Well – there’s one other piece – now you may have heard of this town in Switzerland – Basel – this is where we have the term Basel 3 and Basel 4 and Basel 5 Compliance – these are banking terms – terms that tell how much liquidity a bank must maintain on hand – liquidity to reach a certain level – Basel 3 has such and such a level – and Basel 4 has another level –

I’ll say this much – our top banks – not every bank – but our top banks will have liquidity – on hand – if they don’t have it now – they will have it / should have it by tomorrow – ok – by tomorrow – they will have 1 trillion dollars in USN – our new currency – on hand –meaning that’s what they have on hand – 1 trillion dollars – EACH of the top banks –

Alright – so we have 80% of our banks that will be Basel 4 compliant tomorrow – the first day of October – the rest of the world is either Basel 3 or 4 Compliant – and guess what – finally we’re waiting on somebody else – we’re waiting on 3 other countries to become Basel 3 compliant – and that will occur – my understanding is on or by Sunday – this Sunday –

Who are the 3 countries? United Kingdom – and if you know anything about Citi Bank or Bank of England –  you can figure out who that might be – the other countries are Greece and Spain –

Those 3 countries are not yet Basel 3 compliant but are expected to reach compliance by or on Sunday – and at that point they should be able to move forward with the exchanges and with what we are doing with our zim and other currencies

Alright – so – what does that mean for us in terms of our notifications – because we were under the impression that we would get notified possibly today or tomorrow – and start tomorrow on the first day of October?

Well – I’ve been given from 2 different sources more or less two different windows – the one window was to start from today and go all the way to Saturday afternoon – for notification – the other source which I think in this case – I hate to say it – but I think may be the most accurate – and you know me – I don’t like putting things out if I have a feeling that we’re going in the next day or two –  but this source – which is highly prized brought the information thinking it would be next week – not sure what day but it looked like notifications were looking good for Monday – now realize what I have given you that is completed on or by Sunday – like the Basel 3 compliance of those 3 countries – and we have to have that –

Iraq is doing what they’re doing – putting out their international rate Sunday afternoon or evening so they can have that holiday on Sunday – you know – it’s just when it “appears”  that the information about early next week Monday / Tuesday –  appears to be the most reliable –




I’ve heard what some other people have put out and I would love it if I am wrong – you don’t understand – I want this to go just like you do – tomorrow – Saturday – it’s not likely to start on a  Sunday – but Monday it looks pretty good –

Let’s see if there is anything else that is important that I can bring to you – I think we’re looking at some serious changes in government – I’ve told you that …. when we think of a “black out” I brought  you this weeks ago –about a digital black out – that is the term being used to describe the take down of main stream media that is not representing intel accurately –

I believe we are about to see that – I think that may trigger the EBS (Electric Broadcasting System) and it may also bring out true audit results – which by the way we have from all 50 states – it is not just Arizona – or just Georgia – not just Pennsylvania – they’ve got all of those results

Now will that information come out? How will it come out?  I think that is where your black out is – Now – like anyone else – I think it’s wise to have back up food and water – but I do not expect the internet to go down per say – or the cell phone service to go down or the electricity / natural gas – or anything else – or disruption of trucks and rails to deliver food products – That’s not what we’re getting – from my sources – We are NOT hearing that –

That is generally coming from the Deep State – what’s left of them – and the Cabal – so I would not personally buy that – I would say that is not accurate –

Now – if we do get this digital black out – hey – yeah – tv stations could be taken down temporarily  – or take over temporarily – who knows – and EBS could crank out for a while – and we could get some information that we haven’t received from main stream media – let’s see how that comes out – let’s see what happens on that –

But as I sit here I feel like this thing is coming down to a head and we thought that we would be here by tomorrow  – so maybe we get some great information over the weekend – if everything that we’ve known up till now – and everything that we think we know is going to change after midnight tonight – sounds like we could have an interesting weekend – Friday / Saturday / Sunday –

But right now – I am positioned with the intel that I have to look at Monday for notifications –       so let’s see if I’m right – I hope I’m wrong and it comes out sooner but we’ll see – I hate that expression “wait and see”  but ha ha ha that is where we are right now –

Alright – I know its late thanks for tuning in and listening – have a great weekend

Bruce’s Big Call Replay LINK Intel Begins:  1:21:21




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