“AA Michael’s Call to Humanitarians” by Luna – 10.7.21


Entry Submitted by Luna at 2:00 AM EDT on October 7, 2021

AA Michael’s Call to Humanitarians

This yearning that you have had inside your being for most of your lives was there to help you wake up. Your job was to just let it flow and to nurture yourselves. Let everything else that does not serve you go. Find the balance between giving and receiving and let it all pour out. Just trust and keep raising your vibration so you can soar. The sky is not the limit. We are limitless for everything is within our reach. The only limitation is in your mind. Let it go just soar!

You are all Masters who came to earth from the higher dimensions to help humanity. I know this has been very difficult for most of you. This is why you will realize all of your dreams and why you chose freedom and peace for yourselves, your brothers and sisters. We are all family it doesn’t matter about blood. You have been connected with those that will help you on your journey and many more will also appear. Be ready your life is about to get a real upgrade!

Have you noticed that your abilities are getting stronger or that you have some that you didn’t before? Well those are latent abilities that you have had in other lifetimes. Have you ever wondered why you have recurring dreams and some even from childhood? Has it crossed your minds that they were actually memories from another place perhaps even another time you lived in? Believe that you come from higher dimensions and the fifth dimension you may have called are going home!

I know that you carry the codes of light inside of you and they will be released in time as you require them. Your job is simply to anchor a new way of life. To teach a rising frequency of heart-centred beings by example and that is also who you are.

You are vessels of light with a message for humanity. Many of our brothers and sisters have been altered and may take a while to catch up. We are the bringers of change for them. A sort of rescue mission initially. You must know that you can create a world full of love or anything that your heart desires.

We are all so needed at this time but we need to keep our hearts open and vibrating higher. So much can happen to us while we raise our vibration. Don't let anything or anyone bring you down. Maintain your health daily. Keep vibrating high and trust without fail that all is well and that God has your back. Know it and feel secure that all is well and everything will turn out as was planned by our Divine Creator!

We know who we are and as such, we are here to teach the many who will listen on how to live in unity and work from our hearts. This mission has been a long one but we didn’t put an end date on it. We have just lived our lives while never forgetting our promise to humanity with a deep love and commitment to our purpose. We are in this for the long run as you see.

We knew it was going to get difficult but we have never been quitters because we have a passion for life and for humanity for which we only know how to love unconditionally. With a knowing in our hearts that humanity would wake up to the true light of our being and we trusted that it will show us the way even though everything around us is drastically changing. Chaos doesn’t mean defeat.

Our world is waking up and we remember who we truly are and why we are here. Gods and Goddess we are and I AM. A new way of living and being. Together we will shine bright for all to see!

May you all be blessed, shine bright and remember that you matter and you ARE enough! Let me remind you are here in this timeline to witness and usher in this Golden Age and then recreate it!

At WBG we are a family so if you feel called to become a part of a community of like-minded humanitarians we would welcome you with open arms for it truly does take a village to raise up humanity! It is an honour for Geo and myself to be a part of it all with you. If we can be of service to you please contact me at luna@worldbenevolencegroup.ca. One more thing I want you to keep in your mind… though things may get tough for a bit we are all in this together as ONE! W W G 1 W G A We can do this together as ONE!

Note: I have been working with AA Michael for most of adult life. I channelled this message earlier today while I was answering an email to one of our members.

Peace, Love, Light & JOY,


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