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Entry Submitted by Restive Sage at 12:24 PM EDT on October 8, 2021

D-Day was June 6,1944. Allied forces launched an invasion of fortress Europe at carefully selected points along the Normandy coast. At a heavy cost of casualties, the forceful air/sea/land punch worked; a radius beachhead had been established at five staggered points and then was expanded daily until joined. It was a great success. But Allied strategists could not fully know to a certainty how much the timing of D-Day was crucial to ultimate victory. Why? Because advanced and superior German technology was on the verge of completely altering the direction of the war, and almost ensuring a complete Nazi victory. It was all actually much closer than most realize.

For we also now know that the Germans in 1944 had functional jets that could go 70-80 MPH faster than Allied propeller warplanes. Great Britain had jet technology but no production of jet planes. The German were producing jets at the factory level though hindered by bombing raids. Some were being produced in underground factories. In sufficient mass production numbers, these jets were capable to end Allied bombing raids. A jet bomber was planned as well that could have been nearly invincible in the air, protected by jet fighters. London and Liverpool and Moscow would have been toast. The Germans also had in production incredibly superior tanks. These panzer tanks reflected a massive advantage in panzer designs – bigger, better-armored, and with superior fire power. The American Sherman tanks were like toys by comparison, pathetic death traps. We don’t even need to dwell on the guided V-2 missiles hitting London and the technology for atomic weapons. There is even a book that suggests that the final American push for the atomic bomb was aided in May, June and July 1945 by captured German atomic scientists. It even makes a case that the first bomb at Alamagordo, and the bomb dropped on Hiroshima, were captured German bombs. While certainly not proved, the revelation in a letter Oppenheimer sent to his wife in spring of 1945 indicated they could not perfect the technology any time soon. He was very worried.

Thus, things were a lot more dicey in 1944 than we may ever know. While we DO know now who won, it is important to realize that NEW technology almost gave victory to the Nazi regime. Time, always time, and timing. There was a call to end the massive bombing raids on Germany due to the heavy losses in planes and pilots. Many civilians were dying, too many. Fires from the raids were so intense that witnesses who survived reported seeing fiery tornadoes arise into the sky. They saw entire neighborhoods of previously vibrant, cultured, historic cities burned to the ground. The cost of victory was high, indeed, horrifically so.

We now know that at the same time, the German/Russian slugfest on the eastern front was resulting in a steady German collapse. Had that gargantuan eastern effort by Russia not pressured Germany to the extreme, things might have turned out differently. The war-decisive technologies might have emerged without it.

Despite all the “almost-there” science, a tactically painful D-Day was an unmitigated strategic success. The Western Allies saw quickly that the liberation of France was just a matter of time. Two weeks was all it took to bring the players together in a hotel resort in the back country of New Hampshire (away from the press). So D-Day success was the overt trigger that led to Bretton Woods, but the populations supporting the Allies would not know for years how close it had actually been.

The war had created an utter and complete disruption of the world’s financial system. The far-flung British Empire and the French Empire as well had been existentially challenged. As in WWI, it was the United States that had been required for victory in WWII…and everyone knew it. The adolescent nation was now a powerful and muscular battle-hardened man…in his prime. The ultimate Divine Masculine – bold, smart, and very sure of himself. And that MAN knew that the world order had been re-arranged, in no uncertain terms. That MAN, emboldened by holding the atomic secret in his pocket, could project an entirely new image to the world. That MAN was capable to insist that he be not only recognized, but also respected. That MAN had become a LEADER. That MAN could browbeat nations into submission at will, should it so choose. And so, where was the Divine Feminine?

With victory in sight, it was time to put it back together, piece by piece, and Bretton Woods was where it started. Great Britain, still smarting from WWI, had exhausted much of its national wealth in the WWII effort. They knew it was only a matter of time before they lost political control in India and many other colonies as well. They still however could lead a great Commonwealth into the modern age. Their cabal money machine was still intact, having merely had to shift their gold to the U.S. and Canada. In fact, much of the gold that was in London in September of 1939 was now sitting in vaults in New York City and Toronto. France was so wounded that their place at the table was tertiary, but assured. Bretton Woods would lead to the implementation of the U. S. dollar as the worlds reserve currency (no longer the pound sterling). Plans were laid to create vassal economic states of the Axis nations, Germany, Italy and Japan (which had not yet surrendered).

A war that could have gone either way had paved a golden path to world economic dominance by the West. Its secret, always watching, always planning banking cabal had been saved from the incredibly dire Nazi threat. And that’s the way it went for seven years. U.S. military hegemony. In 1952, it became apparent that Russian nuclear scientists, aided by former Nazi scientists, had the capability to create nuclear weapons in their own right. Duality. Socialism and Capitalism. Colonialism is morphed into economic domination and the imposition of new forms of debt slavery for the great masses of common people. Hegemony challenged. NATO becomes all the more necessary, as it had become apparent that the country with the best Science wins, or at least dare not be challenged.

The aftermath of WWII and the challenges of the Cold War brought to Gaia a series of challenges that boggle the mind. Political structures had to be re-structured. Social management required expanded mind-control media management beyond print and film media. Radio and television became a paramount arena of manipulation. Big oil became a massive new power center as everyone in the world suddenly wanted a car or a truck, if not two of them. Air travel expanded rapidly as an industry. The need for carbon-based fuels soared. Banking became an even greater control mechanism that ever before. Technology at an immensely powerful level had to be reigned in and controlled.  The exploration of space began in earnest as rockets were built. And, the possibility of all out war, a WWIII, became recognized as planetary dissolution . To all thinking people, it was essentially an eventuality to be avoided at all costs.

Gaia was suddenly thrust into in a large new crucible of difficult to manage forces and political structures.

And so it didn’t work out as well as all thought it might have. For we are divine beings with souls; and we remember the beauty and joy of all the planets in all the star systems in all the galaxies of a magnificent universe – that overcame THEIR challenges at some critical juncture such as we all face now. Gaia is at the tipping point, it is at a place where it can turn the galactic corner. It can disabuse itself of war technology and convert the same mentality into constructive technology. It can reduce global tensions among the nations by reducing fear and domination strategies (as inherently counterproductive). It should have never reached the point where massive expenditures for weaponry and “defense” technologies siphoned away the resources and human energy that could have made the planet a showcase of divine balance and beauty. Gaia has proceeded down a dangerous path. Somewhat unfortunate in its planetary cyclical timing, atavistic leadership and political embroilments have preyed upon the fears of humans, and not aligned successfully with their higher aspirations.

We have known we can do better for quite a while now. The white hats and their galactic inspiration see a new path. It is a path predicated on following, en masse, our higher selves. With God-Source as our inspiration, re-structuring all earthly systems to achieve a harmonic balance means;

(1) no more warfare (simple right?)

(2) no more inordinate military-industrial wasteful spending on offense or “defense”. Money spent in this manner represents resources denied for human betterment.

(3) no more debt slavery models; no more sweat shops; no more 30-year mortgages; no more usurious credit cards, no more market manipulations.

(4) no more false media and news manipulation; no more mind control techniques.

(5) no more power-assisted monopolies; and no more suppressed technologies that would clearly benefit the planet.

(6) no more moneyed control of judicial processes and legislative processes

(7) no more exploitation of human beings using the lure of drugs; no more drug  business power bases; no more drug-related violence at an organized level.

(8) no more exploitation of women and children; no more violence directed at women and children; equal employment for women in all countries.

(9) no more poverty, and a much reduced crime rate used full-employment strategies and poverty reduction en masse; same serving to lower prison incarceration rates.

(10) no more economic colonialism directed at any nation; fair trade policies that end mineral and resource exploitation using economic intimidation tactics. We want to see all nations achieve these things in rapid fashion whenever possible.

(11) no more health abuses to global human populations using poor management of chemicals, toxins, micro-plastics, improper food additives, industrial wastes, over-fishing methods, wasteful food utilization (portion sizes), distribution of food on a political domination level, etc.

(12) no more environmental abuse of the planet itself using ultimately destructive methods and technologies that offer short term only benefits but which are unsustainable in longer terms.

It seems so simple really. We know WHAT to do. We want LEADERS that help us move intelligently to this level, inspired by God-Source. We want to have a world where daily life is not an AFFRONT to our divine souls. We want to end the needless suffering as regards health, safety, economic harmony and external intimidation so rampant over much of this planet. We want a planet where the building of something, infrastructure, edifices, food production, delivery systems, etc. does not see the same thing destroyed in a paroxysm of war or civil war.

Where are these leaders we seek. Perhaps they are exerting their expertise after all, and maybe it is manifesting even now as you are reading this.

Perhaps there has been a new Bretton Woods, new guidelines for a new future. As the fiat system now fails before our eyes and the end of the Nixonian-era petro-dollar adjustment is diminished due to technology, a new model is nigh upon us. It will succeed if it matches the inspiration we derive from God-Source and we pray that it will. Each person can play a part. Be your best person every day. Meditate on Love and Light as your conceptual guiding principles. Support each of the 12 items that you feel you can in good conscience. Eliminate destructive tendencies in your own life. Learn to forgive others when they wrong you. Learn to forgive yourself, by the knowing that when you humbly recognize the failing, you may then embark on a more positive course. Pray for good things and see the result of your prayers in your minds eye before it comes. See it clearly. See how you would have it, if your higher self had already set it in motion. Reduce fear, reduce jealousy, reduce sloth, reduce any ignorance you have by study and clarifying reflection, reduce hatreds that you have been taught, reduce unnecessary allegiances that promote atavism, reduce arguments and resolve conflicts when possible. Be a peacemaker. Be a trust builder. Be fair minded.

And if you happen not to have been so perfect in the past, resolve to make amends. And if you are not so perfect in the present, go ahead and take that important first step. 

The real gold in this world is the gold that forms the Golden Rule. 

Love and Light Always,

Restive Sage


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