“Transformation is here” by Restive Sage – 10.10.21


Entry Submitted by Restive Sage at 1:57 PM EDT on October 10, 2021

The interconnectivity of the globe called Gaia includes a canopy of high-flying satellites that are…out there. While it has been well covered by the media, there has been a gigantic push in recent years into the high, thin air of outer space and the intermediate low-orbit areas as well. The Spacelink system is coming soon. Notice how oddly NASA is never spoke of much any more, and yet Spacelink and Elon Musk are in the daily news. And let us pause to consider: what is the real difference between the two?

With the advanced quantum chips now available to the computing world, we enter the next phase of Science on Gaia. It is plain and clear to those who “think”, that this planet is undergoing a massive transformation of human existence. The fiat money model will now morph into a completely different economic system. Criminal cartels will disappear. The breakthroughs in human communications that are soon to come are phenomenal. The AI systems that are emerging promise hyper-efficiency for many human organizational structures, though some deign to demur.

You see, the colonial era of Earth and its slavery-driven engine has reached the end of its rope. The wars of the 20th century are over. The truly massive debts that the OPTB created will, in one fell swoop, be cleaned up. A leaner, fairer and more efficient financial system has been born and is right now being implemented. No more debt slavery, no more usury. In fact, we will be able to invest in the Second Industrial Revolution if we so choose.

The over-sized atavistic dinosaurs of the past economic system will in short order be exterminated by a comet fall. In 30 years, the most onerous aspects of the old elitist-feudal model for Gaia will be almost forgotten. The students of that future day will be in near disbelief as they read about how it WAS. The old system, with its antiquated currency exchange models, slow computers, banking trickery, and mountains of financial debt (dragging all down to the sea bottom, chained to a large anchor) is now to implode of its own weight. The sluggishness of 3D reality will morph into a quickening of life here,  a life where the soul that links us to divinity is nurtured, and a life where each human being can have their dignity assured. Can there be life here where one may enjoy the beauty of this planet? Can we truly transform what had until recently been locked into, sadly, a sullied world? A legion of those who know the stars, and who have seen other planets transformed, and those who delight in aiding that process, join hands now to see what God-consciousness can do for humanity and sing in a spirit of jubilation as the rusty shackles fall free.

And we know quite well, “Science” can be esoteric and theoretical, yes, but it can also become a useful tool in our lives. Who at this moment is intimated by a laptop computer? No one. Who at this moment is intimidated by a digital camera? No one. Who at this moment is intimidated by a handheld phone that includes a built-in camera? No one. Science is not just for scientists.

We have become somewhat inured to the satellite thing…been around for many decades. However, part of the Transition that includes the GCR/RV is also related to the goal of 100% earth coverage of a new Internet and a related new QFS. The existing internet was a hodge-podge mess at the start, a 1990s conglomeration of bits and pieces that eventually morphed into a worldwide web. It works..but look what it has become. Arrggh! Imagine what a carefully constructed Internet would be like moving forward! Imagine every person on the planet with access to a hyper-efficient web.

Our 3D physicality gives way soon to the realization that, while Science that serves the planet can make life much better, all souls will naturally strive to increase their multi-dimensional awareness. As the cruelties of this planet diminish, that awareness, aligned with Source, fostered by meditation and prayer and humanitarianism, will steadily lead us to embrace our truly divine connections. There is an answer; there is a way; there is beauty and grace beyond comprehension. Seek it every day; seek it for others every day; let the Love and Light that can demolish any evil in an instant be your guide.

Restive Sage


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