Dinarland Highlights for October 1, 2021


Dinarland Highlights – 10.1.21

Mountain Goat


This article to me speaks volumes. They are going to finance the rebuilding of their cities and do it through bonds. WOW! …by not borrowing from the IMF they have made a huge leap in managing their own monetary policy and this is exactly what the IMF needs to see…remember… they told us the ISX was now free of all international sanctions. This means they fully intend to go international with the ISX…I believe this is coming soon as we get closer to January 2022



Cryptocurrencies are here to stay.  There’s no way around it. It is here to stay…the internet of things…if you haven’t thought about or heard about it you’re going to learn about it because it is the basis of everything in the future…getting yourself into the cryptocurrency world is just an absolute absolute…


Frank26 (KTFA)

[Iraq Boots-on-the-ground Firefly TV update]:

FIREFLY:  Board of directors of CBI held big meeting…making sure all banks under CBI have their training completed saying all training should be complete and meeting was to make sure…doing training with new notes they now showing us ATMs

FRANK26: …some banks are finishing up the note training as well and…they’re talking about the training at the CBI that it is complete… the only training they are doing right now is showing the tellers the new small category notes and the new exchange rate and how it works with them so that they can show the citizens… Notice they said near future it is close to our near proximal future

FIREFLY:  we like what we hear…we like what we see….

FRANK: things are moving in the right direction as the process continues



Bret crude jumps above $80 a barrel for the first time since 2018

I was expecting this to happen sometime in July but it’s definitely here now at the end of September.  Bret crude jumps up to $80 a barrel I was expecting it to hit $100 by the end of the year but we’ll take it right now.  This is good.  The higher it goes the better it helps out Iraq as far as getting money together and being able to spend this money on private sectors, building jobs and getting away from reliance so much on oil as main source of income



[via PDK]

I am getting dead silence out of Iraq which is a little unusual…I am hopeful it means they have released their lower denominations this morning…it does appear to me right now that I am getting some kind of black out over there…



Iraq has had significant success and accomplishments over the past two years…Everything from the creation of the “white papers” to successful investment conferences and the signing of agreements to ongoing stability in the country. As well as the CBI’s reduction in the exchange rate to encourage economic growth and progress towards the digital dinar….If you take away anything from studying Iraq you should learn that watching Iraq’s economy develop is the most important thing to the success of the banking system. Without a diverse economy, nothing is going to happen.



RV Update…there was a lot of talk yesterday about this new fiscal year starting everything off.  The day is young and I need to see where we are at today. We are very close to this at our level. It’s trickling down.



There was no announcement in the mosque’s this morning out of Iraq as to what the international rate is, the lower denominations are not in the ATM’s, the rate on their Qui cards was still $3.95.


Bruce (The Big Call)

[via WiserNow]

…there’s good information – really good from Iraq – Iraq will be…[now] that they are a sovereign Nation…they will be creating a holiday – sort of like an Independence Day…celebrated this Sunday…They expect to have their new international Dinar rate out on Saturday…that’s something again that needed to happen – so we’re looking Sunday for Iraq to celebrate that…we should finally be able to see what the international rate is for the Iraqi Dinar...

I’ve been given from 2 different sources…two different windows…one window was to…go all the way to Saturday afternoon…for notification…the other source which…I think may be the most accurate…brought the information thinking it would be next week – not sure what day but it looked like notifications were looking good for Monday... sounds like we could have an interesting weekend…

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