Dinarland Highlights for October 9, 2021


Dinarland Highlights – 10.9.21


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The only news I have is a number of foreign currency dealers had their screens go blank and a number of banking contacts say their foreign currency screens are going nuts. Things are fluctuating, disappearing, greying out and then coming back…I don’t know if it means anything, but a number of folks reporting payment systems are out all over the country here in the UScould this mean something? I don’t know. Could it be a computer hack or internet issues??? We don’t know. But, it is very interesting.

The biggest thing I heard is that my contacts in redemption centers that were to be on call this weekend are not on call for this weekend now… but are to report early on Tuesday. They are off on Monday for the holiday but It did not occur to me before that the Redemption call center and the exchange center were 2 different things.   But, I was told that the call centers to set our appointments are still on call this weekend.  The Call centers are on call this weekend but the exchange redemption center contacts are not on call until Tuesday.  So it is still a possibility to set appointments this weekend…just not go to one until Tuesday….


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Iraq is closed for business…closed down for elections…Fri / Sat / Sun –...closed for their 3 day weekend…Now in a similar way – we have a three day weekend – starting Saturday – Sunday and Monday – Columbus Day…and if in fact the banks are closed on Monday we will have our 3 day weekend and what the Banks stated they always wanted – for this to go.  … we did hear from a source…who has very good high up contacts that this could go either…(Saturday) or Monday for usSo this weekend is in play – it’s supposed to be a special weekend for us… let’s see where it goes… I’m thinking we are very very close…



Election time…What does that mean?  We’re gonna find out real soon…the U.N. is obviously ready for all of this…sends over 800 U.N. observers to participate in Iraq election...France, Britain and the United States are all sending over people…all in all there’s 14,000 so-called observers that are going to be there.  That’s crazy.  It’s going to be interesting to see…we’re crossing our fingers hoping for continuing to get Kazemi back in there…

“Create a website and email for all licensed (A,B) exchange companies”

Man I’m telling you Iraq has been zeroing in on exchange companies a whole lot trying to reel them in get them legit.  There is a lot of chitta chatta out there about exchange companies.     


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I’ve been in this thing since 2010…I believe 100% within my heart that it’s gonna happen – someday.  I believe [more] sooner than later.  With everything going on with the news, the way our economy is and the global economy is – it needs a fix and I believe this is the fix that’s gonna make a big change in many ways... Everybody says it’s going to happen here, then next week, next month whatever.  But nobody knows.  Nobody’s supposed to know.  Otherwise everybody would go to tomorrow and buy every scratch dinar they could find anywhere…it is going to happen.  I believe that 100%, just don’t know when…



…we’ve being instructed to be quiet…The RV is definitely happening 10000% this month but it’s not tomorrow or the following day…I want you all to have faith and be patient as this is definitely happening…


RVAlready (TNT)

With the elections this weekend, I would think there won’t be a CBI rate move until after the 3 day weekend.       



…removing the paper notes.  1st that would screw with the exchange rate which is stable.  And second they would have to have keys to peoples homes to remove them from the mattresses.  

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