“RV Taxation, Who to Trust?” by Chow – 10.5.21



Entry Submitted by Chow at 3:25 PM EDT on October 5, 2021

RV taxation – Who to Trust ?

All my expressed opinion

It was been said be prepared for Federal tax and interview many advisors ??

Fellow Currency holders , I am bothered once again by a great deal of chatter about Federal max tax and more . If any Guru doesn’t include why  the global reset is short of almost hear or what the reason is, they are doing all an injustice . Yes plan for a possible max taxation , but reality is if you believe and understand what is going down , you will understand why the odds are so high our exchange of currency will not be taxed (Zim ?) .

My 10-5 article “Face Book Fact or Fiction” says so much – We are about to enter a new world / future with no Federal tax , no estate tax , no gift tax , no FICA tax , all bank debt in the world forgiven and more . The Great Awakening premise is 100% for that reason – Humanity – Humanity

Lets touch on advisors – in my opinion , 99.9% of the advisors friends will have no clue what is going down or how to react – I have proven it . AB trust were designed for management yes , but also saving potential estate tax (estate tax will be gone) ?? Most advisers will go on automatic mode and build the wrong design and waste your money . That is all they know.

The future after the RV and or Great Awakening/ 10 days will introduce a completely new way of life for accounting and investing .  





  • Insurance companies invest in mortgages or large loans with interest let alone in the market . With zero debt in the world , what happens to their NORMAL way of investing – all is centered around interest  
  • Companies barrow to make the spread of interest to profit selling product ??
  • One can say with no debt and no Federal tax , their cash flow will increase which is true . So in theory people will be buy all the things they have always wanted but couldn’t – others

will upgrade . Investment people will have no clue for a while . But the future could boom with consumer goods / items . Will an advisor understand that ?

It was said to interview several advisors – attorneys , accountants etc . If you are worth $5-$15-$50 -$100+ mill , the odds you will be a fish out of water yourself how to even screen advisors . Be careful ask questions

Conclusion –

  • Plan for max tax but if you understand what is coming , word is you will get a letter confirming no tax (Zim?) Remember – the 1,000% reason for the Great Wakening in to eliminate tax as it was almost 100 +/- years ago. That is the entire reason getting rid of world corruption/tax and giving back to Humanity.
  • Looking for an advisor CPA / Investment —  the 1st thing out of your mouth I believe should be , can you explain to me what the Great Awakening is all about ? Can you explain why there was an RV revaluation ? Most people will never know what an RV is . It will not be published. If they can answer 60% ++ maybe consider them but move slow . Advisors make money on complex planning . The world will be soooo simple. Their fees should be drastically less (they will not like it) for that reason despite you having Millions . The investment world will have huge opportunities and will look totally , totally different than the so called past history almost every advisor suggests or knows

Be safe – Chow


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